Escapade Code of Conduct

This year, Escapade has implemented a code of conduct for the convention.

From the introduction:

Escapade welcomes and respects all fans and all of what diversity brings us. Diversity provides different perspectives on the world and the characters we love; different ways of thinking about and looking at fan culture and ourselves; and better ways of being related beyond any single point of view. 

For 30 years, Escapade has created a space where beings of all abilities, orientations, genders, skin colors, nationalities, political agendas and tribal affiliations are welcome (yes, men attend too!) to gather and share their opinions, engage in spirited debate, laugh, argue, and enjoy. They were safe to agree and disagree while still respecting each other’s personhood and right to opinion and interest. 

To support and codify this commitment, we add our voice to the anti-harassment policies adopted by many conventions today.

The code of conduct can be found here:

It is also linked under the Convention drop-down menu on the navigation bar on the website. Please make sure to review before the convention. We appreciate all of you for making Escapade a welcoming space!

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