Profile Update Reminder, Dance Party Vid Recs, and Membership Options

Profile Update

If you haven’t done it (or didn’t do it when you registered), go to and update your profile! Start by logging in, then go to “My Account” where you can make a variety of choices (direct email notifications, “no photos” badge, check out the new Online Voodoo Message Board, etc, etc).


Dance Party

Friday, join us for Opening Night, Escapade’s dance party where we’ll boogie to great dance vids and revisit fandoms new and old. Just vidded Hamilton? What about classic Star Trek? Classic Trek to a song from Hamilton? Do you have old MFU vids on DVD that you’d like to send us, or have you just spotted a great MFU movie vid on Youtube? Let us know!

We’ll be selecting the show for diversity of fandoms, diversity of vidders, and good musical flow. We welcome vids of any era, including old VCR vids (provided we can find a high enough quality digital file). We’d love to include more vidders outside of Escapade/Vividcon/Festivids circles whose work the Escapade audience might be missing out on. Let us know about your old favorites and undiscovered gems or just the fandoms you’d love to see included and the songs you’d love to dance to.

We’re looking for already-released vids that are infectiously booty-shaking with big, beautiful, high-quality files suitable for playing through a projector. (If you’ve got a new vid in progress, the Saturday night vidshow welcomes your premieres.)

Don’t be shy: rec us something!

Send recs to:


Membership Options: Escapade Your Way

Historically at Escapade we have encouraged attendees to come for the full weekend (aka the Escapade experience). We understand that for some, this won’t work. Therefore, we’ve developed alternative membership options:

One Day Membership. Available Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Check the programming schedule when considering which one-day membership to choose so you don’t miss whatever is most important to you. Cost: $85

Plus One. Bring a date to Escapade’s social functions. This option is available to attending members only. Use your “Plus 1” ticket to bring a spouse, partner, or friend to the social functions of Escapade. Includes Friday night party, Saturday night vid show, Sunday art auction, and access to the dealer room. Cost: $50

Non-Attending Membership. Available to people who can’t attend, but still want to be part of the Escapade experience. Includes a reg packet (program book, schedule, badge, any freebies we end up offering to attending members), access to panel voting and online voodoo message board (new in 2017), and our undying gratitude. Cost: $35

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