The Escapade Art Show

The Escapade art show is a place for you to admire (and display) (and buy) (and sell) art, crafts, and other items. Please join us!

Are you an artist who wants to share her visions with other fen? Are you a crafter who's handy with rhinestones and a glue gun? Do you own art you were once crazy about, but now you think you were just crazy… but you still have that art, and a bunch of replica costume bits? Or maybe you still love that graphic painting of your OTP in a seriously non-canonical scenario -- but your grandmother is moving in with you. Knitted Star Trek socks, molded sets of candles -- or sex toys -- just like your favorite characters would want them, hand-bound books of your memorable fanfiction... they all belong in the Escapade art show!

We display your works lovingly, admire them lasciviously, and, if they get two bids or more, auction them off rapaciously. We welcome original art, resales from your collection, prints and computer-generated art, 3D pieces, crafts, non-art items of fannish interest, and pretty much anything else that seems appropriate.

Sellers can place items to earn extra cash or to raise money for charity and to support the convention. Our charity this year is the American Civil Liberties Union.

Art Show Hours

Friday12 pm - 1pmArt Show Staff Meeting
Friday1 pm - 2 pmArtist Check-in
Friday2 pm - 6 pmArt Show Open
Saturday10 am - 6 pmArt Show Open

Art and Charity Auction on Sunday morning at 9:30 am

(followed by Sales/pickup from 11am to Noon)

Virtual Art Show

Escapade innovates. When NakedBee took over the art show and auction, she introduced Escapade’s Virtual Art Show. Each year, all art whose owners permit it is photographed by the very skilled curator and, along with detail about the medium and artist, posted to Escapade’s Tumblr account. Attendees and non-attendees can share in the creations, comment on the work, and know what kind of creativity fans bring to the convention.
You can check out a selection of art from previous years at the Escapade Virtual Art Show.

Art Show Features

No Hanging Fees
We do not charge hanging fees. Instead, we will accept a 10% commission on sales.
Display Only
We welcome art for display only (i.e., not for sale), if you have something you’d like to share but don’t want to part with permanently.
Our Charity*

Our charities are the Los Angeles Food Bank (new in 2018) and the convention itself.

*Because hotel expenses continue to increase dramatically, Escapade has opted to start splitting charity funds, as needed, to keep the convention viable. In 2017, our promise is to divert no more than 50% of charity funds to the hotel bill.


Step 1 is to let us know you're interested by filling out an artist profile
Feel free to do this early on, even before you've started your art! This doesn't commit you to anything, but it makes sure you are on our radar for reminder emails as the convention approaches. Just click on the big blue "Register Your Art Now" button below and fill in the "My Art Profile" form (you must be logged in to your Escapade account to do so).

Step 2 is to register each artwork you plan to bring
If you are able to register in advance we can have your paperwork printed out and ready to go so you can speed through the check-in process. Simply fill out a "Submit Art" form separately for each piece. We will also be well-stocked with blank paper bid sheets to accommodate those last minute visits from your muse.

Step 3 is to get the art to the convention.
The easiest way is to bring the art to Check-in on the Friday of the convention from 1-2pm. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, please contact Naked Bee to make other arrangements.

Other things to know:

  • All art must be matted or otherwise ready for display. We display art on tables (if it’s flat, propped up on a cardboard display stand); we can’t guarantee you a particular space or kind of display, but in practice we have always been able to accommodate special needs.
  • In order to keep the art show exciting for viewers, please submit only one copy of any particular piece. If you submit more than 10 different pieces, display of the additional pieces will be at the discretion of Art Show Staff.
  • We welcome original art, resales from your collection, prints and computer-generated art, 3D pieces, crafts, non-art items of fannish interest, and pretty much anything else that seems of interest to Escapade attendees.
  • We will be open for art check-in on Friday afternoon. The art show will be open for viewing on Friday evening and Saturday. The auction is held Sunday morning for items that receive multiple bids during the art show.
  • Plan to stop by the art show on Sunday after the auction to pick up any unsold art and/or any money you may have earned from sales.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Naked Bee at!

Do you want to participate in the art show?

Volunteer at the Art Show

As always, the art show is also looking for volunteers to help with the show and auction. Get in early on the lascivious admiration! Email to join in the fun!