Test Drive Follow-Up

Thanks for everyone who came to the Test Drive on Saturday, and thanks especially to the knowledgeable folks who stepped in to answer questions that were beyond our skill sets. It was also just really nice to see people’s faces.

If you missed the Test Drive, we’re going to offer a last-minute tech check on Thursday between 6 & 7 PM PST. Go to escapadecon.net, log in to the site, and then click the “Zoom Links” button on the home page to see the invitation link. If you have trouble, you can always email us at info@escapadecon.net.

Here is an overview of the logistical details we covered in the Test Drive:

  • For best results, install the Zoom app on your computer, tablet, or phone. The web interface works, but there are many cool features that are not available. Likewise for Discord.
  • Upgrade your Zoom app to the latest version.
  • If possible, wear headphones to participate. Wired headphones work best.
  • There will be a separate Zoom channel for each track of programming that will be left open all day long. Attendees will be able to move in and out of panels at will.
  • There will be a Consuite channel for socializing, with breakout rooms for smaller conversations.
  • There will be one track of programming on Friday, including vid show, then five tracks of programming on Saturday. There will only be a couple of scheduled events on Sunday. There is space to sign up for DIY slots.
  • We have set up a Discord server that is specific to Escapade 31 (separate from the ongoing Escapade server). It will be closed down about a week after the convention, and serve to “archive” those conversations. Here is the invite to the Escapade 31 server: https://discord.gg/9DjXhz3c6N
  • The vid show will be hosted on vimeo. It will be live-streaming Friday from 6-8 PM PST, then available for re-watch at your convenience throughout the weekend. We recommend watching through Chrome if possible. Check out our vid show here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8053612
  • Here are some good “Zoom for newbies” guides (OK, they’re really Zoom for old folks, but they’re clearly written, and provide basic info).
  • We are finishing our intro to Zoom training vids, and will send out links in the next day or so.
  • If you’re not already familiar with Discord, you should consider attending the Intro to Discord panel at 1 PM on Friday.

Watch your inbox for links to the programming details and the schedule (with info for all time zones). That’s where you’ll have the chance to sign up for DIY slots.

We’re looking forward to seeing you really soon!

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