Participate in the Art Show

We are thrilled you want to participate in the Escapade Art Show! Be sure to visit our Art Show page for information regarding the schedule, placement options, etc.

Step 1: Fill Out a Registration Form

Step 1 is to let us know you’re interested by filling out a registration form! Feel free to do this early on, even before you’ve started your art. This doesn’t commit you to anything, but it makes sure you are on our radar for reminder emails as the convention approaches. (Although the registration form allows you to add your individual pieces of art, you are not required to do so until you’re ready.)

Step 2: Register Artwork

Step 2 is to register each artwork you plan to bring! If you are able to register in advance we can have your paperwork printed out and ready to go so you can speed through the check-in process. Simply ensure that you have edited your registration form to include all of your pieces sometime before midnight on the Wednesday before the convention. If you don’t manage that, we will also be well-stocked with blank paper bid sheets to accommodate those last minute visits from your muse.

Step 3: Bring Art

Step 3 is to get the art to the convention! The easiest way is to bring the art to check-in on the Friday of the convention from 1-2pm. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, please email artshow to make other arrangements.

Register Artwork

If you have NOT yet registered for the Art Show, please go to the tab labeled Step #1 – Fill Out Registration Form. You will be able to register your artwork at the same time.

If you have already registered for the Art Show and need to add or edit your information and/or artworks, please click on the blue button labeled “Edit response” at the top of your registration confirmation email.

Get Art to the Convention

Bring the art to check-in at Del Mar on the Friday of the convention from 1-2pm. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, please contact us at the email address below to make other arrangements.


Hotel Layout
Hotel Layout

Things You Should Know

  • All art must be matted or otherwise ready for display. We display art on tables (if it’s flat, propped up on a cardboard display stand); we can’t guarantee you a particular space or kind of display, but in practice we have always been able to accommodate special needs.
  • In order to keep the art show exciting for viewers, please submit only one copy of any particular piece. Each artist or seller may submit up to ten pieces.
  • We welcome original art, resales from your collection, prints and computer-generated art, 3D pieces, crafts, non-art items of fannish interest, and pretty much anything else that seems of interest to Escapade attendees.
  • We will be open for art check-in on Friday afternoon. The art show will be open for viewing on Friday evening and Saturday. The auction is held Sunday morning for items that receive multiple bids during the art show.
  • Plan to stop by the art show on Sunday after the auction to pick up any unsold art and/or any money you may have earned from sales.