Electronic Submission Instructions

In general, we are seeking the best quality and highest resolution file you can get to us. We can work with most formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, and sometimes MKV files (But, please, no WMVs — they are too prone to error and lose quality when we try to convert them).

We have a huge screen so the show will be projected in full, non-letter-boxed glory! Ideally, your vid will be submitted in 16:9 aspect ratio. If your source is 4:3, it will have to be pillarboxed — but it’ll still look great on the big screen! If you can’t export without stretching the frame to the aspect ratio, please retain the 4:3 and submit as is.

Please make sure the vid file you upload is as high-resolution and high-quality as possible. Ideally:

29.97 fps
Uncompressed audio
A high-quality codec such as DV, h.264, or other
Note: Do not include black space before or after your vid. Trim the vid as close the beginning and end as possible.

Note: If you haven't tried LlamaEnc before, it's awesome! This is a program written by the fabulous AbsoluteDestiny that will allow you to take your full-size, full-res vid file and create a smaller—but still sparkly and beautiful—.m4v file that we can work with easily. It also helps with things like interlacing (the stripey-effect that sometimes plagues vids) and aspect ratio. Go here to read more, and to download this awesome program for Mac, Windows, or Linux: http://vividcon.com/vid-preparation/

Use the following naming convention (No spaces, punctuation or special characters):

vidpriority_yourname_songtitle.{mov,avi,m4v, etc.}


The file for the first-priority vid submitted by vidder Super Amazing Vidder!! to the song I’m A Little Teapot would be named: