Panel Suggestions

Panel suggestions must be submitted by January 15, 2017 to be included on the panel ballot.

List of Panel Suggestions

Panel Title Category Panel Description
The Slash Book General/Meta Continuing on The Slash Book. What we’re doing, how it’s going. What’s next.
Clownfish harems and Barrowbirds! General/Meta When animal instinct goes beyond A/B/O. Let’s talk about fannish nesting, mating rituals, odd quirks. When Animal planet factoids influence fiction!
Thanos & the Pretty Jewels Fandom Specific Speculation on the Infinity War – who’s going to be in it, what’s at stake, and what this means for our favorite heroes.
Keep ‘Em Coming Fandom Specific More Star Wars! Galaxies of Goodness from the Disney dudes with the new trilogy and the one-shots. Explore the old and new – nostalgia for our oldies but goodies and squee for the new deliciousness. Jedi and non-Jedi, who are your favorites and where do we want to see things go next.
Evolution of Fandom General/Meta Feeling disconnected? You’re not alone. In a world where you can binge-watch a show, how do you get your fannish connections fulfilled? Let’s talk strategies for finding fic, art, and fellow fen when it feels like everyone’s around but no one is where you want them to be.
Big Popslash Reunion Tour 2017! Fandom Specific It has been more than fifteen years since NSYNC’s PopOdyssey tour (*synchronized mechanical bull choreography*, it lives on in our hearts.) Seems like a good time to take stock and revisit popslash fandom, in all of its crazy glory. Bring your tales of the bands, the fandom, and your time in it, and let’s celebrate the fandom that gave us so much pleasure, and incidentally, helped break RPS wide open for fandom at large.
Big Popslash Reunion Tour 2017! Fandom Specific It has been more than fifteen years since NSYNC’s PopOdyssey tour (*synchronized mechanical bull choreography*, it lives on in our hearts.) Seems like a good time to take stock and revisit popslash fandom, in all of its crazy glory. Bring your tales of the bands, the fandom, and your time in it, and let’s celebrate the fandom that gave us so much pleasure, and incidentally, helped break RPS wide open for fandom at large.
Representation Matters General/Meta Some media creators are finally getting the message, while others still murder their gays (and women, and people of color) every chance they get, hire cis actors to play trans people, play mental health for laughs, and worse. What should we watch? What should we avoid? How do we, as fans, change the landscape?
It’s Delight, It’s Torment, It’s RPS General/Meta RPS fandoms—unpredictable, exciting, always moving and shaking, especially in our social media driven/”everyone’s connected” online landscape. This can be the source of both their pleasures and pains—real people can melt your heart with one appearance, and then break it with one tweet. This is also the era that has brought tinhatting out of locked communities, which can impact entire fandoms. Let’s talk about those pleasures, pains, and why we keep showing up.
Fandom vs Cheeto Voldemort General/Meta In the new administration, fandom is likely to face attacks that we thought were ancient history. While fandom itself is not likely to be targeted by legal or enforcement changes (mostly because, even with all the new publicity, we’re still pretty much invisible to the mainstream), many of us will be facing increased discrimination, potential loss of essential services, and sometimes even violence. What can we do to prepare and protect ourselves, and when we have resources and spoons, how can we offer help and support to others?
Home on the Web General/Meta LJ’s Russian overlords have removed HTTPS support and are moving the server activity to Russia; some say a shutdown of US services is on the horizon. Yahoo fails to make money with Tumblr. Dreamwidth is slow, and doesn’t have media hosting. Email lists are a hassle. Imzy, a startup, places branding aesthetics over design usability. Where’s the next place for fandom, or should we reclaim one or more of the platforms from the past?
“Luke, I am your—” DON’T TELL ME General/Meta How do you avoid spoilers when you get into a new fandom, especially one with an extensive history? How do you find fic that only covers the canon you know? If you’re trying to drag friends into a fandom, how do you entice them without giving away the ending(s)? Or, do you dive into fandoms with a “don’t care, spoil the hell out of me; gimme all the fic now” attitude?
Retconning Your Fannish Tastes General/Meta Is there a fic that made you re-consider how you understood canon? A character you always hated until you read something from their PoV, or a pairing you didn’t think was plausible until you read that one story, or an AU you disliked until your favorite author wrote that setting? Are there characters or pairings you’re hoping someone will “fix” for you? Bring recs!
AO3 Tagging for Fun and Kudos Tech/Workshop General overview of AO3’s tagging rules. This is not “you must do THIS,” but “here’s how AO3 organizes tags–so you can tag your fic so it can be found.” May include mentions of some of the more hilarious tags that wranglers have seen; will definitely include detail about tags that will be categorized as “unwrangleable” and never be searchable.
NFAF: Non-fannish Films About Fandom General/Meta Recently, two different movies about fanfic have been funded on Kickstarter: “Slash” (released on iTunes) and “Fanfic: The Documentary” (expected out in October 2017). Are these just another form of mostly-external commentary on fandom, like Textual Poachers? Are they good or bad for our communities – and if they’re not good, is there anything we can do about them?
Cane-Waving Lawn Guardians General/Meta These kids today! They don’t grok how easy they have it! We had to upload erotic fic to newsgroups using! …Or maybe we had to search for webrings. Or find the Onelist with our OTP. Or search interests on Livejournal. Anyway, things were different back then! Talk about those differences; what’s better now; and how can we share the rich history of fandom without being snubbed as “elitist old-timers” (or whatever they’re calling us these days)?
You’re Totally Welcome on my Lawn, but I Wish You Wouldn’t Pee on the Grass General/Meta Fandom can be a scary place. We don’t always see eye to eye, but recent fandom culture has made some people afraid to be open and participate fully or at all. What can we do as community to stop this bullying and foster inclusiveness for old and new fans alike? (Title used with permission.)
Are Those Names Assigned? General/Meta Last year at Escapade, one of the hotel clerks asked, “Where do the names come from? Did someone assign them to you?” Let’s discuss fandom name conventions – usernames, pseuds, different names for different sites, history of anon/pseudonymity, struggle against sites that want wallet names, risks of fannish names getting tied to your legal name. If we get bored with that, we can talk about shipping mashup names.
Escapade the Website Tech/Workshop There has been a lot of changes made to the Escapade site, mainly in the backend. Do you want to take a look behind the hood? What new features would like to see? We recently add the Voodoo Message board. What can be done better?
Quite logical: 50 years of pon farr Fandom Specific This year is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Amok Time, the delicious gift to fandom that gave us pon farr, awkward conversations about biology, and Kirk and Spock rolling around in glittery sand. Let’s celebrate half a century of K/S with a discussion of the past, present and future of the fandom.
Black Jewish Superman General/Meta Racebending panel – what actors of color would you like to see play your favorite characters? Which character stories would be changed, and in what ways, if they weren’t white? Is there anything we as fans can do to get more non-white characters in mainstream media? Will Hamilton’s success have any effect on tv/movie casting? (Title taken from an awesome tumblr thread.)
Out of the Loop General/Meta Your fandom(s) of choice ended… and then the showrunners started it up again, but you haven’t kept up with canon. How do you get back into it? Do you even want to, or do you just want to find the people who love the content you fell in love with? Are there common differences between “original” fans and “reboot” fans in different fandoms? This panel welcomes both original and reboot fans of any fandom.
My Fave Is Problematic General/Meta Sometimes your favorite actor turns out to be a creepy abuser. Sometimes the sports team whose fics you love, turns out to be full of rape apologists. Sometimes the producer of your favorite shows turns out to be a sexist, homophobic jerk. How do you cope with a fandom you still love that was created by people you now kinda hate?
No Ecto-Penis Fandom Specific Undertale fandom has it all: OTP brothers, a popular femslash pair, universe-hopping AU settings, canonical universe-reset shenanigans, a protagonist of uncertain gender, and a whole lot of smut—of so many kinds that AO3 has a “no ecto-penis” tag for those who ship the Skelebros without magic glowing genitalia. If you’re in the fandom, come squee! If not, come see why this indie video game has so many fans who are filled with determination!
Capes and Cowls (Pixie boots optional) Fandom Specific What makes a good superhero fandom? Avengers fandom exploded; Smallville and Dark Knight were huge – many other superhero fandoms fade into the background. What do we like to see in super fandoms (and what media do we like them in), what keeps us watching, what inspires lots of fic? What makes us say “meh” and walk away from a setting we wanted to love?