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Have you been meaning to register for Escapade 2018, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?  Do you have a friend who has been thinking about attending, but hasn’t quite made up their mind?  There are still attending memberships available!  Don’t forget, membership caps out at 150, so registering early is never a bad idea.  We also have single-day membership options available if you have commitments that prevent you from attending the entire con, or have a friend who wants to drop in and say hi but can’t make the whole weekend.  Check out the options and register here:

Register for Escapade



If you are already planning to attend Escapade, have you booked your hotel room yet?  Remember, the con rate is only guaranteed until February 1, and it may sell out early, so don’t delay!

For info about  the hotel and a link to make a reservation, go here:


This page also has more information about the hotel:

Book your Escapade hotel room now!



Do you know someone who wants to attend Escapade 2018, or who you wish you could invite, but you know they can’t swing it financially?  Consider nominating them for one of the Escapade scholarships!

Escapade offers three scholarships:  1) the Stacy Doyle Memorial Scholarship for anyone who would not be able to attend Escapade without financial assistance,  2) the Sandy Herrold Memorial Escapade Scholarship for vidders who need assistance to be able to attend, and 3) the Escapade Evelyn Scholarship for anyone identifying as non-binary or transgender who needs assistance to be able to attend.

For more info and to complete the submission form to nominate someone, go here and click on the tab to Nominate Recipients at the bottom of the page:

Escapade Scholarship

This post also has info about the scholarships:

The Escapade Scholarship Fund and Scholarship Nominations


The scholarship fund also needs your contributions!  Donating to the fund and helping to bring fellow fans to Escapade who would otherwise be unable to attend is a great way to contribute to the Escapade community. We really appreciate your support!

To donate, visit the same link as above for nominations and find the donation link at the bottom of the page:

Escapade Scholarship

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