Tech Volunteers Needed!

If you are new to Escapade, volunteering at the con is a great way to meet people.  If you are a repeat attendee, we know that new fans really appreciate having someone to help guide them to the best the con has to offer.

Also, in appreciation of the volunteers who are so vital to the con, if you volunteer for five or more hours you will be automatically registered for next year’s convention, and receive a $10 credit!

WE STILL NEED TECH VOLUNTEERS!  This may sound complicated, but it’s really not.  What it means is attending a panel you wanted to go to anyway, and helping the moderator by keeping track of the Zoom chat box to catch any interesting comments or questions, to help with any minor tech issues people might have and watching out for trolls.  This could be fun, right?  So send an email to and we’ll set you up!

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