List of Dealers!

List of Dealers as of 2-21-16

We have some wonderful dealers attending this year, so be sure to bring plenty of money to spend with them!

jinx37Kat — Sci-fi memorabilia; tee-shirts, magazines, other knick-knacks

EquinoxeArt — Jewelry & special photo jewelry so bring your photos or jpgs of your favorite fandoms, family or pets. You can pre-order photo jewelry. Email me at
Books, zines & fan art

Jim & Melody Rondeau — Real slash zines, on paper! And other great stuff: stuffed animals, photos, and more. Check our website at to make specific requests to
bring to you for gen zines, movie/TV books, etc.

jewelry and zines and vids, oh my ! — Like the name says…

A Wrinkle in Time — Photos, t-shirts, DVDs, collectibles, and more!

Forbidden Fiction — The fic you want!

Wendy — Books and jewelry

Orphan Zines and Other Stuff — The hodge-podge collection of cool things that everyone else is done with, gathered for your review (and purchase)

Dealer’s room information is also available here:

Dealer Room

Unfortunately, Semi-Precious Wire Works will not be able to attend this year. Anyone who wanted to find me at the Con can contact me at or search for semi-precious wire works on Facebook ( )

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