Escapade panel suggestion deadline: December 22

Escapade friends, the deadline to suggest panel topics for Escapade 2018 is fast approaching!  You have until 12/22 (just over two weeks away) to submit your ideas for fandom-specific, meta, and tech, and alternative programming.

New to Escapade and unsure how this whole panel thing works?  This post will help:

Escapade 2018 Panel Suggestions Are Open!


And check out the panel programming page on the Escapade website for more info, including video of a panel filmed during Escapade 2016:



Click the “Suggest a Panel” link on that page to submit your ideas.  On the panel submission form page, click on the “List of Panel Suggestion” tab to see what your fellow Escapade members have already suggested.

This is your chance to make sure Escapade 2018 includes the conversations YOU want to have!




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