ESCAPADE 26 is complete

We have achieved another convention milestone, a 26th year of slashy goodness, another weekend-long party celebrating men loving men and women loving women and us loving that. We loved it, and we hope every single attended did as well.

We heard from attendees who Skyped in (one had to miss for the first time in 20 years; another tried the Google hangout, and still another tried Facetime for her favorite panel). We blogged a little, posted a little, tweeted a little, and filmed another panel.

Thank you for making Escapade. We’ll see you next year.

Important Dates

Date Description
7/1 Website Relaunch
Transformative Works

Emmanuelle Debats discusses her fandom documentaries & what moved her the most in making sure that stories go on

What is Escapade?

Escapade: by fans, for fans, about fans and fandom. Escapade IS a weekend-long con attended mostly but not exclusively by women, all of whom are slash fans of all fandoms and flavors. We have 3 panel tracks: fandom-specific, meta discussion, and tech. Escapade panels are highly interactive discussions...Read More

Fanlore & Escapade

Fanlore is a collaborative site by, for, and about fans and fan communities that create and consume fanworks. We think Fanlore rocks! Escapade has its own page at fanlore, and there are even sub-pages for each convention year. Go now and enter your own memories of Escapades past.

Our Charity

Escapade has always raised money for charity through the convention raffle, the slash swap meet, the generosity of fans who donate items to be auctioned for charity, and the fans who bid on them. Once again, we’ll be forwarding our contributions to Food Share, Ventura County Food Bank.