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Final Reminder: Panel Ballot Closes Tonight at Midnight PST

Have you cast your vote for this year’s panel programming?  You still have time! The panel ballot will close tonight, 1/25, at midnight PST. Remember that if you have already voted, you can also go back to the ballot and

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Alternate Programming

Hi Escapade Members! A few new tidbits of information on alternate programming: Alternate programming has been added to the online schedule. List below. There are still a few spots “available” on the schedule. They’re up for grabs! Orphan Panel: We

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Pimping the Escapade Experience

To help fans who have never been to Escapade understand what they’re missing, we’re filming a panel this year! The obvious choice was “Mainstreaming Slash.” Moderated by Aral and Charlotte, filmed by NakedBee, Jo, and Franzi, the panel will discuss

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Escapade 2015 Schedule

Hello Escapade Members, Our programming schedule is now available to view on our website! Please check it out and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Only a little over two weeks til the con!

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Escapade 2015 Panel Cut

Thanks everyone who filled out the panel ballot, and thanks to those of you who volunteered to be moderators (about 1/2 of you!). With your input, and the help of our trusty Programming Committee, we now present for your anticipatory

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Escapade 2015 Panel Ballot

Panel Ballot has closed. Stay tuned for the preliminary schedule. Please take the time to let us know which panels (of the more than 100 submitted) you’re interested in attending and/or moderating. Be sure to go through both pages and

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Important Dates!

Dear Escapade 2015 members, Important deadlines loom! Panel submissions are open, and scheduled to close TUESDAY, JAN 20**. Escapade zine submissions are open, and scheduled to close SUNDAY, JAN 25. Vidshow submissions are open, and scheduled to close SUNDAY, FEB

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Panel Suggestions Deadline Extended

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your wonderful panel suggestions so far. We’ve decided to extend the panel suggestion deadline to January 20th. If you’d like to see what’s been suggested so far, check out the list: If your favorite

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Fandom Survey Results

We asked the membership to fill out a survey of what shows & pairings you are into right now, and got 63 responses. For those of you who are stats fans, the raw data (stripped of personal info) can be

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12 Days Of Escapade: Day 11

Day eleven is the official call for panel suggestions! If you have any panel topics you’d like to see represented at Escapade, please fill out the suggestion form by the deadline, 1/14. Panel ballot voting will be open from 1/16-1/26. We look forward

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