Below are the activities by track that are currently scheduled for Escapade 32. Times below are Pacific for the folks attending in person. If you’re joining online, please check the worldwide schedule (day 1, day 2, day 3 | with a tab for each time zone) to see what time things are happening wherever you are. This list and the worldwide schedule will be updated as folks sign up for DIY slots, so please check the links above to see the most up-to-date DIY panels.

(Here is a link to the full program book as a PDF, but please note it will not reflect later DIY panel additions! Program book covers are here.)

8 AM | Welcome to Escapade
In 2021, Escapade was bitten by a radioactive Discord server and now, in 2022, it has acquired all the powers of both online and in-person conventions! We hope the hybrid format will be awesome, and we’ll look forward to your feedback, come Sunday.
ANNOUNCEMENTS include the welcome, orientation to the zoom channels, reveal of the Wayback Panel, and more. 
Mods: Charlotte C. Hill, Megan Kent | Online

9 AM | Fanning in a different language
Fans are waxing fannish in second or third languages and some they don’t understand at all. Do international fandom barriers exist anymore? Should we just open ourselves up to the joy, despite a lack of cultural understanding? Are we allowing fans into our circles who don’t speak our language? Are automated translations enough to facilitate us? Is the willing exposure to other cultures because our love of shipping and fanfiction the perfect natural bridge to step outside our worldview?
Mods: ilana, glymr | Online

10 AM | Best of 2021
A recs panel! Folks can submit their new fics discovered over the year and we’ll build a recs collection on ao3.
Mod: Nev | Online

11 AM | A Public History of Fandom
Have you seen the posts cropping up lately about why people should not be soliciting $$$ on AO3? Have you been thinking about fandom history in general? How can we, as newer fans, fandom grandparents, and everyone in between, foster a stronger connection to our own history in a way that is impactful, meaningful, and inclusive? Perhaps you’ve been through this movie before? Perhaps you’ve been mulling over this same thing? Any and all ideas are welcome. | Online
Mods: Kandy, ariel stargrit

Noon | Newcomer Meetup
If you’re new to the convention, this is the place to come and meet some smiling faces, ask nontechnical questions, and get yourselves acquainted. 
Mod: TBD | In Person

Noon | Tea Party
Come enjoy a nice cup of tea, whether you take it black or with a dollop of milk and seven sugars.
Mod: Franzeska | In Person

1 PM | Welcome to Escapade (in person)
In 2021, Escapade was bitten by a radioactive Discord server and now, in 2022, it has acquired all the powers of both online and in-person conventions! We hope the hybrid format will be awesome, and we’ll look forward to your feedback, come Sunday.
ANNOUNCEMENTS include the welcome, orientation to the hotel, times tech support will be available for people on site who want to interact through the online portion of the con as well, and a host of other details. Join us. See other people live an in person after 2 years of… not that.
Mods: Megan Kent, Charlotte C. Hill | In Person

2 PM | Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter: Crossovers
Stories with twice the canon have twice the fun. Wolverine as one of the Howling Commandos, the Doctor visiting the Enterprise, Bodie & Doyle teaming up with Starsky & Hutch to round up an international crime gang, Fox Mulder investigating Hogwarts… What fandoms do you love to see smashed together? What have you read and liked? Bring recs – and a wishlist, maybe someone will be inspired to write!
Mod: Raine Wynd | In Person

3 PM | Lesser Pairings Celebration
We like the pairings that aren’t the faves, or dominant, or most popular. Why? What do we see in content that others don’t? What tropes do we like that might be less popular than the tropes that make for the “dominant” pairing in any series or film content?
Mod: Charlotte C. Hill | In Person

4 PM | Cane Waving vs OK Boomer
“Kids these days don’t know how it used to be!” …But was fandom really different in the “old days”? Was there a feeling of community that we’re missing now? Or is that just nostalgia clouding our memories? Older fans: talk about how it used to be, what we’ve gained, what we’ve lost. Younger fans: what did you know, and what’s a surprise? What do you wish older fans would realize about fandom today?
Mods: Elf, Megan Kent | In Person

5 PM | Daemons, Dragons, and Bending: Fusion Worlds
What’s Tony Stark’s daemon? What color dragon would Dean Winchester ride? What element would Hermione control? Let’s talk about the canon worlds that are great for fusion fic, the ones that are popular, and the ones we wish got more attention. Bring recs if you’ve got ’em! | In Person
Mod: sprocket

8 PM | Friday Night Dance Party
Get your groove thing on with everyone who came to Escapade in person. Dance (or watch) a curated selection of catchy vids, or  hang with your friends and chat. 
Masks are required inside the party room, but the cash bar, traditional Escapade cake, and plenty of fresh air are available just outside in the Atrium. 
The party will be streamed for online attendees. A playlist with links will be provided
Mod: Franzeska | Hybrid

9 AM | Marvel: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Good, the Bad and the Irritating
A year on from the launch of the series, how are we feeling about the show? What did it get right about the characters and the post-Blip MCU, and what could it have done so much better? And what do we hope to see for Sam and Bucky in the MCU going forward?
Mod: Pauline Zed | Online

10 AM | Person of Interest—still timely?
Ten years later, PoI still seems to be both technologically relevant, visually interesting, and thematically prescient. Was this transitional fandom ahead of its time? What insights does rewatching the show in 2022 afford us? And are the slash and femslash pairings still relevant? Most importantly, what about Carter?
Mods: kerithwyn, killabeez | Online

11 AM | Supernatural: With Coworkers Like These…:
Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s over! With translation fun, Twitter drama, and a planned prequel, Supernatural still has a lot of pull and interest around it. Come talk about both canon and fandom’s past, present, and future!
Mod: Neth Smiley | Online

2 PM | Star Trek DS9: Garak/Bashir Today
It’s been 23 years since DS9 ended. In a world where we now see on screen LGBT representation, let’s talk about what our ship might look like if DS9 aired today. Would we have gotten to see Julian’s on screen reaction to A Stitch In Time? Could their play released last summer on Youtube, Alone Together, be different? Or is all that subtext without ever officially becoming text the core of what makes Garak and Bashir such a unique pairing?
Mod: Natalie Slaughter | In Person

3 PM | Sherlock Holmes: John H. Watson: awesome or TOTALLY awesome?
Despite being relegated to the role of sidekick and chronicler, there is ample evidence that John H Watson, doctor and former soldier, is, in fact, a certified badass and all-around awesome person.  Come and let’s talk about how it was that Watson got the reputation of being a bumbling fool, how that has changed in recent years, and who are our favorite incarnations of the good doctor.
Mods: Taz, Jen/snycock | In Person

4 PM | Leverage Redemption: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
LEVERAGE IS BACK! What did we like about the new season? Who (or what) do we want to see more of in the future?
Mod: Neth Smiley | In Person

5 PM | Guardian: The Story Will Keep on Going
Guardian, one of the first Chinese BL drama adaptations, had a difficult history. Even so, the show took China by storm, garnering millions of views. Today this groundbreaking work has already been supplanted by shinier, higher-budget BL adaptations. Yet Guardian still has a dedicated fandom and fanworks continue to be posted almost every day. Come chat about what you loved, what you hated, or what you’d like to see next in the fandom that keeps on going…
Mods: Airawyn, glymr | In Person

9 AM | How to Mod an Escapade Panel
Escapade panels aren’t like most convention panels. We don’t have “3-5 supposed experts sit at the front of the room and talk with each other, and maybe take some questions from the audience.” Instead, it’s all much more interactive. Learn the basics of how we do panels, and some tips on how to moderate and what to do to keep the conversation active and interesting for everyone.
Mod: Megan Kent | Online

10 AM | How To Discord
Fandom has found a new home, and it’s a glorified IRC variant with bells & whistles. So… how does it work? What’s unique about Discord, and what’s similar to other social platforms? How do you navigate it, and how do you minimize problems? If you want to set up your own Discord server, where do you get started?
Mod: JoCarthage | Online

11 AM | Escapade Discord Year-end Review
The revamped version of the Escapade Discord has been around for a year. We want your feedback on how it’s been working and what needs to change. What do you like about? What do you hate about it? Suggestions? Recommendations? Improvements? Things you want to keep? Come to the panel and let us know.
Mod: Lola | Online

2 PM | Save the Kinkmemes!
Russia’s recent political activity leads people to worry about whether Livejournal is going to vanish soon. If it’s at risk, how can we save kinkmemes? We’ll review LJ archiving tools, the Wayback machine options, and how to preserve personal offline copies of at-risk journals.
Mod: Franzeska | In Person

3 PM | Fandom Alignment Charts – Game
Let’s make alignment charts for our fandoms! We’ll decide which charts and which fandoms based on who attends. Options include: McDonald’s Alignment Chart, Stabbing Alignment Chart, Distinguished/Functional/Disaster Gay/Bi/Lesbian, and the Bold/How Dare/Please chart, or even the traditional D&D alignments. (Others are possible if we can think of them.) Come help us figure out who’s the iconic Disaster Bi in your favorite fandom, and who would stab people as a warning!
Mod: Elf | In Person

5 PM | Vids In Process
Let’s talk about the vidding process from idea to completion. How do you get from point A to B and how many other letters do you visit along the way?
Mods: JinkyO, Lola | In Person

9 AM | Professionals for Beginners
Bodie punches first and asks questions later. Doyle analyzes the situation before taking action. Together, they fight crime! Come find out why this late-70s/early-80s buddy cop show is one of the most enduring slash fandoms, what the broccoli test is, and all about the Circuit Library. Share fic and vid recs, find out where to watch it and where to get episodes or clips for vidding.
Mods: FJBryan, Snow | Online

10 AM | S&H: Still Crazy After Alll These Years
Come and see how busy our slash fandom is these days, with new vids, fic and art showing up almost daily. Recs and plenty of slash talk ahead!
Mod: Kat | Online

11 AM | Pros: Best fic in the different genres
Let’s pick the top in many different genres we find our lads in.
Mods: CI5Cindy, krisser _ kris | Online

Noon | Pros: The Lads and Romance Professional Style
What would it take for Bodie or Doyle to make a romantic gesture? What would that gesture look like. . .a gun?
Mods: Beth (msmoat), Cyanne, krisser _ kris | Online

1-5 PM | Episode viewings and discussion

10 AM | Frantic Fandom Fanfic Frenzy
Everyone loves a good, chaotic writing session – and in this in-person version of Frantic Fanfic, you get to decide just how chaotic those fics get to be! We’ll have a group writing session where everyone gets a turn in adding to the story, culminating in a public reading of your beautiful – or disastrous – results. Notebooks and pens will be provided.
Mod: Muse Smith | In Person

3 PM | Teen Wolf: It’s All About The ????
What brings you to Teen Wolf?  Is it “The TV show”, the fic, the supernatural element, the world building possibilities, “The Stiles”. It’s all about “The Stiles” for me as you can see. Come and share your passions and opinions about Teen Wolf and any fic recs you have.
Mod: Teresa | In Person

9 AM | All things Harry Potter
Movies, books, pairings, tropes, and world building as this universe has so much to offer. Join us to talk about what we love and hate about this fandom in all it’s forms. Favorite fic recs welcome.
Mod: Tayrin | Online

2 PM | Works I never made AKA idea bunny adoption center
A panel for collecting ideas for fanworks that you’ve never gotten out of your head, so they can be rehomed or co-parented to fruition. Or just find a home in the messy notes-form they currently are.
Mod: Yomz | Online

8 AM | Intersectionality and Representation
A follow-up to the Representation Matters panel of a few years ago. In our current global climate, our need for diverse and intersectional representation has only grown more urgent. How are our fandoms measuring up? What are they getting right, and where do they need work? Why is it so important to continue to nurture and encourage ever more representation? What happens when representation helps one group but hurts another?
Mod: killabeez | Online

9 AM | M/M Romance
We’re a decade into the m/m boom with long urban fantasy book series and ever more new authors on Kindle Unlimited, and we’re still stuck with this albatross of a genre name. Come talk about English language original BL novels. Who are your favorites? What trends would you like to see? How do the mainstream published entries stack up against the more common indie ones?
Mods: Franzeska, Kristina Busse | Online

10 AM | Closed Canon, Active Fandom
Some shows have thriving fandom communities years after the original is complete and done. Come discuss which ones, and why – what features make a longstanding fandom likely, how to join a “finished” fandom, and what’s appealing about not having new content.
Mods: queercore_curriculum, Jen/snycock | Online

11 AM | Future of Escapade and Hybrid Cons in General
Escapade’s first online and in-person convention: how is it going? Have you been to other online cons? Other hybrids? Let’s discuss the features of online vs. in-person cons, whether online features can enhance traditional conventions, and how to adapt some of those methods to Escapade’s participatory style of panels. Is this sustainable for future conventions?
Mods: Constance Penley, Charlotte C. Hill | Online

1 PM | Law review of recent cases that may affect fandom
LET’S TALK THE LEGAL TEA! The fight that let Netflix make Enola Holmes! the A/B/O lawsuit! The Tolkien estate’s gears to grind and more! Legal battles shape our fandoms – and let’s be honest, sometimes it really does generate the best tea.
Mod: Melina | In Person

2 PM | Polyamory Ships
OT3 and more – shipping more than two people together, sharing partners, and other forms of polyamory are popular. Let’s discuss the fandoms where polyshipping exists, where they’re canon, and what makes polyshipping so fun. Bring recs!
Mod: Raine Wynd | In Person

3 PM | Wildcard: How to find shows (and community) in a streaming/paywall world
From Balkanization of fandom to the new paywall/streaming model of content delivery, how can we find what we want to watch, and who we want to share it with?
Mod: TBD | In Person

4 PM | WTF Is Up with Fanzines?
“Fanzine” means different things in different communities. Escapade regulars are familiar with self-printed comb-bound collections of fic with some art, written by one person or friends of the editor. Worldcon regulars have single-author newsletters. And to many anime fans, fanzines are art-heavy, full-color, PDF-only or perfect-bound, written and drawn by strangers who met (online) after “contributor applications” opened. Come discover the thriving world of fanzines where planning is split between Twitter, Google Drive, Carrd, Tumblr, and Discord.
Mods: Elf, Muse Smith | In Person

5 PM | BL and Queerness
The joys of BL and how it relates to our Queer identities. A fun discussion of BL tropes and why we love – or hate – them.
Mod: Muse Smith | In Person

8 PM | Escapade Songvid Show
Vids, vids, vids! The show will be a livestream on Saturday night (Los Angeles time), available around the world! If you’re attending in person, take your pick between the quiet room with the big screen, vid show annex (conversation welcome), or the privacy of your hotel room. You have ALL the options.

8 AM | Good Omens
What are we hoping for from season 2?
Mod: Rhaegal / Rachael | Online

9 AM | MDZS/Untamed: Advanced Cultivation 400
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (The Untamed), Heaven Official’s Blessing, and The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System are officially available in English for the first time, so let’s talk about the works, the themes, the extras, the ships, and our favorite parts of the fandoms.
Mod: Airawyn | Online

10 AM | Best of K Pop
What is k-pop? Where did the fandom come from? Who are these gorgeous people? An introduction to the best of K-pop RPS
Mods: Lola, Melusine aka Oracle (Discord) | Online

11 AM | Star Trek 2022
Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, Section 31, and of course—Strange New Worlds! Where is Trek fandom happening in 2022, and how do we feel about it? Which ships do we need to know more about, and how do all the new shows/new seasons affect our OP fandom?
Mod: killabeez | Online

1 PM | DC: When the Red Red Robin Is Bi
When Tim Drake (Red Robin) came out as bisexual last year, it shook the mainstream comics fan community. However, Batverse slash fans had quietly assumed he was bi since, oh, the first Robin-Superboy team-up. What happens when your queer headcanon becomes canon? How will this change fanfic and fan communities? What did you like about the reveal, and what do you wish had been done differently?
Mods: Airawyn, Michelle | In Person

2 PM | Stargate: Open for new adventures and destinations?
The Stargate properties have been bought and there is talk of a new series.  Let’s talk about what we loved (or hated?) with past series and what we would like to see (or not see?) in the new one.  Should there even be a new show? Let’s talk about the possibilities.
Mod: bren/ glacis | In Person

3 PM | Heaven Official’s Blessing: Voted Most Likely to Fall From Heaven
Interested in Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tiān Guān Cì Fú)? Let’s talk about the romance and adventures of the scrap collecting God of Misfortune, Xie Lian, and the mysterious Ghost King, Hua Cheng. We can discuss Feng Xin’s enormous typo, Jun Wu’s virgin-detecting sword, Shi Qingxuan’s genderbending, He Xuan’s aquatic goth aesthetic, and Qi Rong’s parenting skills. All the wackiness, drama, romance, and tragedy, now in an official English translation. Old fan, new fan, or just curious? Join us!
Mod: Airawyn | In Person

4 PM | Bleach: Fighting is Flirting
Shonen anime is full of slash, in every sense. To celebrate the return of the classic Bleach for its final arc, come discuss your fave pairings and your fave shows!
Mod: bren/ glacis | In Person

5 PM | OFMD: Soft Pirates and Gentlemen
Come join us to talk about the show that’s rocking the waves with its unapologetic levels of queer and POC representation! Centered on the real-life figures of Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman Pirate, and Blackbeard, the show loosely follows historical events while making space for some good old “Be Gay, Do Crime,” pirate-style. In order to make this panel as inclusive as possible, we plan to avoid discussing major spoilers, but please note that we are excited fans, and something may slip.
Mods: ariel stargrit, Natalie Slaughter | In Person

8 AM | Everything Podfic (Tips & Tricks)
How do you get started in Podfic? Are you worried about pronouncing names (see: C-Novel fandoms)? What equipment do you need? What kinds of etiquette are there in podficcing communities (yes/no on music, imported sounds, dialects, EFL podficcers, posting in chapters, etc)? What events to look forward to (ITPE vs PodTogether vs Voiceteam)? Learn how to start making podfic and, for experienced podficcers, share your knowledge! This panel will produce a shared How To document available to all attendees. 
Mods: Kristina Busse, JoCarthage | Online

9 AM | Gallery Walk
Online and in person, we’ll stroll through the art show and admire the pretty!
Mod: TBD | Hybrid

10 AM | Writing Software
MS Word, Pages, Google Docs, Scrivener, paper notebook, “I just use the drafts page at AO3″… where do you write? What are the pros and cons of what’s available, what do you like about what you normally use, and what do you wish it’d do better? Come find out what everyone else uses and maybe learn a few new tricks.
Mods: Mirilya, Charlotte C. Hill | Online

11 AM | Golden Oldies and New Delight
Come tell us why your fave TV shows & moves are so good. Are they golden oldies, or shiny and new? Where can they be found? Bring recs, and links to vids or brief examples to share. 
Mod: Kandy | Online

Noon | Book Salon: Vidding: A History
If you haven’t already read Francesca Coppa’s new book, you still have time before the convention starts. Then come talk with the author and other fans about the the book, vidding, and whatever else strikes our fancy.
As an experiment, the book salon will have a simultaneous in person and online component. Francesca will join us online. 
Go here to download a free copy of the book:
Mod: TBD | Hybrid

1 PM | Fandom Tarot, Entry Two
Fandom Tarot decks are more common than ever, but how well do they relate to the characters they assign themselves to? Are there preferred fandom Tarot decks to others? What are your ideal fandom deck designs?
Mod: Neth Smiley | In Person

2 PM | Fannish Drink Recipes
Romulan Ale. Vulcan Sunrise. Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters. Butterbeer. Baby Yodaritas. Blue Blood. Let’s talk drink recipes with fannish themes. What makes a cocktail a cocktail? Are there principles to fannish drink construction beyond picking a catchy name? How do we set about recreating drinks from canon or making up new canon-themed drinks, alcoholic and non?
Mod: Franzeska | In Person

3 PM | Vidshow jukebox
We’ll be starting with a couple of songs from the mods and build a playlist from there! The goal is to have a group-made playlist that can also be enjoyed at home.
Mods: Lola, Yomz | In Person

4 PM | Pegging! A Delightfully In-Depth Intro
Have you ever wanted to bend over your boyfriend and have your way with his sweet ass? Come learn how! Are you new to butt stuff and want to learn some basics? Do you want butt sex info for your fic? Come join us!
Panel will feature in depth info on anatomy & techniques plus how to entice nervous first timers.
Mod: fashes | In Person

5 PM | Xunyam fo showxa lang Belta! (Learn to speak lang Belta!)
Just hired on to an ice hauler doing the Saturn-Ceres run?  Or maybe you’ve decided to grow crops on Ganymede.  Or help build the next generation ship on Tycho Station.  Wherever your destination, you’re going to need to talk to Belters.  And we can help with that!  Join us for a fun, interactive lesson that will teach you how to eat, drink, and swear in the Belt!
Mod: Jen/snycock | In Person

8 AM | S&H: The On Screen Love Shines Through!
How seeing the love and affection between Starsky & Hutch in canon makes us want to read, write and vid these two gorgeous guys.
Mods: ilana, Kat | Online

9 AM | Sentinel : What was loved and what was hated
Let’s talk about the show we loved!
Mod: krisser _ kris | Online

10 AM | Pros: The Morals of CI5
Do they have them? Morals that is. . .Bodie, Doyle Cowley, Walsh??
Mods: FJBryan, Pauline Zed | Online

11 AM | Pros: Hot Men, Hot Cars, Hot Sex
Pick the order that works best for you, or the lads.
Mods: Kat, Beth (msmoat) | Online

Noon | Pros Bingo
Play bingo with episode names and summaries – request bingo card at
Mod: krisser _ kris | Online

1-5 PM | Episode viewings and discussion

2 PM | We Fight the Monsters? We Fuck the Monsters!
For all your scaly, tentacle-stroking, silicon aliens from space, “oh no Cthulu’s hot” discussions. Happening fandoms and eye-opening bits that have to be shared!
Mod: sprocket | In Person

9 AM | OFMD: Nice Guys Finish First: OFMD and People-Positive Management Styles on the High Seas
General squeeing around Our Flag Means Death, with particular focus on whether Stede Bonnet is a cinnamon roll or a sinnamon roll, and how Blackbonnet are definitely getting back together.
Mods: Megan A, DaughterofElros | Online to you!

11 AM | Best F/F: wlw Media and Fandoms
Description pending.
Mods: pending | Online

1 PM | DIY Destiel
Description pending.
Mods: pending | Online

DIY State of Vidding Today
Mod: Lola?
Description from Escapade 2012: Ten years of VividCon and roughly the same years vids have been distributed online, let’s talk about the state of vidding and the community of vidders. Is there one? Where is it? How do vidders fit in with fandom at large? What are the different options for watching/releasing vids, and how do they stack up for vidders and viewers? If you love vids, joinu us–whether you vid or not.

4 PM | My Country: The New Age: Your sword still feels affectionate
This 2019 K-drama will stab you (in the best way).
Mods: Yvette, Rhea314 | Online

8 AM | Escapade Review
We had decided we were done with Escapade Review. But then we went and changed everything AGAIN. Come talk about what worked and what didn’t, and what we should carry forward into the future.
Mod: MlleMusketeer | Online

9 AM | Wayback: I Love My Fandom, But I Hate My Show
From Escapade 2012? What happens when the series canon veers off in a direction you don’t like, but you can’t stop being in the fandom? Do you just write/vid/consume more of the stuff you’d rather see? Do you argue with others about the changes and how the show could be saved? Or do you just fade slowly from your once true love in search for another? How did your favorite show jump the shark?
Mod: TBD | Online

10 AM | Escapade Art & Charity Auction
This is your chance to take home some of the beautiful artwork you’ve been drooling over.
Online attendees, you can watch the stream, or connect with a friend if you want them to bid for you!

11 AM | Vid Review
If watching the Escapade Songvid Show isn’t enough, and you want to dig into why a vid did or didn’t work, analyze technique, and basically geek out over vids, this is the panel for you!
Mod: Rhea314, bonibaru | Online

1 PM | Problematic Creators
How do we wrestle with the J.K.Rowlings, the Joss Whedons, the ND Stevensons of 2022? Where is the line between creator and IP? How do we navigate fannishness with a source text that has a problematic creator?
Mods: Neth Smiley, Gideon Marcus | In Person

2 PM | Genderswap Me, Baby!
Are you (like me) surprised to find yourself loving your favorite characters cisswapped, trans, or non-binary? Or did you know all along that was your cup of tea? What works about it for you, or doesn’t?
Mod: Megan Kent | In Person

3 PM | Escapade Review
We had decided we were done with Escapade Review. But then we went and changed everything AGAIN. Come talk about what worked and what didn’t, and what we should carry forward into the future.
Mod: Taz | In Person

4 PM | Dead Dog Party
We don’t know what a COVID-era Dead Dog Party looks like, but by Sunday we’ll have figured it out. 
In Person

9 AM | Roswell, NM: “Welcome to the party, it’s a real bisexual alien blast around here”: Building a Safe Harbor for Many Ships
Join a panel of fans of Roswell, New Mexico to discuss the varied, overlapping, and much beloved ships: from poly V-triads to star-crossed slash, from scientists who love aliens to aliens-who-are- priests, the options — and feels — are endless (and often canon!). We also look at the ways in which fans have carved out space for smaller ships, build supportive creative communities, and thrive in spite of the usual fannish wanking. We hope to see you there!
Mods: JoCarthage, Kristina Busse, Megan A | Online

11 AM | The Witcher, Season Two
Season two of The Witcher came and went with little fanfare. What do we wish had been done differently, and what was surprisingly great? Come discuss the ups and downs of the Witcher’s path this year.
Mod: Elf | Online

1 PM | LOTR: The Tolkien Estate Hates Fans
The Tolkien Estate recently issued a FAQ detailing their opinion on fanworks: They don’t want them to exist. They demand you ask for permission to use Tolkien’s works or name in any way – including ways that are entirely covered by fair use under copyright law. While nothing has legally changed, they’re probably panicking because The Hobbit is going to be public domain in Life+50 countries in 2024. What does this mean for LotR fandom?
Mod: Elf | In Person

2 PM | Scum Villain’s Self-Saving Panel
[Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Important things must be said three times! You have been chosen to attend a Special Informational Event.] Join other fans and transmigrators to discuss the wild ride that is SVSSS! This panel will likely have SPOILERS!
Mods: Airawyn, glymr | In Person

9 AM | Closet Cosplay
Let’s talk about how to make a costume out of what you already have or can easily and cheaply pick up at a nearby store. We can brainstorm suggestions for specific characters, talk about great simple cosplay we’ve seen, and discuss the essential aspects of what makes a costume recognizable.
Mod: Mirilya | Online

1 PM | DIY: Twitter, Elon Musk, and the future of fannish social spaces online
Wildcard alternate suggestion moved into DIY track
Mod: Lola, Constance Penley | In Person

2 PM | Calibre – FanFicFare
Learn how to download fanfiction directly into Calibre, create custom columns for warnings, genres, challenges, pairings and more! If there is time I can also share how to generate your own custom covers per fandom.
Mod: Amalthia | In Person


9 AM | The Kink Panel
A celebration of all things kinky, from age differences to incest. We’ll discuss our favorites, old and new, as well as how to deal with negativity from other fans. Come and get your kink on!
Mod: glymr | In Person

1 PM | Anime: So many characters, so many ways to f*ck!
Wildcard alternate suggestion moved into DIY trac
Mod: bren/glacis | In Person

10 AM | Shipping It Polyam Style
A panel about multi-person ships and shipping with a lens of ethical non-monogamy.
Mods: DaughterofElros and Maeglinthebold | Online