These are the panels from 10 years ago (Escapade 22, in 2012), from which we’re choosing our “Wayback” panel. We’ve removed topics that are startlingly close to ones on the schedule this year. We also cut the fandom panels, just to make things a little easier.

Comedies in fandom: Unfairly ignored?
Why are comedies so ignored in fandom in favor of dramas? There are a lot of great comedies out there doing unique and fun things like Parks & Recreation, New Girl, Community, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, but fandom doesn’t seem to care. Why? Explore this while discussing what your favorite comedies have been up to this season or in the past.

Consuming our shows – small meals, group feasts, or binge sessions? 
Do you watch your favorite show in a group setting? Does the group mind and subsequent immediate squee, er, discussion help you understand or enjoy your show better? Do you prefer to watch your shows in groups of eps rather than one a week? Or do you wait for the DVD set in order to mainline it? Let’s discuss how your viewing habits can effect your fandom enjoyment.

Don’t Call It a Bromance (It’s Just Canon) 
TPTB are increasingly aware of slash, and bromance is regular fare on TV canon these days. Does overt bromance make the fic and art hotter or just vanilla? Is there an anti-slash backlash in our shows? Is the emphasis on men’s relationships making women disappear? Inquiring minds want to know. If you have answers, theories, or just want to squee, join in the fun!

Femslash Fandom Faire
It’s a story / With some lovely ladies / Which needs the love of some fannish ladies to be all it can be. Come tell us why your favorite show, book, or movie is the next Wicked, Grey’s, or Rizzoli & Isles. (Pictures, links, bribes welcome.)

Future Proof Your E-Book Collection 
Worried that your ebooks might become the next betamax tapes? Learn how to future-proof your Kindle, Nook and Adobe Digital Editions books with a PC and some simple, free tools. Mac discussion welcome, if a Mac person wants to share her tricks.

Getting From Brain Freeze to Hot Product 
How do you develop new stories or art? What sorts of sources inspire you? Do new ideas sprout like spring grass or do you struggle to get the first word planted? Share your techniques, thoughts, or questions about moving from vague concept to a story or picture that excites you enough to work on it.

I Love My Fandom, But I Hate My Show
What happens when the series canon veers off in a direction you don’t like, but you can’t stop being in the fandom? Do you just write/vid/consume more of the stuff you’d rather see? Do you argue with others about the changes and how the show could be saved? Or do you just fade slowly from your once true love in search for another? How did your favorite show jump the shark?

Invasion of the Outlanders: Garrow’s Law, The Fades, Bedlam, The Fixer, Wild Boys
There have been lots of fantastic new shows premiering overseas that American audiences haven’t discovered yet. From the 18th century annals of the Old Bailey to Australia’s version of Butch and Sundance, there’s a lot of amazing TV to catch up on. Here’s a taste of what you’re missing if you’re only looking for Doctor Who torrents.

My Heroes Have Always Been Short-Order Cooks: When AUs run amok 
Or: Some of us LIKE canon! How to write an AU without simply writing original fic about people who vaguely look like the characters you name them.

My Heros Have Always Been Anti-Heros 
The Shield, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, maybe even Justified; we don’t want our crooks, killers and terrorists caught. They stand morality and ethics on their ears, yet we hope they get away with their crimes. What makes bad guys so very good to watch? Will any anti-hero do? Or are there certain traits that are non-negotiable to make them ‘likeable’?

Natural Woman
We’ve lamented the lack of strong, believable female characters (who dress appropriately). But now we have them: Gemma Teller and Audrey Parker; Salt and Haywire; we’ve got Bechdel-passing women who look like they can throw a punch. Still, most of them are in the sci-fi or action genre, so are we really seeing progress? And what are we doing with them, as fans?

New Media, New Forms: Everyone Is A Curator
All kinds of fanworks are more accessible than ever before. Online tech has spawned new forms–fanmixes, picspams, podfic–as well as making vids and graphic arts widely shareable. Yet fandom still tends to be defined as all about the fanfiction. How have non-written works enlarged your fannish experience?
What’s in your fannish gallery?

Orgy of Manpain 
Call the waaaambulance and bring the wangst! We all know that “breaking the cutie” is a key component of a hero’s character development. But when it all goes from the sublime (“mangst”) to the ridiculous (“deus angst machina”)? Bring a box of kleenex, because this panel aims to have you crying — with laughter.

Pro m/m vs fanfiction
Is a natural extension of writing fanfiction filing off the serial numbers and submitting to publishers? As the m/m genre becomes more popular and widely read, is that enough? There are some terrific pro authors who write stories we like, whether that’s because they’re coming from media fandom or just like their fic queer or kinky. Bring lists of books, authors, and publishers to share, and make sure you have a pen, tablet, phone, or laptop to take notes.

Remakes, reboots & sequels
Some are great (BSG, Dr. Who, ST), some are downright awful (S&H, Charlie’s Angels, V), and some on the horizon are too scary to consider (21 Jump Street, Wiseguy). What makes remakes work. What shows would you like to see remade? What should never be touched?

Running a fandom thing-a-thon for porn and egoboo
Tips, tricks, and warnings regarding the noble and inglorious herding of cats, I mean, fans, to produce the fic, art, icons, and other fanwork nearest and dearest to your heart.

The State of Vidding Fandom 
Ten years of VividCon and roughly the same years vids have been distributed online, let’s talk about the state of vidding and the community of vidders. Is there one? Where is it? How do vidders fit in with fandom at large? What are the different options for watching/releasing vids, and how do they stack up for vidders and viewers? If you love vids, joinu us–whether you vid or not.

Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinboard, Oh My (and GetGlue, too!) 
In the past year, the ongoing fannish diaspora has picked up speed, as more fannish activity has moved away from LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, and onto sites like Tumblr and Twitter. And then there was the Delicious implosion. Now there’s GetGlue, a social network specifically for entertainment. Let’s talk about navigating these sites–their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them.

Vidwatching 101 
Vids have their own language and their own framework for discussion. It can be tough to translate vids into words, but if we have the same language, vid discussion can be wonderfully rewarding for both vidder and viewer. This panel is a primer to get us all on the same page.