Raffle, Swap Table and Scholarship Fund

Escapade Raffle, Swap Table and Scholarship Fund


We love getting donations for the raffle!  What do we want, you ask? Anything new or nearly new that a fellow fan would love: DVD sets, tech stuff, custom fannish items, m/m books–use your imagination!

When do we want the donations?  Preferably as early during the convention as you can bring them to us: the more people who see them, the more tickets will be sold.

Not sure if what you want to bring is appropriate?  Email us and ask: info@escapadecon.net

All revenue from the raffle supports our Escapade 2022 charity.

Swap Table

Fannish Slash Swap Meet, or I used to love it, now it’s your turn!

How does it work?  You bring something and leave it, you take something away.  If you don’t have something to leave, but see something you love, you can leave a contribution in the donation jar, and proceeds will also go to this year’s charity.  Yes, it’s just that easy!

What to bring for the Slash Swap Table: Fannish items that you have too many of or have no further need for.  Bring them and let another fan give them a good home.  Attendees (your fellow fans) love things like genre magazines, old fanzines, action figures, used but still good DVD sets, etc, etc…

What not to bring: VHS tapes — we can’t recycle them, either. We sympathize with not wanting to throw them out, but that’s what will happen to them, and we’d rather you did it at your house.

Het (m/f) romance.  We get an overabundance, and can’t store it so we’re trying to rebalance the swap meet back toward the slash side of things.

Scholarship Fund and Scholarship Nominations

The Escapade Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the memory of two wonderful women who have been such a part of Escapade in the past, and who will remain part of Escapade through the scholarship program. The Sandy Herrold Memorial Escapade Scholarship will continue to support one or more vidders who have never attended Escapade. We hope to subsidize at least two attendees this year, and with your donations we will. The Stacy Doyle Memorial Escapade Scholarship will support a second attendee and/or subsidize other potential scholarship recipients.

Additionally, in 2017 a new scholarship was endowed through the efforts of one of our mistresses of technology, Evelyn D. The scholarship is need-based and applications are open to anyone identifying as non-binary or transgender.

The Escapade Scholarship Fund is one of the ways that we as individuals and Escapade as a con support those in our fannish community who would otherwise be unable to attend for financial reasons.  We gather your donations and use them to help a fellow fan who may never have attended Escapade, or an old friend in the midst of unforeseen difficulties.  100% of your contributions go directly to recipient expenses like airfare, hotel, and food, if needed.  In return for our help, the scholarship recipients give volunteer hours and help moderate panels.

The Escapade Scholarship works because it’s like the rest of Escapade: you make it work. Your contributions have supported many attendees over the years, from maintainers of fannish archives, lists, and communities to fanfic writers and vidders. Scholarships introduce new fans to Escapade, and bring back long-time attendees who may have fallen on hard times.

In the same way you create the scholarship fund through donations, you create the scholarship recipients through nominating people. Check the registration list at the website, and consider who isn’t on it. Are they skipping due to unforeseen financial stresses? Or do you know a fan who has never been to Escapade but who you know might love it? Go to the Escapade website and share a little about the scholarship nominee. We will do the rest and announce scholarship recipients at the con.

To apply or nominate a fellow fan for the Evelyn D. Scholarship, email EscapadeEvelynScholarship@gmail.com with the name and preferred pronouns of the potential recipient, the best way to contact them, an introduction, and one thing Escapade or slash fandom in general could do to improve visibility or awareness of gender non-conforming issues. The ideas will be shared with the fan community so be sure to let us know if you do not wish to be credited.

Please donate to the scholarship fund!  You can contribute by PayPal. Any amount you can give helps tremendously. It helps attendees who couldn’t otherwise make it, it helps programming, and it helps the Escapade community as a whole.

Detailed information on the Escapade scholarship program, nomination process, and donations can be found here:

Please limit applications and nominations to those who would otherwise be unable to attend for financial reasons.

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