Rides and Roommates!

Do you have a room for two (or three) but no roommate(s)?

Are you looking for someone with space in their room for one more?

Are you driving in and hoping to find a passenger to share gas expense,or looking for a ride to the con?

We won’t do your match making for you, but if you post about your need in the comments to this post on the Escapade Website, the odds are good you’ll find a match.

We’d like to try to centralize requests in this location, so nobody’s offer or request gets missed.  If you’re reading this post on social media or through email, you can access the post via the News page on the Escapade website, log in, and leave comments to connect with other Escapade members for rides and roommates!

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  1. I’m also looking for a bed–just registered today! Female non-smoker, need a non-smoking room.

    • Are you still looking? I left things late, and am looking for a roommate.

      I will be there from Thursday to Sunday. I use a CPAP, which makes a slight hissing noise, but keeps me from snoring.

      Feel free to e-mail me at janlevine@zoho.com.

    • Trying this once more now that I’m logged in. (Apologies if you see it twice; the first time seems to have disappeared without posting.)

      I’m looking for a roomshare, Thursday to Sunday. I use a CPAP, which means there’s a gentle hissing sound but it keeps me from snoring.

      If you’re interested, please contact me ASAP at janlevine@zoho.com.


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