Below are the activities by track that are currently scheduled for Escapade 31. This will be updated as folks sign up for DIY slots, and we’ll provide a PDF program book on Thursday before the convention. No times are provided here, but you can check the worldwide schedule to see what time things are happening in your time zone.


Welcome to Escapade (Megan Kent, Charlotte C. Hill)

Newcomer Meetup (Barbana, Rhaegal)
If you’re new to the convention, this is the place to come and meet some smiling faces, ask nontechnical questions, and get yourselves acquainted. 

Intro to Discord (Jessica Dickinson Goodman, Saklani)
Are you new to Discord? Do you want to learn the basics of fandom’s (and Escapade’s) current home? This is the panel for you.

Wildcard Panel (Charlotte, Yomz)
Mashup of purity culture, cancel culture, content policing, etc.

Wayback Panel (glymr, Denise/rattlecatcher)
The Best Crossover Story Idea Ever (That Someone Else Should Write for Me) 

The Old Guard Watch Party 
Four undying warriors who’ve protected humanity for centuries become targeted for their mysterious powers just as they discover a new immortal. If you haven’t seen The Old Guard, join us to find out what you’re missing. If you have—you know why a watch party is so, so good.

Escapade Songvid Show (Jo & Killa)
Vids, vids, vids! The show will be a livestream on Friday night, so we have a chance to experience it together. Then it will be available for re-watch throughout the weekend. 

After Party and Bedtime Stories (Franzeska)


Fantastic Bits and Where to Find Them: The Monsterfucking Panel (MlleMusketeer)
Why are we so horny for horns? Tittilated for tentacles? Squirmy for spiracles? Let’s talk monsterfucking and what makes xeno in fanwork so much fun.

What changed about fandom in 2020 (or did it?) (Emile St. Claire, Liz/Ealasaid)
Inspired by an article in the New York Times (How Pop Music Fandom Became Sports, Politics, Religion and All-Out War), claiming that fandom has become more competitive than ever in light of the pandemic, this panel explores how fandom changed in 2020, if at all. Did fandom ramp up, did the ride-or-dies take over now that they have more time on their hands, or is it all as intense as it ever was?

Old Friends Who’ve Just Met (Jonaneth (Neth) Smiley, Megan Kent)
Fandom has always been a multi-generational space. Let’s raise a glass to all the fans who’ve come before. The mentors we had who helped us and taught us how to be mentors ourselves. Fandom is a rare space where age isn’t nearly as much of a factor that restricts who you make friends with and learn from, and while some of that’s been lost, it’s not yet gone. Join us celebrating fandom as a place for all ages.

Omegaverse and Other Migratory Slash Tropes (cathexys, Liz/Ealasaid)
Omegaverse–a term barely a decade old–not only moved from SPN to other fandom, but also into pro fiction. Many popular tropes can be found on AO3 as easily as on Goodreads. What makes some tropes so popular they move within and without fandom? What draws you to certain tropes? Will you follow them to other fandoms? Do you like the trope enough to read it outside of fannish writing? Come share your favorite tropes and let’s theorize why we love them.

From Squick to Click: when you discover a Kink you didn’t know you had (glymr)
Is there a kink you swore you’d never, ever write – and one day you found yourself doing a full 180 and pounding out thousands of words of (incest/RPF/vore/monsterfucking/mpreg/insert kink here)? What flipped that switch in your mind from “no thanks” to “can’t get enough”? Was it a specific fandom? A specific FIC? Come and share your “Oh NO” moment!

Fandom’s Next Platform (Elf)
Post-LJ, post-Tumblr, Post-Twitter… what other options are there? Several sites want to be fandom’s new home, or one of them: Pillowfort, Fanexus, and Bobaboard are all in development. Find out what makes them different and how likely they are to succeed. Let’s talk about what we’re looking for in a fandom social platform.

Putting the ‘Trans’ in Transformative: Trans Representation in Fannish Creations (MlleMusketeer)
Whether inspired by the source material’s explicit inclusion of trans representation, or whether representation is all fanon, we’re here to talk about fandoms with lots of trans narratives. Come recommend your own, debate what counts as rep, or propose headcanons that make you happy.

BL is Waiting to Take Your Call! (Celi, Michelle)
An introductory guide for anyone who’s ever been curious about Boy’s Love! You’ve been inside for nearly a year now and have exhausted AO3, danmei, gay romance novels, and every other possible slash outlet. But have you considered BL/yaoi/Geicomi? Find out why it’s a lot more than just lanky boys with sparkly eyes, where to find what you want to read, and get any questions you have answered. Bring recs or receive them based on your favorite fic tropes.

AO3: What Needs to Change? (Elf)
Last year, the OTW announced upcoming changes, in part to make AO3 more inclusive and supportive for fans of color. These included better filtering options, blocking/muting comments, and better bookmarked collections. What should they work on first? What issues are they likely to run into? Let’s talk about the features we want and what we couldn’t bear to lose.

Ugh Fanfic WTF? (Constance Penley, Rattlecatcher)
Even after AO3 won a Hugo Award, we’re still seeing people, including pro authors, insult fanfic. We’ve heard that fanfic “teaches you how to write worse” and it’s “childish, poorly written, and steeped in self-indulgence,” and of course, “copyright holders hate fan fiction and they have the legal right to stop it.” Why do these myths persist, and what can we do to dispel them?

RPS: the History, the Mystery, and the Gift (Megan Kent, glymr)
What was your first experience with RPS (real person slash)? Whether you’ve been into it forever or just discovered it yesterday, let’s talk about our favorite “real life” ships, the way RPS has evolved as celebrities have become more accessible via social media, and what we’d most love to see in the future from the idols and actors we love.

New Fan, Old Fandom (rache, Rattlecatcher)
So you’ve discovered this amazing new show/movie/book… that came out years ago… whose fandom was most active in 2015… or 2007… or 1993. Now what? How do you join a fandom that’s long since discussed all the character arcs, shipped all the pairings, and explored all the tropes? Can you read fic and avoid spoilers? Should you try to find the early stuff first or just start with what everyone says are the best fics? Should you try to find a newbie-friendly guide?


DIY: The Old Guard Bad-ass Brunch (Charlotte C. Hill)
Character half hours (PST): Andy (9 AM), Booker (9:30 AM), Nicky/Joe (10 AM), Nile (11:15); Quynh, Copley, comics, etc. get closing thoughts. Possible cocktail hour after the Dead Dog Party. Jump to the TOG channel to vote text vs. A/V channel.

Escapade Review
We said last year we were done with Escapade Review, then we launched a whole new format. Let’s get together to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what parts (if any) we we’d like to carry forward to the next in-person convention.

Dead Dog Party
Bring your food or drink to show off, if not to share, and let’s hang out for a while before we call the convention over. 


Good Omens: Ineffable Husbands  (Rhaegal, Bethany)
Almost two years after the TV adaptation, and more than three decades after the book, Good Omens fandom is still going strong. We’ve had conventions (including one where Neil Gaiman confirmed that the Ineffable Husbands are canon), a string of virtual parties through lockdown, and now we even have official merch! With rumors of a Season 2 ramping up, what’s next for the fandom?

Guardian: Slash without the Goggles (sakana17, glymr)
Guardian is still sparking joy, and seems likely to do so for some time to come. What is it that’s keeping fans hooked, despite show’s the low budget and last-minute changes? Is it the identity porn? The years of pining? The awesome power couple(s)? The found family? The hurt/comfort? The idiots to lovers? …did I just answer my own question? Whether you love Guardian, love to hate it, or have no idea what I’m on about, let’s talk about this genre-defining Chinese drama!

She-Ra: Who Got Femslash In My She-Ra? (Adrienne)
Friends turned enemies turned lovers! Let’s talk Adora/Catra, the worldbuilding choices that lead to it, and other femslash ships, canon and fanon.

The Old Guard: New Immortals, New Game (Raine Wynd, Charlotte C. Hill)
General squee over the amazing movie (and maybe some comics love too) plus speculation over what might be coming next if a sequel gets made. Let’s talk about plot holes, rec some fan works, talk about Discord channels, and the way fandom has reacted to its canon – the good and the bad.

MCU: Stucky Past, Present or Future (Pauline Zed)
What do you prefer? Pre-war Stucky in Brooklyn? Present-day Stucky, clearly ignoring Endgame? Future Stucky off in space? Come and discuss in what setting you enjoy seeing Steve and Bucky fall in love, and why.

SW: Expanding the Universe (Saklani, Commodore Marie)
Disney has and continues to expand the Star Wars universe, through movies, streaming, TV and both live and animated content.  What is everyone’s favorite and least favorite parts of the new verse?  What are people looking forward to that’s coming up?  And how are we fannish about it- reading, writing, art, etc.?  What pairings do we love?  And what more would we like to see?

Leverage 2.0: Just One More Job? (Raine Wynd)
Speculation, spoilers, discussion about the new characters, etc.

SPN: I’ll Just Wait In The Empty, Then (Killa)
Ohhh, Supernatural fandom…2020 was quite the year for the little show that could. Fifteen seasons ended with a tumblr-crashing explosion of feels, angst, despair, righteous victory, sad disappointment, and half-canon revelations. It spawned a thousand fics, videos, and memes. Can we talk about that ending? (All nails and rebar must be checked at the door.)

The Untamed: The fandom we‚’ve all been training for (Tree Wishes, Nev, Airawyn)
The Untamed fandom that emerged during the pandemic has grabbed many of us by the hair and won’t let go! Let’s talk about how this story has driven us to read subtitles and learn so very many acronyms. And the ways that this new genre is compelling fans to watch, read, write, vid, and think in different ways.

The Expanse: Five Mindblowing Seasons Down, One to Go (Jen, Charlotte C. Hill)
Holy cow!  Season Five of The Expanse blew me away! Can you believe they…
Actually, as of this panel submission, only seven of the ten episodes of season 5 have aired.  But they will all have aired by the time we get together for Escapade… and based on how the first seven episodes have gone, I can only imagine how tense and riveting the last three will be.  Let’s get together and talk about it, and our predictions for the sixth and final season.

Roswell: Rebooting Roswell (cathexys, Jessica Dickinson Goodman, Megan A)
Roswell, New Mexico (2019) is one of several reimaginings of dial-up era shows seeking to harness viewers’ nostalgic memories and earn new fans by embracing and updating the prior show: centralizing conversations about race, immigration, gender, sexuality, and trauma: aging the characters up to their late 20s; and putting openly queer love centerstage. Come for bisexual aliens and Malex’s cosmic love; stay for questions of Native representation and the politics of triads.

DS9: You Won‚’t Believe How Many Ships This Station Can Hold (Hannah / Cosmic Tuesdays, Saklani)
Seven seasons of excellent chemsity on a space station. What could possibly go wrong? (Or… just right?)

DIY: The Magnus Archives: Make Your Statement, Face Your Fears About the Finale (Queercore Curriculum)
So many of us discovered The Magnus Archives in 2020, which was a year so genuinely terrifying that it’s no surprise that a horror podcast dedicated to understanding fear was such a big hit. Come discuss what we find so compelling about The Magnus Archives, including our favorite Entities, avatars, and statements, and our theories (and fears!) about the upcoming finale.


How to Discord (Saklani, Jessica Dickinson Goodman)
Come learn the tricks, tips, and fun features of one of fandom’s growing homes. If there’s enough moderators (or aspiring moderators) we can swap advice on how to manage moderating, bots, NSFW channels, roles, permissions, and all that jazz.

Vid review (mods TBD)
The only thing we love more than watching vids is talking about them.

Writing Group: What It Says On The Tin (Saklani, MlleMusketeer)
Inspired by your fannish company? Come make some progress on your WIP, or start something entirely new.

Vidding 101: Vexercises (Lola, bonibaru)
Last March, as a tool for distraction, we launched the Vidding Exercises project on Dreamwidth: a series of 1 minute vidding exercises designed to introduce people to the process of vidding and to different vidding approaches and aesthetics. In this workshop, we’ll actually *make* the first vexercise (what we call the vidding “pikachu”:) Come with source and editing tools if you have them, or to get a sense of the process so that you can try the vexercises at your own speed. Newbie vidders and experienced vidders alike welcome!

AO3: You CAN always get what you want (maybe)  (Megan Kent)
Of the literally millions of works on the archive, how to find the ones that float your boat. Presenting tricks for finding, filtering, bookmarking, and re-finding the works you want.

Help, My One-Shot is Making A Funny Noise: The Great Escapade Ficcish Wankfest II (Nev)
Did your slow-burn burn on? Your enemies to lovers stick on enemies? Your seasonal fic underseasoned? Come here to share your woes and help other authors troubleshoot theirs as well.

I caught that reference! (Charlotte C. Hill)
Does slang throw you in (or out) of a fic? Does it matter if an old-school Stucky fic mentions flappers? How accurate does that corset have to be anyway? Come chat with fic writers about sneaking in all those tiny cultural references and details that make a fic come to life.

Pegging! A Delightfully In-Depth Intro (fashes ilia)
Have you wanted to bend over your boyfriend and have your way with his sweet ass? Come learn how! Are you new to butt stuff and want to learn some basics? Do you want butt sex info for your fic? Come join us!
Panel will feature in depth info on anatomy and techniques plus how to entice nervous first timers.

Transcultural Vidding (Lola, bonibaru)
Lately many of us have found ourselves deep in the world of media from countries other than our own: Chinese or Korean dramas, or kpop, and for many of us the language and genres are new and there’s lots of learning to do. What does this mean for vidders in terms of the creative process of vidding?  Does it feel different or is it really basically the same process? How do you choose vid concepts, or music, and let’s not forget the eternal question of hardsubbing vs. soft subbing? For viewers, how does this shift shape the viewing experience of vids and vidshows?

The Expanse: Speak like a Belter (Jen)
Oye, kopeng!  (Hello, friends!)  If you’ve watched The Expanse, you’ve heard people talking in lang Belta, the conlang spoken by those who live and work in the Belt, the stations and moons around Jupiter and Saturn.  Maybe you’re planning a trip out to the Belt someday soon and want to learn some relevant phrases?  Come to this panel and we’ll teach you the words and phrases to make you Belta lik pashang (Belter as fuck)!

DIY: Tombs, Zombies, and Murderous Shellfish: The Lost Tomb Universe (Thevetia)
Have you seen the recent Reunion: Sound of Providence, or Ultimate Note? Learn more about this enormous, wacky, tomb raiding universe with its ever-increasing cast of hot guys! Discuss the relative merits of the various Wu Xie’s, Xiaoge’s, and Pangzi’s, and the strength of the Iron Triangle’s unbreakable bond. Join this deep dive into an amazing and unpredictable world.


DIY: Hooked on Potter (Tayrin, Teresa)
What hooked you on Harry Potter? Was it the characters, the set-up, the MAGIC? What reels you in again and again? Pairings? Tropes? All the possibilities? Come discuss what we love, what we don’t, and everything in between.

Rec Lists and Fic Reviews (Elf)
The shift away from community blogging meant the end of crack_van and similar groups. The death of Delicious meant the loss of thousands of personal recs. Where are you getting your “worth reading” recommendations these days – Twitter? Private Discord servers? AO3 bookmarks? Or do you skip recs and just sort for your OTP by kudos? What can we do to support a culture of sharing the great fics we’ve found?

Becoming Someone Else: The Many Faces of Roleplaying (Airawyn, Lana)
Whether your game uses text, dice, or Rock Paper Scissors, there are plenty of ways to become someone else. Come talk about your favorite game and the wild things that can happen. Learn how to get started or tell us how you’ve adapted in-person games to play online. Discuss how to navigate consent issues, and get advice on thorny player or GM questions.

Best fanfiction ever! How to find the best stories. (Lady Ra)
There are so many stories, but too many of them aren’t your cup of tea. How to find great stories, and let’s share those!

What You Can’t Bring to Escapade (Barbana)
We’re virtual this year! What would you like to show off that you can’t bring to a hotel? Art that’s too fragile to travel? A costume that’s too elaborate for a relax-a-con? Your adorable pet? Something that’s legal where you are but not on a plane? Let’s play show and tell with things we can’t normally share.

Virtual Gallery Walk (Naked Bee)
Take a stroll through the virtual art show to admire and discuss the submissions. 

Fandom Dating Game (Michelle FishieMishie)
Come find the fandom of your dreams, or represent the one dearest to your heart (or at least the funniest for a contestant to take home). Each contestant can ask a number of questions of 3 candidates–but only the audience knows what fandom each candidate is. Hijinks ensue!

Escapade’s House of Games (Rhaegal)
Based on the popular UK TV game show Richard Osman’s House of Games, this is a series of fast-paced games of fandom knowledge and wordplay adapted to be played remotely in a large group.

DIY: Teen Wolf…Werewolf Love and Werewolves in love (Teresa, Tayrin)
Let’s explore the lore, the pairings, the characters. Is it the show or the fanfiction that brings you to the fandom. Or like me is it The Stiles that keeps you coming back for more? We can discuss everyone else, they can be fun too.

DIY: Come and C-Novel (glymr)
Some of the hottest new fandoms are Chinese dramas: The Untamed, Guardian, etc. But before these stories became TV shows, many were serialized novels! From the zany “Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System” and “I Ship my Adversary X Me” to the heartbreaking “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, there’s a C-Novel out there for every taste – but not always in English. Which ones have you read and loved? Come join us if you’re looking for recs, if you’ve got recs to share, if you’ve never read a C-Novel or if you’ve read them all!

DIY: WandaVision (FJBryan)
General discussion of the show, the MCUniverse it fits with (or doesn’t), and speculation about future episodes.

DIY: Share Your Pets! (Megan Kent)
Purposeful Zoom-bombing. Bring your cute (or not so cute) critters and show them off.


DIY: Virtual Cons: The New Frontier (Rhaegal)
Over the last year we’ve all had to take our cons online, and while this has been awesome for accessibility, it has some technical challenges. If you’ve run a virtual con and have some tips to share, or are considering it and would like to learn from our mistakes, come and share the wisdom! RECORDED

DIY: WandaVision Part Deux (Emile)
For those who missed Saturday’s panel or just can’t get enough WandaVision!

DIY: Fandom in a Foreign Language (Kerguelen)
Help! I don’t speak the language, but I’ve fallen in love with these characters! The Anime folks are busy laughing, but many of us are now involved in fandoms from other countries whether it is Chinese and Korean dramas or German and Austrian police shows. Let’s chat about the difficulties we’re facing and figure out ways around them. Is your show available with subtitles? What cultural things gave you a d’oh moment? What is it that is attracting you to a show that you have to put this much effort into?

DIY: Cherry Magic (Nick)
You saw it in the vidshow last night. Come see more!

DIY: Let’s Gather (Morgan Dawn)
Gather.Town is a location based social gathering website. Accessible to anyone who has a laptop or desktop camera with microphone and a supported browser. Gather.Town creates a virtual space where you can  hop in and out of group conversations by walking your avatar across the landscape.  The closer you are to someone, your camera will automatically ‘tune in”  and you can start listening or interacting.  The further away  you go and the conversation (and your video) video fades. This panel will be the ultimate DIY: we will post the link and password  to the virtual space and we  will watch each other  as we learn how to make it work.  The space is limited to 25 participants – if there is enough interest we can always hold a separate chat later.

Specs:  PC or Mac Laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone .  Only the two latest browser versions are supported: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. Access from smartphones is in beta and not recommended.   We strongly recommend using headphones to help prevent sound feedback.

Tutorials to help get you started are here:,

Password: Escapadefun

DIY: From Eroica with Love: still crazy after all these years (May)
How does a tiny fandom keeps going? Fabulousness! Already hooked? Come for the discussion. Intrigued? Come for the pimping, you may well leave with a new fandom.

DIY: Spoilery Guardian Discussion! (sakana17)
This is where we can discuss EVERYTHING in the Guardian drama – with spoilers! Discuss ALL the surprises in the show. What didn’t you expect? What was the most satisfying surprise? What twist gave you feelings??


SH: Are Starsky and Hutch the best cops in Bay City? (Dawnebeth)
Oft described as the best cops in Bay City, are they really? Discuss examples from episodes.

Pros ep: Backtrack
Shown via twitch at, no login needed to view. 

Pros: Desert Island Musts (Cindy, FJBryan)
Fic – fic – fic – Can you narrow to just three picks for endless reading? Let’s try  – We can share what sustains us.

Shetland: I land, you land, we all land for Shetland! (Dorinda, Beth (msmoat))
Shetland, the atmospheric mystery show set in Scotland’s Shetland Islands, is a wee little fandom, but a perennial in small-fandom exchanges. Do you want to learn more about it? Or do you already have things to say? What do you think of the show, the fic, the characters? Come talk about close and slashy odd-couple co-parents Jimmy and Duncan, Tosh and her long arc of a storyline, canon gay characters like Rhona and Angus, and more!

Pros: Location! Location! Location!  (Kris KrisserCI5, Kat)
Do certain locations lend themselves more for sexual escapades? The Capri? The restroom? An alley wall!! Where gets the most action?

Pros songvids
Shown via twitch at, no login needed to view. 

Pros ep: Purging of CI5
Shown via twitch at, no login needed to view. . 

Pros: When Did They (Kris KrisserCI5, Kathy Snow, Kat)
When did they first fuck, kiss, commit? There are dozens of whens. . . let’s explore.

Cop Show Kaffeeklatsch
Open discussion about Pros, SH, or any TV or movie cops you love.

DIY: Stargate: the time traveling Puddlejumper (yomz)
Stargate nostalgia!
Fond memories of SG-1, SGA, new and old fans alike. I just miss this show, so any excuse to flail about it.

Want to pimp your favorite shippy game? Or just stream for a few hours, egged on by the dubious good influence of your fellow fans? Step into the (game streaming sign-up channel) and sign up for a 2 hour block of streaming time on Saturday. Either play a little with encouragement, or show your fellow fans the best bits of your favorite game—it’s up to you!

Want something more freeform? Afterhours gaming won’t require signups, and multiple streams can run concurrently. After 9pm, when panels are done for the day, step into the streaming channel to play your favorite games and chat. Think of it as a virtual gaming room party!

Sign up here:

Always use #escapadecon, then add:

After Party and Bedtime Stories #AfterParty
AO3: What Needs to Change?#AO3Change
AO3: You CAN always get what you want (maybe) #AO3Search
Becoming Someone Else: The Many Faces of Roleplaying  #Roleplaying
Best fanfiction ever!  How to find the best stories.#Bestfanfictionever
BL is Waiting to Take Your Call!#BL
Cop Show Kaffeeklatsch#Kaffeeklatsch
Dead Dog Party#DeadDogParty
DIY: Come and C-Novel#DIY:CNovel
DIY: Hooked on Potter#HookedonPotter
DIY: Let’s Gather#LetsGather
DIY: Teen Wolf…Werewolf Love and Werewolves in love #TeenWolf
DIY: The Magnus Archives: Make Your Statement, Face Your Fears About the Finale#MagnusArchives
DS9: You Won‚’t Believe How Many Ships This Station Can Hold#STDS9
Escapade Review#EscapadeReview
Escapade Songvid Show#SongvidShow
Escapade’s House of Games#HouseofGames
Fandom Dating Game#FandomDatingGame
Fandom’s Next Platform#NextPlatform
Fantastic Bits and Where to Find Them: The Monsterfucking Panel#FantasticBits
From Squick to Click: when you discover a Kink you didn’t know you had#SquicktoClick
Good Omens: Ineffable Husbands#GoodOmens
Guardian: Slash without the Goggles#Guardian
Help, My One-Shot is Making A Funny Noise: The Great Escapade Ficcish Wankfest II#FiccishWankfest
How to Discord#How2Discord
I caught that reference!#Icaughtthatreference
Intro to Discord#Intro2Discord
Leverage 2.0: Just One More Job?#Leverage2
MCU: Stucky Past, Present or Future#Stucky
New Fan, Old Fandom#NewFanOldFandom
Newcomer Meetup#NewcomerMeetup
Old Friends Who’ve Just Met#OldFriends
Omegaverse and Other Migratory Slash Tropes#Omegaverse
Pegging! A Delightfully In-Depth Intro#Pegging
Pros: Desert Island Musts#ProsDesertIsland
Pros: Location! Location! Location! #ProsLocation
Pros: When Did They#ProsWhenDidThey
Putting the ‘Trans’ in Transformative…#TransRepresentation
Rec Lists and Fic Reviews  #RecLists
Roswell: Rebooting Roswell#RoswellNM
RPS: the History, the Mystery, and the Gift#RPS
SH: Are Starsky and Hutch the best cops in Bay City?#StarskyAndHutch
She-Ra: Who Got Femslash In My She-Ra?#SheRa
Shetland: I land, you land, we all land for Shetland!#Shetland
SPN: I’ll Just Wait In The Empty, Then#SPN
SW: Expanding the Universe#StarWars
The Expanse: Five Mindblowing Seasons Down, One to Go#TheExpanse
The Expanse: Speak like a Belter#SpeaklikeaBelter
The Old Guard: New Immortals, New Game#TheOldGuard
The Old Guard: Watch Party#TheOldGuard
The Untamed: The fandom we‚’ve all been training for#TheUntamed
Transcultural Vidding#TransculturalVidding
Ugh Fanfic WTF?#UghFanfic
Vid Review#VidrRview
Vidding 101: Vexercises#Vidding101
Virtual Gallery Walk#GalleryWalk
Wayback Panel#Wayback
Welcome to Escapade#WelcometoEscapade
What changed about fandom in 2020 (or did it?) #Fandom2020
What You Can’t Bring to Escapade#BringtoEscapade
Wildcard Panel#Wildcard
Writing Group: What It Says On The Tin#WritingGroup