Escapade has historically aimed for provocative panel topics, because we think a bunch of people sitting in a panel titled, “Tony Stark is Hot!” and agreeing that Tony Stark is hot (and he is) can get a bit boring. Timely and energized panel topics have become more of a challenge with the advent of internet conversations that continue around the clock and around the globe, but we still have fun with engaging and evocative panel topics and moderators, and have space and flexibility to create DIY panels or other gatherings on the fly. Champions for two (or many) sides of a topic make many discussion panels more exciting and entertaining.

Attendees nominate panel ideas, topics, and descriptions. They volunteer to moderate or co-moderate panels, and vote to determine which panels make the schedule.

Escapade Panel Tracks

Escapade panels are divided into three tracks.

General (aka “Meta”) Panels

General/Meta panels cross fandom lines or focus on fans and fandom. Recent examples of general/meta panels include Fandom Post-Slash? as well as Identity Imposter Syndrome: Am I Queer Enough?

DIY Panels and Meetups and Parties. Oh, My!

We will have some options for Escapade members (both in person and online) to schedule new panels, parties, or other gatherings, or continue any conversation that might run over it’s scheduled time-slot. If you panel suggestion doesn’t make the main schedule, you can still plan it, schedule it, and either moderate it or strong-arm a friend into helping out.