Happy crazy new year!

Escapade 31: Virtually Everywhere is still on track for Friday February 19 and Saturday February 20. If you have any concerns about your technical ability to access the convention, also put Saturday, February 13 in your calendar. We’ll be running a “test drive” across all of the systems you’ll need to access the convention. This is new for all of us! During the test drive we’ll have staff ready to help in real time. We want everyone ready to jump in when the convention launches on the 19th.

One thing that hasn’t changed from previous Escapades is that we still want your ideas for panels. The panel suggestion form is here: https://escapadecon.net/panels/suggestions/ There’s also a tab showing the panel suggestions that have already been submitted. The deadline is January 15.

We all have that person we’ve wanted to bring to Escapade, to meet all our fellow fans, to participate in the panels and fun and craziness, but who couldn’t manage it, whether it was time, travel or funds.

This year could be their year!  With the virtual convention plan, no travel is needed, time participation is flexible and cost is affordable for all. So why not buy a membership gift card for that friend? It’s easy, we have it all set up on the website: https://escapadecon.net/shop/gift-card-20/

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