New for 2018: Escapade is on slack!

What is slack and why do I care?

Slack is a new-ish group communication app. It is a cross between yahoogroups and an instant messenger application like IRC, AIM, or Jabber. Slack is fun, free, and searchable, so Escapade is test driving it for communications this year. Our goal is to have an ongoing conversation between convention organizers, attendees, and anyone else who has an interest in Escapade. The conversation is available any time, and in any format that people choose to access it. Don’t worry, we are adding slack, not removing any of our existing communications channels (website, yahoogroups, dreamwidth, Facebook, tumblr, twitter, and opt-in direct emails).

Slack is cloud based, so anyone who is a member of Escapade’s group can access it 24/7 through a web browser, or slack’s free app on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. To become a member of the Escapade group, click this link:

What then? We have already set up about a dozen different slack “channels” where members can chat with each other. You are welcome to join or leave any channel at any time, and you can browse the channels you haven’t joined (yet). When you join our group, you will automatically be added to #_official, #ask-the-staff, #all-of-us, and #off-topic, all of which seem pretty self-explanatory. There are channels for each area of the convention (panels, art show, vids) and for hooking up with rides and roomies. The newest channel is for people who want to chat about NaNoWriMo. If you spot something we’re missing, let us know and we can add it.

So, if you’re willing take a chance, click the link above, and come play with us on slack! There are about a zillion tutorial vids on youTube. This one provides a very quick overview:

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