Escapade 34

IN PERSON in Los Angeles, California

March 15-17, 2024

What is EscapadeCon?

EscapadeCon is a weekend-long convention attended and run by fans of all fandoms and flavors. You suggest the panels and content; we make it happen. We have a vidshow, dance party, meet ups, panels, and more! We’re here to hang out, talk, pimp our favorite sources/parings/groups, talk, watch stuff together, talk, share fanworks, talk, watch vids, talk… You get the picture. :)

Whether in person or online, at Escapade fandom is personal. Want some background? See our history page with links to articles, past program books, and schedules, or check out what people have to say at

Escapade 34 (March 15-17, 2024) will take place in person at Embassy Suites LAX North. Programming will run from 11 AM Friday through 3 PM Sunday, followed by the Dead Dog Party.

What is Escapade Online?

Online Escapade is where we bring the fun of Escapade to you! All the same great Escapade content, panels, vids, recs, meet ups, friends, fandom talk, etc, delivered right to you online. (Please note: the 2023 Escapade Online convention has already taken place.)

Registering for Online Escapade gives you access to panels on Zoom, to our vid show on Vimeo, to our con Discord, and to our main Discord where social events and hang outs happen all year round.

Just like in-person Escapade, panels are suggested by attendees and voted on by attendees. The panels with the top votes make it on the schedule. If you don’t want to moderate a suggested panel, we will find a panel mod to run it for you.

The only accounts that you need to attend Online Escapade are an account on our website, a Discord account, and a Zoom account. No Vimeo account is needed to access the vidshow. Links are posted on the Escapade website and emailed to registered attendees on the week of the con.

Just like in-person Escapade, we have scholarships available to people who want to attend the con but otherwise would not be able to afford to do so. Please check out our scholarship information.


ESCAPADE 34: March 15-17, 2024
in-person convention in Los Angeles, CA
Early-bird registration price: $120
Registration price after Nov 15 2023: $140

Click here to register for Escapade 34!

Registration includes:
3 tracks of programming.
Friday night dance party & Saturday night vid show.
Art show & auction.
Consuite, fan fair, swap meet, and more!
Access to any online programming and the Escapade 34 Discord server.
Note: Escapade maintains a scholarship fund. Feel free to nominate someone (including yourself!) for as much help as is needed to attend the convention.

Key Dates for Escapade 34

NOWRegistration is open! Early-bird registration price is $120 for the full weekend.
Nov 15 2023Full-weekend registration price increases to $140.
Jan 12 2024Panel submissions close.
Jan 19 2024Panel ballot open for voting; write-in suggestions welcome.
Feb 09 2024Panel ballot and write-in suggestions closed.
Feb 16 2024Panel cut posted. (This is the list of panels that will be scheduled.)
Feb 23 2024Draft schedule circulated to panel mods for confirmation.
Mar 01 2024Vid submission deadline.
Mar 08 2024Escapade 34 Schedule posted here.
Mar 08 2024Escapade 34 Discord server open. Invite link in your My Account dashboard.
Mar 15 2024 – Mar 17 2024ESCAPADE 34! In-person in Los Angeles, California.
Mar 22 2024Escapade 34 Discord server locked; website down for maintenance.

Countdown to Escapade 34


Escapade has a Welcommittee!

What’s a welcommittee, you ask? It’s the fannish version of a Welcome Wagon, helping you feel at home in a new place, answering questions, holding your hand, pretty much anything you need to make your Escapade experience as good as it can be.

ride_4ever is our Welcommittee contact. You can ask her questions before the convention or if you spot her walking around the convention. Of course, everyone who is volunteering in the con suite will also be happy to help!

Escapade 34!!

Escapade 34!!

We’re excited to announce that Escapade 34 is happening in-person from March 15th-17th, 2024. Registration is open: The early-bird cost is $120. On November 15th the price will go up to $140. Hotel: Escapade 34 will take place at […]

Know a Fan Who Needs Assistance to Attend Escapade?

For many years, Escapade has maintained a scholarship program funded by generous attendee contributions and the con committee. It has assisted dozens of attendees who might not otherwise have been able to attend Escapade, from old-time fans who faced changes in their financial status to first-time fans who knew fandom only through the web




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