Volunteer Virtually

The production of virtual Escapadecon will very different from the in-person con, with many of the traditional volunteer roles not needed. However, we’ll have a greater need for people to assist with the panel presentation/moderation, and we still plan to host a virtual Con Suite.

We will be running a consuite channel on Zoom, open during convention hours (or as long as we have someone to host it) as a place to hang out and chat with other fans. It should be pretty mellow. You don’t even have to make cucumber sandwiches (unless you want to).

If you’re comfortable (or willing to get comfortable) with Zoom, we’d like to have a “tech mod” in each panel to watch the text chat, gather raised hands, etc. and pass that information to the rest of the mods. You’ll be able to pick panels you wanted to attend anyway. If you help out at 4 or more panels, we’ll refund your reg or credit it toward next year.

Email Misti to join in the fun!