Panel Suggestions

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List of Panel Suggestions

Panel Title Category Panel Description
McCoy: Star Trek's Man of Mystery Fandom Specific Who is Leonard McCoy? TOS and Reboot McCoy is a man of mystery with a shadowy past. We know he was divorced, but what else? Does he hail from Georgia or Kentucky? Does he have a daughter Joanna, or not? With the spotlight on Kirk and Spock as the oldest OTP, how does McCoy fit in? K/S/Mc? S/Mc? K/Mc? Come and speculate with us!
Prudery and License from Ancient Times through the Internet Age General/Meta From preserved wall murals at Pompeii depicting various sexual acts and painted ancient Greek vessels depicting homosexual couplings to modern slash fiction and slash art, depictions of sexuality have existed throughout history. Just as pervasive have been efforts to restrict this art to brothels, males only clubs, and other non public venues. Why is it both so persistent and so consistently forced underground? What are the forces which push back against sexual expression today?
Anonymity in Slash Fandom: Choosing to Hide General/Meta Why do the majority of slash fans hide their hobby? Is it fear of blackmail? Embarrassment? Fear of losing employment? How does this affect your happiness? How does this affect your security? What would an ideal world look like? Who would/have you told about your interest in slash? Who would you never, ever, tell?
Penis Humor: Why Are External Genitalia Funny? General/Meta Are the dangly boy bits funny because they swing in the breeze? Because they're so exposed? Because women just don't have them? What is it about the rise and fall of penile tumescence that provokes so much hilarity? Derided as resembling turkey necks, caressed, explored, stimulated, used frequently as sex-o-meters to indicate a character's degree of arousal, what is so compelling about them? And why do we keep laughing?
Spock: the Hyper-Masculine Stereotype, or Is He More Than Just More? Fandom Specific Spock is hot. What makes Spock hot? Super Vulcan strength? Super Vulcan brains? Super Vulcan competence? Uncontrollable Vulcan sex drive (Pon Farr)? Aloof, detached, analytical Vulcan logic? Physical characteristics (expressive eyebrows)? Alien genitalia? Great fight scenes? Nerve pinching? Come share your take on Spock the Super Hottie, his best side is...
K/S: Grand-Daddy of Slash--Time to Retire or Time to Reboot & Refresh? Fandom Specific Star Trek K/S is the first slash pairing, and broke the taboos for the slash that came after. From the hushed, closeted circulation of K/S stories shared surreptitiously among friends to today's enormous AO3 slash fandoms in its many glorious permutations of IDIC, how have these 50ish years treated K/S? Is K/S over, or have the new Star Trek Reboot movies given K/S new life?
Star Trek Reboot: Move Over, K/S, It's Time for K/Mc and S/Mc Now Fandom Specific Despite the love Spock Prime has for Reboot Kirk, nu!Spock doesn't love nu!Kirk the same way. Have ST Reboot movies shifted away from traditional TOS K/S and over to K/Mc and S/Mc? Academy K/Mc fic abounds, while post-ST:Beyond, McCoy and Spock share a deep emotional bond. Does this leave Kirk out in the cold? Or does it open the door to OT3? Where are the boys going?
Sherlock BBC v Holmes ACD: are the fanboys out of control, or is it just modern AU? Fandom Specific Why is Arthur Conan Doyle's creation Sherlock Holmes so persistently popular, and why is Sherlock BBC such a megahit? Is ACD's Holmes & Watson universe particularly susceptible to alternate universe interpretations? Would you agree that every Holmes remake is an AU of ACD's original? Do you think that Sherlock BBC is better than the original? Why does the ACD canon show Sherlock retiring alone? Come talk canon and fanon with us!
Watson: is He As Dumb As He Looks? Fandom Specific In ACD canon, Watson is Holmes' foil, standing in for the ignorant reader. In BBC Sherlock, Watson is Sherlock's admirer, amazed at his feats of intellect. But Watson is an educated medical man; why does he hide his abilities? Claiming conventionality while he chases after Sherlock in his vigilante role, Watson's actions speak louder than his words. Who is John Watson, and why does he act the dumb blond?
How to Tumblr Tech/Workshop Like it or not (often, mostly not), tumblr is where fandom is most active right now. How do you find anything? How do you have conversations? How do you archive the bits you like best? The good news: the answers are not, "you don't; you don't; you don't." Bad news: Those aren't actually good questions for being fannish on tumblr.
Future of Publishing General/Meta Is paper publishing doomed? What changes is it going through, and what's likely still to come? Digital publishing has changed the industry for novels, academic books, periodicals, and, of course, zines. Let's talk about what those changes mean and how those affect fandom culture.
The Math of Slash General/Meta If a show has 9 male characters and 3 female characters, and we're gonna ship everyone, that gives us: 3 F/F relationships, 27 F/M relationships, and 36 M/M relationships. And that's before we get into who had actual screen time together and comparing line counts. Let's talk about how gender balance on a show influences what kinds of fics get written.
Sense8: Clusterf*ck Means Something Else Here Fandom Specific Sense8's finale is coming up: What do you want to see happen? What have you loved; what loopholes have you spotted? Share headcanons and questions - does every cluster have 8? There are twins in a cluster in canon; how does that mesh with "draw their first breath at the same moment?"
Ruining Your Childhood General/Meta Sometimes you reread a childhood favorite and discover it's horribly sexist. Or you watch a movie you used to love, and realize it's packed full of offensive tropes. Which works have been ruined for you, and what are you avoiding rewatching/re-reading because of understanding you didn't have back then? Are there aspects that you love and you are disappointed that you can't share them now?
Star Trek: Spock/McCoy, Blue on Blue Action Fandom Specific We love our Star Trek men of science, but is bickering like an old married couple really what they do? What's the subtext between Spock and McCoy in TOS and in Reboot? Is it pigtail pulling or is it opposites attract? How much is affinity and how much is it propinquity/nonfrat rules? Bring your Star Trek love and geek out on the many ways Spock and McCoy connect!
Pacific Rim: Canceling the Apocalypse Again Fandom Specific We got a sequel, yay! What do we know so far and do we care for the new generation to take over where our heroes left off? Where's Raleigh? Who's Jake to Nate, and are they slashable? Come bring your questions and speculation!
The Thor & Loki Show Fandom Specific Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok - Thor & Loki's relationship is different than what we've shown before - or was it really? Speculation on where this goes from here - and what it's based on - welcome.
NCIS: 16 Years of Drama Fandom Specific NCIS has been on the air for a lifetime. Let's talk about its found family dynamics, the evolution of the show, and what makes their integration of new characters while retaining callbacks to the old so awesome.
Versailles: Historical Drama or Slash Nirvana? Fandom Specific Do these blokes take their clothes off all the time? Is it never cold in Versailles? Sure, there's intrigue and murder and poisonings and betrayals but really, who cares? Two adorable men cavorting together is the best fun! And then there's the hair...
The Dresden Files: Not-So-Empty Nights Fandom Specific There's no question that the Dresden Files books have a strong heteronormative slant. At the same time, how many times does Harry describe in loving detail Sanya's broad chest, Michael's strong jaw, Nathan's muscles, and Gentleman Johnny Marcone's money-green eyes? Who is your favorite to pair with Harry Dresden, Wizard P.I., trouble magnet, and unreliable narrator extraordinaire?
Black Sails: Where History Meets Fiction Fandom Specific Black Sails is, by its creators' own admission, fanfiction for Treasure Island. Come discuss how real life pirates, Treasure Island characters, and new characters all intersected to make this amazing show.
Black Sails: All the love stories Fandom Specific There are so many relationships on this show, some doomed, some surprisingly not. Come discuss the many relationships, and what might still happen after the show.
Vikings: Life and death Fandom Specific How do we feel about the end of Ragnar's story, and how does it play into the concepts of religion and death within the framework of the show?
Queer Characters and Where To Find Them General/Meta It used to be we had to squint to see any kind of queer romance or characters on television. These days, they are showing up more and more as central to shows and storylines. Come discuss everything from Sens8 to Black Sails to Shadowhunters to The Exorcist.
due South: Do Slash Fandom Specific Fraser/RayV? Fraser/RayK? Ray/Ray? Fraser/Ray/Ray? Red ships, green ships, other dS ships? Let's show the love for any of them! Share fanworks recs! Reminisce about how we first found dS slash! Discuss dS slash zines (plus some announcements about NEW dS slash zines).