Volunteers Always Needed!

We still need volunteers!

Volunteers Still/Always Needed!

If you are new to Escapade, volunteering at the con is a great way to meet people.  If you are a repeat attendee, we know that new fans really appreciate having someone to help guide them to the best the con has to offer.

We have several sorts of volunteers that we need, both for Escapade In Person and Escapade Online

For Escapade In Person:

Some of the options for volunteering at the con include helping in the con suite, working at registration, or helping with the art show and/or auction.

Also, in appreciation of all the volunteers who are so vital to the con, if you volunteer for five or more hours you will be automatically registered for next year’s convention, and receive a $10 credit!

Send an email to volunteer@escapadecon.net to volunteer or ask a question and we’ll set you up!

For Escapade Online:

We need two types of volunteers: tech mods and help desk mods.

Tech mods attend panels and help the panel moderators with crowd control and technical assistance as necessary.

Help desk mod is a new position. Help desk mods staff the Escapade Discord help desk and answer questions and provide assistance during their time slot.

Both of these positions will have back-up in the event the mods themselves need a little help.

Not sure if you know enough to volunteer for either position? We’ll be doing technical training on Feb 11 and 12 for anyone who wants to review Zoom or Discord.

Email us at info@escapadecon.net if you’re interested in being a tech mod or if you’d like more information about the work involved.

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