Escapade FAQ

Escapade 34 will take place in person from March 15 through March 17, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. For information about the venue, please see our Hotel and Travel page. For information about pricing, please see our Registration page.

Escapade members must be at least 18 years old (unless accompanied by a parent who is also a member of the convention).

Yes, but you must be logged in for the list to show up on our Attendees page.

We don’t have rules, but everyone is required to abide by our Code of Conduct.

The con was first held in 1991, at the Best Western Pepper Tree Inn in Santa Barbara, California. Check out our History page, or the Escapade page on Fanlore.

Good question! The biggest expenses of Escapade are usually travel, hotel, food, and the swag and fanworks you buy at the con. Some great ways to save money at Escapade are to:

  • Register for the convention early. If things are really tight, we have a scholarship fund that we spread as broadly as we can to help support as many attendees as possible.
  • Plan travel as early as you can, and car/vanpool.
    • If you fly, watch all the bargain flight websites and book well in advance. Use frequent flyer miles or credit card points if you have them.
    • If you go overland, arrange to share rides and travel costs (people who do this typically get to start the convention with their road trip!) Reach out for ride-shares on DW or the EscapadeCon social media platforms (lists, DW, Twitter, Slack, Discord, etc.)
  • Share hotel rooms: we know the con hotel rates are pricey. We’re glad to tell you that:
    • All rooms are spacious two-room suites that allow easy negotiation of quiet vs. conversation space;
    • Every room also has a small refrigerator, sink, prep counter, and microwave so you don’t have to eat out if you don’t want to;
    • Your room reservation includes great value-added amenities like full breakfast every morning and an afternoon drinks-and-appetizer bar.
  • To help with food costs and save you time
    • We’ve arranged with the hotel to provide quick-pick lunches, including salad options and at least one vegetarian sandwich choice each day. They’ll be available at the hotel’s restaurant bar counter from approximately 11:30-1pm for about $13. You can grab-and-go, and eat over a meet-up or games, or save it for later.
    • You can also eat the delicious, breakfast and afternoon apps included with your hotel reservation, and coffee, tea, and and other banquet services from the hotel.
  • There’s also an array of treats the convention team and attendees so generously bring to share in the con suite.

Due to COVID concerns, and the fact that we had to pay the hotel deposit up front, our cancellation policy is still being worked out. If you have any concern, feel free to contact us at the info address, or on Discord.