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An attendee has shared that she experienced Covid-like symptoms and tested positive on an at-home test. She agreed to share her badge name and the panels and events attended. Claire’s account of the panels and events she attended follows, with our thanks for sharing the information and her great post-con memory!

“I did mask while not eating or drinking… I would have been unmasked for at least part of breakfast, the dance and banquet, the afterparty, the tea party, and any time I got food from the con suite including during the dead dog party.

“Panels I attended include Rule 34: There Is Porn of It, An Archive of YOUR Own, Fandom Inspired Recipes!, Is That Porn Or Is It Just Me: Thai BLs, New Social Media: What It is, Where To Go, Common Chinese Monsters and Their Myths, and Shall We Play A Game.”

Claire visited ALL convention spaces/events at least briefly, including the quiet room of the vid show and the quiet room of the tea party. 

Many thanks to her for notifying us. 

If you have symptoms of illness, please get plenty of rest and take a Covid test. If your test is positive, please let us know. We will NOT share anything that identifies you, at all, without your express permission.

We hope everyone stays healthy!

-Con Com

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