New to Escapade

What is Escapade?

Escapade: by fans, for fans, about fans and fandom. 

Escapade IS a weekend-long con attended mostly but not exclusively by women, all of whom are slash fans of many fandoms and flavors. We have 3 panel tracks: fandom-specific, meta discussion, and tech. Escapade panels are highly interactive discussions; we favor purposely controversial topics, in all tracks (except tech).

Escapade is NOT a huge, crowded con. We don’t have any lines, pushing, shoving, or creepers. Our attendance limit is 150 attendees, which we have learned is a good number for an oversized slumber party.

Escapade is organized for fun, great conversations, and socializing day and night. The convention’s programming is designed by the attendees. Every single year. Attendees provide the songvids for the shows, idolunteer to moderate panels and offer panel ideas, and attendees’ popular vote is how panels are selected for the schedule. Think of the staff as your friendly and welcoming cruise directors, and don’t be shy about asking questions.

The most important thing to know about Escapade panels is that they are most often group discussions among the fans in attendance, with the panel moderators serving as the discussion facilitators (rather than lectures or Q&As with special guests). There aren’t rows of seats with speakers on a dais. The attendees have worked with us over the years to keep these panels lively, educational, hilarious, and entertaining. Rather than theater seating, Escapade panels feature a horseshoe of seats, with the open space up front for a flip chart, in case profound notes need to be taken.

The second-most-important thing to know about panels is that moderating or co-modding can be really fun. Suggest the panels you want, then vote and volunteer to mod during the panel ballot period.

Convention Overview


  • afternoon: people begin arriving, the staff sets up the convention
  • evening: early registration in the hotel’s atrium. Socializing games you can choose to play, that let you meet people and maybe get to know someone new. Completing the games earn you raffle tickets toward a variety of prizes.


  • morning: the convention opens with coffee and a welcome panel, con suite opens
  • afternoon: full panel schedule, dealers room, genius lounge, and art show open
  • evening: Opening Night dance party & songvid show.


  • all day: more panels, art show, dealers room, genius lounge and con suite open
  • evening: New & nearly new songvid show


  • morning: breakfast buffet, art & charity auction, vid show review panel
  • afternoon: more panels, last chance in the dealers room, Escapade Review panel, and the traditional end-of-convention dead dog party