Escapade 31 – Virtually Everywhere

Escapade 2020 was especially precious, not only as a milestone of decades but also because of our attendees’ phenomenal good fortune; there were—as far as we know—no more than a couple of cases of con crud. Our commitment to keeping our convention attendees safe now and into the future means that after 30 uninterrupted years, for Escapade 31 we’re moving from Los Angeles to… everywhere.

The convention will occur online February 19-21, 2021.

We’re treating taking Escapade virtual like the opportunity it can be, and plan to connect with many other communities we’ve wanted to reach for years. We’ll add a track for gamers, and we’re investigating just paying a professional platform to make the convention seamless and as high functioning as it can be. Our goal as always is to retain the best of Escapade and add the best of everything else.

If you have technical expertise and would like to advise or assist us, we welcome any input you have to offer. If you’ve attended an online event that went well, please tell us who produced that event, what they did, and why it worked for you.

We’ll be in touch with all paid attendees through direct email soon, and registration remains open for people who’d like to get in on the online event. Tell your friends. Blog to your social media. Tell us where you’d like us to promote the convention.

Feel free to contact us with any questions (

In the meantime, mark your calendars.

And help us come up with the best slogan ever for Virtual Escapade:

“Escapadecon: it’s virtually everywhere!”
“Escapadecon: It’s the way Dad did it; it’s the way America does it. And it’s worked pretty well so far.”
“Escapadecon: we haven’t killed anyone yet.”

“Escapadecon: Your much better slogan here.’ Share your ideas on our twitter account @escapadecon or via email. We’ll acknowledge you in some Escapade-style way.”


“The Escapade 31 Non-Com”

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