Panels at Escapade are hilarous, raunchy, and intellectually rigorous
...sometimes all at the same time.

Escapade has historically aimed for “purposely controversial,” or (not so) “PC” panels, because we think a bunch of people sitting in a panel titled, “Tony Stark is Hot!” and agreeing that Tony Stark is hot can get a bit boring. “PC” panels have become more of a challenge with the advent of internet conversations that continue around the clock and around the globe. We still have fun with engaging and evocative panel topics and moderators. Advocates for two (or many) sides of a topic make many discussion panels more exciting and entertaining.

Attendees nominate panel ideas, topics, and descriptions. They volunteer to moderate or co-moderate panels, and vote to determine what panels make the schedule.

Escapade Panel Tracks

Escapade panels are divided into three tracks

General (aka "meta") panels

These topics cross fandom lines or focus on fans and fandom. Past examples include The Cost of Heroism, and Identity Politics in Fandom

Fandom-specific panels

These can dig into a specific show's canon. Past examples include Religion /Spiritual Beliefs in Highlander, and Stargate: Atlantis: crack!fic, AUs, and characterization, oh my!

Tech and Alt panels

Tech panels are more instructive: vidding, fan/web integration, writing, etc. Examples include Introduction to E-book Readers and Writing: The Process. Alternate programming shares space with the Tech track.

The Escapade 27 Schedule is here!

Alternate Programming

Alternate Programming is scheduled into any empty convention space that can work. Attendees use space for any fannish purpose, and announce to the con-at-large. Show vids or episodes. Engage in detailed discussion of sex in slash fic and art. Play games or teach and learn tech or new social media. Schedule a panel that didn't make the cut. Plan an after hours meet-up with your fan group.

TV and DVD player, flip chart, and chairs are provided in the tech/alt room. Other miscellany available in other con space, as appropriate. You bring the fun!

Got a good panel idea that didn't make the cut?

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