We're not big on rules at Escapade, but we do have a few policies that we ask everyone to agree to. If, for some reason, you think you'll have trouble cooperating, please contact the con committee.


The Embassy Suites does not accept pets. Therefore, pets other than service animals are not welcome at Escapade.


We love our cameras. We love our mementos. But we do not love facial recognition software, which improves with every passing year. You are NOT permitted to post, anywhere (including photobucket, facebook, LJ, Dreamwidth, or other outlets), photographs of people taken at Escapade, without their express WRITTEN permission. Escapade is a private function, and the posting of any unauthorized photos, anywhere, is a violation of attendees' privacy. Contact us if you have questions *before* you post any photos of Escapade attendees anywhere on the web. If you're concerned about having your photo taken, be sure to update your preferences in the My Account section.

Fan Police

That's not us. We are your hostesses and your organizational staff; we do not mediate personal disputes (unless they're really entertaining). You're always welcome to talk to one of the con staff if you have a problem, but again--we're not the fan police.

That said, if you see or are affected by something that rises to the level of needing the real police (or firefighters, or other emergency services), be sure to call 911, then notify the convention staff.


Attending members who cancel before January 31 will receive a refund (less $25 for processing) or may roll their membership over to the following year (less the $25 processing fee). Cancellations after January 31 will not receive a refund unless we fill your spot from the waitlist.