Panel Ballot, Scholarships, Vid Show!

Panel Submission Party was a Smash! 

Thanks to everyone who participated on Sunday! Panel Submissions are now closed.


It’s time to VOTE for your favorites:

Support the Scholarship Fund

Our awesome scholarship candidates depend on your support. If you’ve ever been helped by a fan and promised to ‘pay it forward’, now is your chance. Three ways you can help scholarship candidates:

–Share your hotel. If you have bed space in your room and it wouldn’t be a burden to share, let us know. (Remember, the couch in the front room is a fold-out. ^_~)

–Donate frequent flyer miles. People from all over want to attend, and air travel is a barrier to participation. If you have miles to donate, get in touch with us.

–Donate money. Donating to the Escapade scholarship fund supports our efforts to comp memberships, purchase extra rooms, even provide food stipends if needed. Whatever you donate to the fund will be used solely to bring people to Escapade who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.

If you have other ideas for supporting scholarship recipients, please let us know. 

Not interested in a general scholarship? No problem; gift a membership to friends or family.

Vid show

Escapade is near! Vid Show submission deadline is March 1!  If you have a vid you think would be perfect for the vid show, send it to us now!

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