Below we have provided links to the schedule by time zone. Let us know if you spot any errors! On Thursday 2/18 we will link PDFs suitable for printing. There are many hours marked “Available: DIY.” You can use these slots to bring back a panel that didn’t make the cut, or add something completely new.

If you sign up for one of the available slots (using the form below) by Wednesday 6 PM PST (2/17) your event will be included in the PDF schedule and program book. Afterward, you can still sign up, but it will only be on the google spreadsheet schedule.

NOTE: we’ve made some changes to the individual schedule pages with helpful input from Sue who lives on the other side of the globe. If you spot any more issues, let us know so we can fix them. If you want to confirm details for your location, we recommend

Please include your preferred time slot you would like (either convert to PST, or tell us your time zone). You must pick “Absolutely want to” for your panel to be added to the schedule.

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