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List of Panel Suggestions

Panel TitleCategoryPanel Description
She-Ra: Sapphic ParadiseFandom SpecificThe new cartoon on Netflix is fun, well-written and very queer. Multiple pairings are possible due to the amazing variety of women characters.
The End of the Megafandom?General/MetaUsed to be there were those juggernaut fandoms that just ate up everyone. I think Teen Wolf may have been the last one. What are your thoughts?
Venom: Mainstreaming Tentacle FuckingFandom SpecificBless this movie. Come let's discuss the amazing and wonderful, porntastic yet sweet Venom/Eddie pairing!
Thorki On MainFandom SpecificThor: Ragnarok has seriously revitalized this pairing/fandom output and participation. Do you love these to brother fuckers in whatever form they come? Join us in talking about them and their complicated & compelling relationship.
AO3 Tips and TricksTech/WorkshopHow to make the most of your AO3 experience: user scripts, formatting tricks, etc. Come share what you know or learn something new
Media FragmentationTech/WorkshopVideo content is now spread across various streaming platforms, cable channels & other non-traditional platforms. How do you access shows that interest you? Downloads, torrents, etc?
Antis and Purity WankGeneral/MetaVoltron (Shiro/Keith), Thor (Thorki), Star Wars (everything with Kylo best I can tell) and many other fandoms/pairing fans are facing some harsh wankery from anti-fans/purity wankers who demand only pure and innocent shipping? How do we combat this?
Yay Well-Written Female Characters, but...General/MetaDoes having the stray well-written female roles on shows screw up slashing possibilities? How can we work around them without denigrating or erasing them?
AO3 But For Fanart & FanvidsGeneral/MetaAO3 has been great for fic, we need safe harbors for art and vids too. Let's talk about it!
Marvel Streaming TV ShowsFandom SpecificWe're getting a Winter Soldier and Falcon tv show, a Scarlet Witch show, and a Loki show. YAY, let's talk.
How to build your Pillowfort.ioTech/WorkshopTumblr continues its descent into a trash fire (purging fannish journals), come over to Pillowfort and help create a better world.
MCU Phase 4 - The Death of Everything We Held Dear?Fandom SpecificThis is the MCU Phase 4 rumors, speculation, what do we want to see in phase 4 panel. Come prepared to talk Captain Marvel, the next Avengers movie, and all that's in the next phase of the MCU.
The Shows That Fandom ForgotGeneral/Meta...or maybe we just moved on? This is the catchall for long-running shows (shows with over 5 seasons) that are still on the air and airing new shows. Is there life in these fandoms, or is there not enough eye candy/slash/popcorn to fill a bucket?
Feels Like FanficGeneral/MetaSome movies/tv shows feel like fanfic, let's share ones that fit that feel for us and/or discuss what makes something feel like fanfic in the good way. (Ex: To All The Boys I've Loved Before - fake dating trope done to perfection)
Art Show Gallery CrawlTech/WorkshopJoin us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art. Criticism and squee equally welcome!
3-Minute Pimp VidAlternative Programing/VideoForget telling: Show us your canon with a vid or clip! (3-5 minutes each.)
Fandom Dating GameGeneral/MetaOne lovely bachelorette. Three eligible mystery bachelors. Will you be going home with the new fandom of your dreams or a nightmare date? Fandom pimping as a hilarious spectator sport!
Wet for Helen MirrenGeneral/MetaHelen Mirren in RED, Judi Dench as M, Michelle Gomez as... well... anyone: Older female characters and why we love them. Carnally.
Fandom HappinessGeneral/MetaNeed a pick-me up? Come share the things that are making you happy in fandom right now. An oasis of 100% squee.
TumblrpocalypseGeneral/MetaTumblr's imploding. Fans are dispersing. What do we want to preserve from the Tumblr era? What are we in danger of losing in this latest transition?
M/M PublishingGeneral/MetaCome discuss the world of m/m publishing. Recs. Fics that should have had the serial numbers better filed. Tropes we'd like to see more of.
Fannish PictionaryAlternative Programing/VideoNo, we don't *just* spend the whole time drawing dicks.
Slash: the Card Game/Fandom Cards Against HumanityAlternative Programing/VideoBring your fannish card games and prepare for hilarity.
Fanfic Pet PeevesGeneral/MetaThe bad, the worse, and the legendarily awful!