Con Staff

(Note: the following descriptions are what we’ve done for in-person cons; virtual Escapade obviously has slightly different roles.)

Convention Chairs: Charlotte and Megan started the convention in a car between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, way back in the 1900s. They coordinate registration, contracts, finances, schedules, supply purchases and storage, and load in/ load out of the hotel. They draw room set-ups and negotiate with hotels in advance of the con and during the con weekend. They host Friday’s welcome panel and take notes at Sunday’s con review panel. The older they get, the smarter they get, and the more work they share with people like the wonderful, talented team below.

Art Show & Auction: Barbana, the creative force behind the FanFair, is stepping into a new role as the Art Show coordinator (with the able support of Naked Bee). She communicates with creative people, encouraging them to participate in Escapade’s art show.. She organizes the art show, invites people to try their hand at creative endeavors during the con, and manages the auction.

Vid Show: Jo & Killa with a cast of thousands, manage the Saturday Night vidshow, which features new and nearly new vids. Pre-con, they communicate with vidders, collect submitted vids and preps them for both the con DVD and the show presentation, and creates DVD cover art. On site, they and their team ready the space for you to have a great time, and present the vid show.

Consuite and Onsite Logistics: Misti makes the con suite a fun place to hang out, providing snack food and a friendly atmosphere. (This is also where you will check in for the con from Friday morning on.) She also coordinates logistics during the weekend. If you need something con-related from the hotel or you see a problem, talk to Misti.

Dealers Room: Ken coordinates with the dealers, sets up and watches the orphan zine table, and keeps the dealer’s room a warm and welcoming place to visit the entire weekend. We love him. Go love him too.

Communications: Dail handles Escapade email and news posting. All the time. Reliably and promptly. When you email the con, almost all of the replies you receive will be from her. In a completely unrelated capacity, she is also the custodian of the Escapade Fanzine Library (located in the con suite).

Friday Night Dance Party: Franzeska is your host. She assembles the vids, and runs the vid show at the party.

Website: Ellie created and maintains the Escapade web site.

Welcommittee: Ride_4Ever is one of our most enthusiastic online supporters, and is available to answer questions before the convention. Email her at Find her onsite for any reason at all.

Advice and Overall Support: Killa and KrisserCI5 (Kris) help us in almost every conceivable way. Need something picked up from San Diego on a day’s notice? Call Kris. Need a branding idea but your mind is blank? Killa provides a finished draft by close of business. Killa and Kris give us their skills and their compassion, their support and their vehicles, and are our all-around good luck charms.