Escapade 30 Vid Show – Call for Vids and Vid Show Volunteers

It’s that time of year again! Time to think about the Escapade vid show. This convention is number 30, so we want to have a real celebration.

We want everyone, including festivids participants ( to be able to submit their vids to the Escapade vid show. The deadline for vid submission is February 3, 2020 at midnight PST. 

We love to show new and nearly new vids to our enthusiastic audience.  Slashy or shippy vids especially welcome! They will make many fans happy. 

Attending the convention is awesome, but not necessary to submit your vids. We will acknowledge you at the start of the show and on the Escapade website. We are not producing convention DVDs any more, but will send you a package of the convention literature, acknowledge your contribution on our website, and include a link in the streaming vid show.  

We are always looking for tech-savvy volunteers to help with the vid show and other onsite tech. Please email if you can help. It earns you a discount on next year’s registration fee. 

More information on the vid show and submission instructions can be found here:

Vid Show

You can also email your questions to

You can still register for the convention here:

Register for Escapade 2024

And we also have a scholarship for a vidder to attend Escapade! Details here:

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