Escapade Scholarships

For many years, Escapade has maintained a scholarship program funded by generous attendee contributions and the con committee. It has assisted attendees who might not otherwise have been able to attend Escapade, from old-time fans who faced changes in their financial status to first-time fans who knew fandom only through the web.

Nominate yourself or a friend for an EscapadeCon scholarship.

This of all years, money shouldn’t be a reason not to find out about the convention and get a least a sense of what the convention is like, in person. During in-person years, scholarships cover as much of membership and a (shared) hotel room as necessary to support the recipient; they may also cover travel costs and/or spending money for incidentals during the convention.

Escapade Evelyn Scholarship. This scholarship is open to anyone identifying as non-binary or transgender. Please submit the name and preferred pronouns of the potential recipient, the best way to contact them, an introduction, and one thing Escapade or slash fandom in general could do to improve visibility or awareness of gender non-conforming issues. The ideas will be shared with the fan community so be sure to let us know if you do not wish to be credited.

The Sandy Herrold Memorial Scholarship.  Sandy loved vidding. She loved watching vids, making vids, critiquing vids, and the entire art of the process. She loved the vid community. To honor her contributions to that community, this scholarship will assist a vidder to attend Escapade.

The Stacy Doyle Memorial Scholarship. Stacy is another member who left us way too soon. She was friendly, creative, and generous to a fault. In her name, we bring one (or more) person to Escapade who would not otherwise be able to attend the convention.




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