Signal Boost: RevelCon Working for Houston!

RevelCon is raising money to help Harvey victims. If you can donate, please do. Whether you can donate or not, please share this in your communities and conversations.

#TeamRevelCon Working for Houston!

There are a lot of really great organizations on the ground responding to Hurricane Harvey. So, why has RevelCon chosen Convoy of Hope?  Last year after the Tax Day Flood one of our committee members found herself in the unfortunate position of needing their help.

While it is great to have someone drop off water and cleaning supplies, answering a knock on the door and having 30 people swarm in to clean out your house is overwhelming.  They accomplished in 2 hours what would have taken days.

Convoy of Hope had supplies ready to go before the storm hit.  The food, water and cleaning supplies they hand out in the immediate aftermath of the storm is a wonderful service.  But the organization will be on the ground here in Houston for weeks as they help people clear out their homes, remove wet drywall and tear out wet carpeting.  Your donation will help pay for materials and support the volunteers on the ground.

Convoy of Hope has a four star 96.4% rating with Charity Navigator.  You can be sure that your donation will be responsibly used to support people impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Can you help spread the word?  If you are on any fan mailing lists or Facebook groups could you share this page?


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