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List of Panel Suggestions

Panel TitleCategoryPanel Description
She-Ra: Sapphic ParadiseFandom SpecificWith multiple well-written female characters (several of whom are overtly queer coded) there is no shortage of shipping options. Glimmer and Adora start as adversaries and become best friends. Catra and Adora have a long, intense history that means they can't just stop caring despite themselves. And that's just two of the possibilities! Come talk about your faves!
The End of the Megafandom?General/MetaUsed to be there were those juggernaut fandoms that just ate up everyone. I think Teen Wolf may have been the last one. What are your thoughts?
Venom: Mainstreaming Tentacle FuckingFandom SpecificVenom and Eddie prowling the streets, looking for bad guys to eat, first comes screams, then comes blood, next comes Venom railing Eddie; like on a cellular level, it's fucking wild and hot like burning. Bring your love for tentacles and all-consuming love & sex!
Marvel: Thorki On MainFandom SpecificThor: Ragnarok has seriously revitalized this pairing/fandom output and participation. Do you love these two brother fuckers in whatever form they come? Join us in talking about them and their complicated & compelling relationship. Tell us about your fave stories, authors, & artists!
AO3 Tips and TricksTech/WorkshopHow to make the most of your AO3 experience: user scripts, formatting tricks, etc. Come share what you know or learn something new
Media FragmentationTech/WorkshopVideo content is now spread across various streaming platforms, cable channels & other non-traditional platforms. How do you access shows that interest you? Downloads, torrents, etc?
Antis and Purity WankGeneral/MetaVoltron (Shiro/Keith), Thor (Thorki), Star Wars (everything with Kylo best I can tell) and many other fandoms/pairing fans are facing some harsh wankery from anti-fans/purity wankers who demand only pure and innocent shipping? How do we combat this?
Yay Well-Written Female Characters, but...General/MetaDoes having the stray well-written female roles on shows screw up m-slashing possibilities? How can we work around them without denigrating or erasing them: OT3, amicable break-ups, etc? We can talk about the history of working around canon het love interests too.
AO3 But For Fanart & FanvidsGeneral/MetaAO3 has been great for fic, we need safe harbors for art and vids too. Let's talk about it!
Marvel Streaming TV ShowsFandom SpecificWe're getting a Winter Soldier and Falcon tv show, a Scarlet Witch show, and a Loki show. YAY, let's talk.
How to build your Pillowfort.ioTech/WorkshopTumblr continues its descent into a trash fire (purging fannish journals), come over to Pillowfort and help create a better world.
Marvel: MCU Phase 4 - The Death of Everything We Held Dear?Fandom SpecificThis is the MCU Phase 4 rumors, confirmations, speculation, what do we want to see in phase 4 panel. Come prepared to talk Captain Marvel, Spiderman: Far from Home, Avengers: Endgame, and all that's in the next phase of the MCU. *Spoilers of course*
The Shows That Fandom ForgotGeneral/Meta...or maybe we just moved on? This is the catchall for long-running shows (shows with over 5 seasons) that are still on the air and airing new shows. Is there life in these fandoms, or is there not enough eye candy/slash/popcorn to fill a bucket?
Feels Like FanficGeneral/MetaSome movies, tv shows, & books feel like fanfic in the good way. Come share ones that fit that feel for you and discuss what makes something feel like fanfic. (Ex: To All The Boys I've Loved Before - fake dating trope done to perfection)
Art Show Gallery CrawlTech/WorkshopJoin us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art. Criticism and squee equally welcome!
3-Minute Pimp VidAlternative Programing/VideoForget telling: Show us your canon with a vid or clip! (3-5 minutes each.)
Fandom Dating GameGeneral/MetaOne lovely bachelorette. Three eligible mystery bachelors. Will you be going home with the new fandom of your dreams or a nightmare date? Fandom pimping as a hilarious spectator sport!
Wet for Helen MirrenGeneral/MetaHelen Mirren in RED, Judi Dench as M, Michelle Gomez as... well... anyone: Older female characters and why we love them. Carnally.
Fandom HappinessGeneral/MetaNeed a pick-me up? Come share the things that are making you happy in fandom right now. An oasis of 100% squee.
TumblrpocalypseGeneral/MetaTumblr's imploding. Fans are dispersing. What do we want to preserve from the Tumblr era? What are we in danger of losing in this latest transition?
M/M PublishingGeneral/MetaCome discuss the world of m/m publishing. Recs. Fics that should have had the serial numbers better filed. Tropes we'd like to see more of.
Fannish PictionaryAlternative Programing/VideoNo, we don't *just* spend the whole time drawing dicks.
Game Night – Slash and More!Alternative Programing/VideoTake a break from the dance, bring your fannish games and prepare for hilarity (we'll have some games on hand to get us going).
Fanfic Pet PeevesGeneral/MetaThe bad, the worse, and the legendarily awful!
OT3sGeneral/MetaWhat makes thee ships so compelling? Why are there so many m/m/f compared to other combinations, even m/m/m? (Or are there?) Any new fandoms we should check out?