What is Escapade?

Escapade is a weekend-long convention attended, created, and run by multimedia slash and shipping fans. It features opportunities for conversations from the one-on-one level to large discussion panels about shows/movies/books/etc. and the world of fandom itself. We host parties, vid shows, mixers, casual gaming, a convention suite, and a charity/art auction. And if you don’t find what you want, there are plenty of options and spaces to create DIY meetups or panels on the spot. 

In 2021 we were 100% online, and it went surprisingly well. In 2022 we are trying a hybrid model. We welcome any suggestions or offers of assistance as we navigate yet another format.

Who runs Escapade?

Fans run Escapade. There is no corporate involvement, and no profit motive. Escapade is for fans, by fans, about fans and fandom. The content (panels, vid shows, art show) is fan created, and the panels are submitted and voted on by the membership (all members can vote). So, ultimately, YOU run Escapade. You can see more about the fans who do the background organization here.

What to expect at our first hybrid Escapade?

The hybrid convention will include some sessions that are only available online, some only in person, and others (like the vid show) that you can choose how to attend. Specific details will be nailed down in the coming weeks. In-person attendees can access everything. Online attendees can only access online events.

The Saturday before the con (April 23), anyone who’d like to can participate in the technical check-in (we’ll have several sessions throughout the day). We’ll share content on all of the social media platforms we plan to use, so you can make sure you’ll receive everything you need. We’ll also have etchnical support people to help get your tech in order. Expect laughter, vids, some chat, maybe a little frustration, and many introductions.

What about COVID?

We will do everything we can to make sure that Escapade is safe for people who want to attend in person. We know that many people are eager to meet with other fans face to face (or mask to mask). Attendees must present proof of vaccination to attend the in-person convention. Masking and other safety procedures will be required, and we will likely bring our own air filters for all convention spaces.

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