Volunteer at the Con

After all these years, we’d like to claim that Escapade runs like a well-oiled machine. But the truth is that the convention wouldn’t run at all without the dedicated effort of dozens of fans. Volunteering at Escapade is a way to meet people, to have a lot of fun, and to make the convention your own. In return for their efforts, everyone who contributes five or more volunteer hours will be automatically registered for next year’s convention, and receive a $10 credit. There’s a space on the registration page to indicate that you’d like to volunteer, or you can directly contact the department heads below to offer your services.

Here are some of the jobs to be filled

The consuite is the crossroads of Escapade. Keeping 150 fans entertained, fed and watered is a never-ending task. But it’s never thankless. Misti and her crew dice veggies, make endless cucumber sandwiches, and serve as the hostesses of the whole convention. This post may also include party prep and cleaning up, organizing the Zine Library, and running errands. Working in the con suite is one of the best ways to meet and hang out with other fans.

This administrative post is also a great way to meet folks, just as they arrive. Check them in, welcome them to the convention, and give them their all-important convention goodies.

The Art Show crew at Escapade really does run like a well-oiled machine. These folks are responsible for the safety and attractive organization of some lovely artwork. They also track everyone’s bids, and run a kick-ass auction on Sunday morning. Think you have what it takes? Shoot an email to art show coordinator.

Email Misti to join in the fun!