Last Minute News! 5 days till Escapade!

The Escapade 34 SCHEDULE is now LIVE here:

and the much-loved Pocket Program is available for download from the same link. Invite your undecided friends to check out the program and consider joining you at the con.

The Wayback/Wild Card Panel surveys are up and awaiting your votes here:

For more efficiency at the welcome panel, cast your votes now for the topics you want to discuss at the con. (If you’re not familiar with these panels, check out the survey and learn more at the welcome panel.)

The DEALERS’ list is now final on the website:

Check out who will be here to serve your shopping needs, and stop by the dealer’s room to thank them (and buy cool stuff).

This year’s DISCORD SERVER creates space for online conversation, reports from the in-person con, and accessing the vidshow. To participate in the con-specific Discord Server, donate $25 or more and we’ll send you the link. You can pay via Paypal (“Send Money” to and add “Discord” in the memo) or use the “donate” button on the Escapade site. We’ll open the server some time on Wednesday the 13th of March.

VOLUNTEER. After you’ve arrived, check out the schedule and consider volunteering for an hour or two here and there. Sign up for a volunteer slot when you pick up your badge, because scheduling is on a first come, first gets it basis. Special treat for 4 hours of volunteering!

BADGE HOLDERS. Speaking of badges, do you still have your badge holder from last year? Bring it back to re-use it this year (instead of taking a new one) and you will receive a free extra ticket!

The WEATHER’s looking fine and sunny, with temperatures around 69 degrees F (nice!) You may still wish to bring a jacket to wear in the con suite, since we’ll be keeping the windows open. 

Looking forward to seeing you all!

-Con Com Staff

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