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* Once we announce dates for 2023, pre-registered members have two weeks to cancel and receive a full refund.

What is EscapadeCon?

EscapadeCon is a weekend-long convention attended and run by slash fans of many fandoms and flavors. Whether in person or online, at Escapade fandom is personal. For us, meeting and sharing fandom is fundamental. Want some background? See our history page, or what people have to say at

The format and dates for Escapade 2023 are still being explored. If you haven’t done so already, please complete your comments form on Escapade 32.

Escapade Post-con Hiatus

Having just completed our first hybrid convention, the convention chairs are taking a couple of weeks off. Look for us to be back online in mid-May. In the mean time, go chat with each other in the Escapade year-round Discord server.


In Person $120. Pre-register now!Online option: TBD

* Escapade maintains a scholarship fund. Feel free to nominate someone (including yourself!) for as much help as is needed to attend the convention.

Escapade has a Welcommittee!

What’s a welcommittee, you ask? It’s the fannish version of a Welcome Wagon, helping you feel at home in a new place, answering questions, holding your hand, pretty much anything you need to make your Escapade experience as good as it can be.

ride_4ever is our Welcommittee contact. You can ask her questions before the convention or if you spot her walking around the convention. Of course, everyone who is volunteering in the con suite will also be happy to help!

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Escapade Post-con Hiatus

We loved seeing everyone who attended Escapade 32, whether in person or online. And we missed all of you who couldn’t make it, for whatever …
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The Links are Live!

If you’re registered for Escapade, and you log in to your My Account Dashboard on the site, you should see a whole bunch of …
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Covid symptom check

Covid symptom check — if you’re not well, stay home! The symptoms of the new COVID strains appear like a common cold or allergies. If you have a …
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Escapade 32 Discord-Whoops!

Here is the Escapade 32 Discord link: This is the Discord specific to this year’s convention, you’ll definitely want to be there to hear about what’s …
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Travel Information

The latest on mask requirements/recommendations by L.A. County: Flying in to LAX, for transport to the hotel, call the hotel from the airport: 310-640-3600 – hit …
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Wildcard/Wayback Panels

There are two traditions we have at Escapade: 1) choose a topic to discuss that is so new that it came up since the panel ballot …
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Know a Fan Who Needs Assistance to Attend Escapade?

For many years, Escapade has maintained a scholarship program funded by generous attendee contributions and the con committee. It has assisted dozens of attendees who might not otherwise have been able to attend Escapade, from old-time fans who faced changes in their financial status to first-time fans who knew fandom only through the web




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