Last-minute info you need for this weekend: weather, parking, early registration!

This is it!  In a few days we’ll all be finding our way to Escapade, looking forward to a weekend of fun and socializing and talking and playing and … and …

Here’s what you need to know:  It looks like the weather in Los Angeles is going to be chilly (by California standards).  Mid/low-60s and slight chance of rain.  Pack accordingly, and remember that inside could be air-conditioned.

If you’re flying in, the hotel (Embassy Suites North) has a free shuttle from LAX:


Our (the hotel’s) complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, running on a constant loop every 30-45 minutes, will pick you up at the terminal* and drop you off at our door.

 *When you exit the LAX terminals, look for the red station marked “Hotel Shuttles.” Our shuttles are black with the hotel name (Embassy Suites North) scrolling across the marquee. We currently share our shuttle with the Residence Inn Los Angeles at LAX.


If you’re driving in, we have negotiated a reduced parking rate with the hotel (Embassy Suites North).  For the overnight parking, each guest with a vehicle will be asked upon check-in if they are parking a car with us. If they don’t ask, tell them! We have a discounted rate of $16+tax per day in place for Escapade 2018, and the parking charges will be charged to your hotel bill. For the daily attendees who are not staying at the hotel, you will let the front desk know you are with Escapade 2018 and pay at the front desk. You can park in any spots in either the above-ground lot, or the below-ground parking garage, and take the elevator up to the lobby. (I recommend this as it is easier and quicker access to the lobby.)

And once you get there, prepare to have fun!

It all starts on Thursday evening with early registration in the con suite, from 7:30 – 9 PM.


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