COVID Policies

Updated 1/30/2023

We remain committed that Escapade is both safe and fun for everyone who attends. Escapade policies will be as (or more) protective than local government guidance linked below. All in-person attendees must provide evidence they have received the bivalent booster, or a doctor’s note. If you have had a booster since 9/2/22, it was the bivalent booster.


The Embassy Suites follows local ordinances, so the LA County rules are what will apply at the hotel. Escapade cannot govern the behavior of people in public spaces of the hotel. 

Escapade Polices

In Escapade con space we require everyone to follow these policies for your own safety and the safety of other attendees:

  • Proof of full vaccination (including bivalent booster) or a doctor’s note is required to receive your badge; badges are required for access to any convention spaces. Email a photo or screen cap your vaccination record to to save everyone time when you arrive at the hotel. Information on free COVID boosters can be found here: If you have had a booster since 9/2/22, it was the bivalent booster.
  • High-quality masks (N95, KN95, or surgical masks) must be worn properly in convention space. We will have appropriate masks on hand if you need an upgrade. In the sharing spirit of Escapade, if you have extra masks you don’t need, please bring them to the consuite. 
  • Air filters will be operating in all convention spaces
  • Maintain distance from anyone who is not your roommate. 
  • Snacks will be available to “grab and go” in the consuite. One room of the consuite will be reserved for eating. You are encouraged to take food to your room or the lobby. You may not take food into panel rooms.
  • For the Friday night dance party, we are working with the hotel to set up party food and the bar in the atrium, where there is much more air circulation. Stay tuned for updates.
  • We encourage self-testing before you travel, and before you enter convention space. Free COVID tests can be ordered here: Also, if you’re on Medicare you can get eight free COVID tests per month: Your medical insurance may cover tests. If you have extra tests that you can share, please drop them in the consuite, and we will distribute them as needed.

Other actions we have taken to keep people safe: 

  • We have rented all of the hotel’s function rooms, so no other groups will be sharing space with us. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in all convention spaces.
  • We recommend waves or elbow bumps for greeting over the more common Escapade extended hug. 

The Embassy Suites offers:

  • Flexible housekeeping policy: full deep cleanings prior to check-in and daily housekeeping services available upon request. Details here:
  • If you join Hilton Honors and install their app, you can check in by phone, including using a digital key to access your room. 

Roommate situations, room parties, and the satellite consuite are the highest risk activities during the convention. Please be responsible for your own safety and considerate of other attendees, some of whom are elderly or otherwise immunocompromised.

In the days before the convention, if you have any COVID exposure or symptoms, you must stay home. You can still enjoy the Escapade Online, and we’ll roll your membership in full to 2024.