Escapade Vidshow DVDs for Sale

Each DVD costs $12. Single DVD orders will be sent by first class or air mail letter. Multiple DVD orders may be sent by Priority Mail. DVDS are shipped in a plastic, folding case, like a rental movie. For simplicity, we’ve rolled the cost of postage and mailers into the DVD price for the USA and Canada. For overseas orders, we now offer two different Additional Overseas Postage options: $3US for each DVD via first class mail, or $10US per DVD for Overseas Priority.

Note: Earlier DVDs are SOLD OUT and we don’t plan to reprint them.

We here at Escapade-central are not the world’s fastest order fillers (or email responders). Our intentions are good, and sometimes our actions don’t measure up. If you haven’t heard from us within a reasonable amount of time (2-3 weeks) about your DVD order. Feel free to drop us a gentle nudge.