Introducing- the Escapade Welcommittee!

Did you know that Escapade has a Welcommittee? What’s a welcommittee, you ask? Let me tell you! It’s the fannish version of a Welcome Wagon, helping you feel at home in a new place, answering questions, holding your hand, pretty much anything you need to make your Escapade experience as good as it can be.

Raine Wynd, a longtime Escapade friend and attendee, is our Welcommittee. Raine has been a part of the Escapade community since 2002, and if there’s a question she can’t answer, you can bet she’ll know who to ask or how to connect you with the people who can help. You can ask her questions before the convention at or find her in the con suite during the convention. Many thanks to Raine for making herself available as a wonderful resource to help our members make the most of their con experience!

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