What is Escapade?

Escapade is a weekend-long convention attended and run by slash fans of many fandoms and flavors. It features opportunities for conversations from the one-on-one level to large discussion panels about shows/movies/books/etc. and the world of fandom itself. There are also parties, vid shows, and a charity/art auction. And if you don’t find what you want, there are plenty of options and spaces to create DIY meetups or panels on the spot. 

Who runs Escapade?

Fans run Escapade. There is no corporate involvement, and no profit motive. Escapade is for fans, by fans, about fans and fandom. The content (panels, vid shows, art show) are fan created, and the panels are voted on by the membership (both attending and non-attending members can vote). So, ultimately, YOU run Escapade. You can see more about the fans who do the background organization here.

What to expect at Escapade?

Thursday evening is for early check in and tours of the convention space. From Friday morning through the end of the Dead Dog Party on Sunday evening, there are three (or more) tracks of panels, a dealer room and art show, and a convention/hospitality suite where you can find friendly staff to answer questions, as well as snacks, conversation, and a library of for-real, paper fanzines. There are social events each evening, and the charity/art auction on Sunday morning. You get to create your own convention experience by mixing and matching the parts that interest you. Remember, if something’s missing, you can always add it on the fly. 

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