How can I keep expenses down and still have fun at Escapade?
Good question! There are several pieces to attending Escapade, and each one comes with its own costs. First, register early for Escapade to get the discounted fee. If you missed the early reg cut-off, find a friend to bring (or if you’ve never been, or it’s been a long time, be a brought friend) and the “bring a friend” deal can also save you money. Next expense is travel. If you fly in, watch all the bargain flight websites and book well in advance. Use frequent flyer miles or credit card points if you have them. If you drive, see if you can find passengers to help with gas costs, or find someone else you can hitch a ride with to share their expenses. We work to get the best rate we can for attendees at the host hotel, but we know it’s still an expense. To keep hotel costs down, advertise for a room-mate on the Escapade email lists or LJ/DW communities.
What kinds of panels do you have at Escapade?
Escapade panels are usually more like moderated roundtable discussions, where everyone in the room is presumed to be a potential conversation participant. One or two people “moderate” each panel, which basically means some combination of offering some questions to get the conversation started, keeping order in the room and ensuring that nobody monopolizes the conversation, and occasionally holding forth with finely-crafted monologues and/or squee.
Who suggests the panels?
Our members/attendees provide the overwhelming majority of panel topics. We add a spattering of suggestions based on past cons, and two hours are reserved for topics decided on in the “Welcome to Escapade” panel on Friday morning of the con. We will post an official call for panel suggestions in November, but if there are topics or ideas floating around that you think would make an interesting Escapade conversation, feel free to submit them on the Panels page.