We have an exciting weekend of fannish content planned! See events sorted below by day and category. You can find the timeline format here:  Escapade In Person | Escapade Online. If you want to know what happened at previous Escapades, check out past program books and schedules and linked on our History page.

Check back later for a link to the Escapade 33 Program book!

11:00 AM | Welcome to Escapade
Mod(s): Megan Kent, Charlotte Hill
Come see old friends, make new ones, meet the concom and scholarship recipients, and generally get oriented. Learn which Wayback Panel won the vote, and help choose the Wildcard Panel (something so new and hot it didn’t make it onto the panel ballot).

Noon | Fantastic Bits and Where to Find Them: Monster Fucking
Mod(s): sprocket, SevereAnnoyance, Muse, Kiyaar
The ever necessary and eternally beloved panel where we talk about all the delightful ways we can boogieman and get down! If you like plumbing wet depths and weighing snakes, this is the panel to fuck your freak in. 
We guarantee one REAL biologist and at least one REAL freak! It’s an amazing deal.

1:00 PM | Let’s Hear it For the Girls:
Mod(s): glymr, killabeez
BL is big business, but femmeslash is fabulous! Let’s talk about women who love women. Bring your favorite recs for fanfic, anime, novels, or live action shows – new or old! – that feature two gals getting together.

2:00 PM | Twitsplosion/You Can Find Me At:
Mod(s): Lola, Yvonne Gonzales
Let’s review the Pros and Cons of various social networks and how fandom is using them. Twitter’s still around (…for now). Mastodon has its issues (so let’s gossip about them). As social networks grow, change, get bought out and decimated, or die, there’s a massive loss of fandom community and culture.

3:00 PM | OT3s I have Loved
Mod(s): Elf
This has been a great year for polyship fandoms. Let’s go over our favorite new fandoms and canons that we have discovered or rediscovered that have been about poly love.

4:00 PM | Fanworks Time Machine: Creating Fanworks set in historical and pseudo-historical settings
Mod(s): JoCarthage, Kiyaar, Grace M
From lovers in ancient empires around the globe to swashbuckling pirates to the ballrooms of the Regency ton to Jazz Age vampires to detectives sleuthing by gaslamp – fandom can transport us to the past. 
Canon, AU, or time travel, we’ll explore how to research and make historical fanworks, especially for characters from communities whose stories are often written out of mainstream histories. We’ll build an Ao3 reference guide, so bring your favorite fanworks, resources, and tips!

5:00 PM | Fandom Connections in a Diaspora
Mod(s): Raine Wynd, Lola
How do you connect with others when you fall in love with a new show? How do you find the secret handshake to get connected with where the fandom is at? Let’s discuss meeting points and how increasingly, fandom connections can fracture as social media giants change.

8:00 PM | Friday Night Dance Party
Mod(s): Franzeska
Get your groove thing on with everyone who came to Escapade in person. Dance (or watch) a curated selection of catchy vids, or  hang with your friends and chat. 
Masks are required inside the party room, but the cash bar, traditional Escapade cake, and plenty of fresh air are available just outside in the Atrium. 

Noon | KinnPorsche: Where Mob Boss Meets Fandom Cliches
Mod(s): Nev, Dancinbutterfly
An easy introductory guide to the hot new dubcon/non-con fandom of the year. Piles of sexy men, bondage, power imbalances, identity porn, complicated relationships, sacrifices, mafia wars, imprisonments, ethical cliches, ghosts, and manipulation–KinnPorsche is for you! A Thai BL drama with an origin story you will not believe.

1:00 PM | Our Flag Means Death: Looking Toward a Second Season of F*ckery
Mod(s): Lisa Weston
David Jenkins has promised/threatened to “wreck our ship” in the second season. What do we expect? Hope? How do we fear/hope new canon will affect established fanon?

2:00 PM | Star Wars: Andor
Mod(s): Mona Jones, kadymae devilc
Twisty spy games, anti-colonialism, and plot-relevant pot banging? Andor hooked a lot of fans this year who’d dropped off the Star Wars content train with its adult-oriented style and powerful acting. Come discuss what you liked, wished had gone different, and are hoping will happen next in this year’s Andor panel.

3:00 PM | Wednesday: Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun– *Snap**Snap*
Mod(s): Barbana
Say what you will about the newest part of the Addams Family franchise, it gave us a new femmeslash ship with so much mutual softness. Wednesday’s lesbian awakening meets Enid’s newly-discovered goth kink. Not sure if you should watch the show? Come to the panel and let us sell it to you. Harold? They were roommates.

4:00 PM | Star Trek: Stayin’ Alive at the Disco(very) – what the hell am I watching and can I have some more?
Mod(s): Rattlecatcher, Saklani
Twists, turns, sharp turns, whoa we’re over the cliff! Humor, drama, fucking amazing language, a giant tardigrade and a scenery chewing dame (gone but never forgotten Michelle Yeoh, also spelled YEOW and YOWZAH!).
The person suggesting this panel is clearly biased but this could be so much more than a squee session. Come school me or share my shock, awe, delight and wish for Tig and Michelle to share screen time.

4:00 PM | SVSSS: Proud Immortal Demon Way: Shifting the Paradigm
Mod(s): glymr
An in-depth look at the canon of Proud Immortal Demon Way and the subversions addressed in Scum Villain’s Self Saving System.

5:00 PM | Goncharov in Media
Mod(s): Nev
Modern fandom discussion of Goncharov usually focuses on the movie itself. But “the greatest mafia movie ever made” has been seeping into pop culture for years. We all remember the homages in Supernatural and X-Files, but did you know that South Park also did several shoutouts? And Facts of Life did a whole parody episode? Let’s talk about why these tropes and characters endure.

8:30 AM | Fan Faire
Fans make cool stuff. Come to admire, touch, or buy!

Noon | How to start a writing group that will last
Mod(s): Rattlecatcher
I’m trying to start a writing group in my town, and the only ones I’ve been a part of haven’t lasted six months. Clearly, I need help.
Bring ideas, questions, suggestions, warnings, good/bad experiences, and of course, scary stories of Just How Wrong This Can Go.

1:00 PM | OTW: How It Works
Mod(s): Elf
It’s more than AO3! There’s Open Doors (which is pretty strongly connected to AO3), Fanlore, the academic journal, and legal advocacy. We’ll review what the projects are, what the Board does, and how people can get involved.

2:00 PM | Fractious Fiction: Writing Fails and Flops
Mod(s): Neth, Muse
You ever have a fic that just … didn’t? You ever fail to feel the fun? Sometimes a fic is a flop – so let’s talk about why, and lay to rest the fractious souls of those fanfic fails that still haunt us.

3:00 PM | Bookmarks, Archives, and Fanfiction Downloader: Ways to Save and Preserve fic
Mod(s): Amalthia
A  review of various websites and ebook systems for saving, storing, and tracking all your favorite fics.

5:00 PM | Polyamorus Crafting
Mod(s): diannelamerc, lizbetann
Do you like crafting? Do you refer to your local crafting store as “the bad place”? Come join us as we discover what fellow fans have been up to, what is the newest craze, and ponder yet again where to put it all.

All times Pacific. Check the Escapade Online timeline for your local timezone.

1:00 PM | Welcome to Escapade
Mod(s): Megan Kent, Charlotte Hill
This is the opening of Escapade Online. Come find out what’s up, what’s different, and who to ask for what kind of help.  

2:00 PM | Roswell, New Mexico: Queer Americana
Mod(s): JoCarthage, Megan A
Diners and drive-ins, gunslingers and novelists, cowboys and mad scientists, pickup trucks and… bisexual aliens? Join our panel to discuss the ways in which the recently closed canon of Roswell, New Mexico used the tropes of the American Dream to center queer, Latine, immigrant, and alien (as in Oasian) perspectives.

3:00 PM | Goncharov: Time on the Bridge
Mod(s): Maf (CassieIngaben)
If we were really in love, you wouldn’t have missed…  
Let’s talk about the greatest mafia movie never made.

4:00 PM | Diversity and Representation in Media and Fandom
Mod(s): yaaurens, Nev
While it’s still depressingly easy to find bad examples of diversity and representation in media, there have been some encouraging trends recently. As fans and as human beings, how can we improve in our own writing, and be more discerning in what we consume, so we can encourage more good representation?

5:00 PM | Deltas, Ferals, and Ringlocks, Evolution of Omegaverse
Mod(s): Yvonne Gonzales
Omegaverse has come a long way from its humble beginnings on the SPN kinkmeme. Over the years we’ve expanded genders and gender representations, and the trope has become so popular that it has spilled into mainstream publishing and pop culture. Join us for a review of the evolution of omegaverse, the appearances of different changes in fandoms, and the latest evolution of “ferals” to the trope.

Details are coming…

Noon | When did he know?

1:00 PM | Episode watch

2:00 PM | Episode discussion

3:00 PM | Game: Pros Porny Pictionary

4:00 PM | Case Fic: the great, good, bad, and ugly

9:00 AM | The Vocab of Shipping Discourse
Mod(s): Kiyaar, Yvonne Gonzales, Grace
Proship. Anti-anti. Comship. Anti-proship. “Proship content.” Let’s discuss what the Kids These Days are calling the kinktomato.

10:00 AM | Fanvid Futures (aka vidding 101 for the future)
Mod(s): Lola, Franzeska
Vids? Edits? FMVs? Loops? Reels? What is the current state of fan video as a creative and cultural form? What tools are people using to make fan videos, where are fan videos shared, and what shifts are we seeing — in form, content, sharing practices, etc.– as fans spread out across a wide array of platforms?  If you’ve been vidding for a while now, how has your approach and output changed? And if you want to start editing now in the current moment, midst all of this diversity and change, how would you begin?

11:00 AM | Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Canon?
Mod(s): RC, Neth
Getting into a new fandom? Rejoining an old one? Paddling along in a long-time fave when suddenly it gets new content? Either way, chances are good that you’ve heard the term “canon” being thrown around, often as a way of explaining what actually happened or what you need to watch. 
This panel will be a place to get into what this term means, where we’ve seen it used, and what it seems to mean to fans, particularly as producers are starting to use it too!

Noon | Beauty Is In The AI Of The Beholder
Mod(s): Kiyaar, yaaurens
When they said, “the robots are coming for your job,” did you know that job would be writing Stucky omegaverse porn? AIs are grabbing art and writing and mashing them into new projects. Is it art? Is it ethical? Can we separate the two? Is it all worth it to see John Oliver marry a cabbage?

1:00 PM | Wayback Panel
Mod(s): TBD
This is our chance to revisit something we talked about at Escapade ten years ago. Selected by poll before the convention. 

2:00 PM | Mama Mia, Here We Go Again: The Cyclical Nature of Fandom
Mod(s): killabeez
Water is wet, aliens will always destroy the San Francisco Bridge, and fandom is an ouroboros. So what has fandom brought back that you hate (or love) and what’s been lost that you would like to bring back – kicking and screaming, if necessary?

3:00 PM | I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me, But…
Mod(s): glymr, Neth
What is your “No, never‚ well, HARDLY ever” kink? What kink did you never think you would want to read or write, until you did? What taboo tropes and forbidden fruits are tempting us today? Come join us for a frank discussion of your favorite kinks… Yes, even THAT one!

4:00 PM | Future of Escapade
Mod(s): Saklani, Constance
How’s the online track? Has Escapade dropped events that you miss? Are there new things you’d like us to try? (Should we have an annual fanzine? T-shirts? Games with sex toys as prizes? Bring back the strippers?) Times change, fandom changes, so Escapade changes. Let’s brainstorm some ideas and make plans for Escapade-of-the-future.

5:00 PM | Beyond Star Trek: The Slash of the 60s that Was (and Should Have Been)
Mod(s): Gideon Marcus, FancyMelon
Kirk/Spock is the pair that launched 1000 ships, and M.U.N.C.L.E. is a famed duo, but in the swinging sixties, there was SO MUCH fertile material. Shows with passionate male leads dripping with unresolved sexual tension. From the Green Hornet to The Fugitive, let’s discuss our favorite pairings that should have been (or at least, should have been more of!)
Brought to you by the time travelers at Galactic Journey!

8:00 PM | Escapade Songvid Show
Mod(s): killabeez, Jo
Vids, vids, vids! The show will be a livestream on Saturday  night, so you can watch it in person if you’re at the hotel, or online everywhere in the world!

9:00 AM | Sandman: The joys of Dreamling
Mod(s): kadymae devilc, Dancinbutterfly
He’s an anthropomorphic manifestation of Dreams. The other man is a person that the first guy turned immortal on a whim. Together, they become one fascinating relationship through time. A primer of the Sandman (TV) fandom and a discussion of everything we love about the show.

10:00 AM | White Collar: (Starched) White Collar, Sexy Black Undies?
Mod(s): Saklani, Melusine aka Oracle (Discord)
Neal is easy on the eyes, but we also love the OT3. Highs, lows, and fanfic that someone should write.

11:00 AM | M/M Romance
Mod(s): Franzeska
What are you liking in the m/m romance publishing world this year? How is this market niche the same as or different from BL publishing? And can we really still call it “romance” when so much of it is series mystery or series urban fantasy?

Noon | Leverage Redemption: New Cons, Same Old?
Mod(s): Raine Wynd, Rattlecatcher
Let’s talk about Leverage Redemption, the good, the bad, the things that make us happy to see the Team pull their heists and the things that are driving us crazy. Spoilers through S2 likely.
1:00 PM | Star Trek: Everything
Mod(s): SevereAnnoyance, Saklani
We got so much new Star Trek this year. Let’s roll around in it like excited dogs!

2:00 PM | The Untamed: Everyone but WangXian
Mod(s): Nev, Airawyn
There is one (1) canon pairing in this fandom. Let’s talk about everyone else: JC/LXC, Huaisang’s porn, whether Jin Ling hooks up with Lan Sizhui or Lan Jingyi, who gets paired with Wen Ning in the AUs where he’s not a fierce corpse, and the one unredeemable, unshippable character in the fandom.

3:00 PM | Glass Onion: A Knives Out Conversation
Mod(s): Mona Jones, Devon
Glass Onion, the next Knives Out mystery, has come out, so what are your thoughts on the movies? Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc has been confirmed as married to Hugh Grant’s Phillip, so there’s already slash. There are also many intriguing characters at every turn, and plenty of fic fodder. Come share, add, … and compel.

3:00 PM | Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mod(s): Charlotte Hill
What happens when content creators give us well-crafted writing, thoughtful characterization, suffering and angst, and return characters from the dead (sorta)? Obi-Wan Kenobi. What’s great? What’s not-so-great? Discussion and recs sharing.
4:00 PM | Transformers: Gender, Sexuality, and Class Differences: A Sociological review of Transformers
Mod(s): sprocket, SevereAnnoyance, Muse
With dozens of different canons, Transformers fandom (and canon) still persists in being one of the most varied and complex explorations of gender, sexuality, and class differences through the lens of addressing serious systemic concerns of Cybertronian Culture. Join us in a review of the most hard hitting parts of fandom. Also, FYI, the trucks fuck.

5:00 PM | The Locked Tomb: We Do Bones, Motherf-cker.
Mod(s): Airawyn, Devon
Lesbian necromancers in space. Frontline Titties of the Fifth. Canon-typical necrophilia and cannibalism. God, but with memes. Cow facts. Do you love The Locked Tomb series? Are you curious or confused about it? Then you’re in the right place! Let’s talk about these books together. One flesh, one end (bitch).

9:00 AM | Horrors! I’m dead! What will happen to my fanstuff?
Mod(s): Elf
What will happen to your fannish merch or your fanfic after your death – will  Sister Mary find THAT piece of art in your closet? You won’t care – you’re DEAD! But what can you do to preserve your fannish legacy? Donate art to a university or zines to Escapade? Do you trust your relatives to treat your treasure hoard with care – or will it end up in an estate sale or at a thrift store? Do you have a Fannish Next of Kin? Face it – we’re ALL getting older. Isn’t it time you start making a few plans? <Charlotte tighten this up, also make sure it’s claar we’re also talking about your online presence

10:00 AM | Feed Me, Seymore
Mod(s): Tree Wishes
A fannish recipe exchange! Food, drinks, snacks, etc. If you love it, bring it to share.

11:00 AM | Calibre – Fanficfare
Mod(s): Amalthia
Learn how to download fanfiction directly into Calibre, create custom columns for warnings, genres, challenges, pairings and more! If there is time I can also share how to generate your own custom covers per fandom.

Noon | One Finger, Two Fingers, Three Fingers, Cock
Mod(s): Dancinbutterfly
Many gay men have pointed out that the finger-prep system is not part of most M/M sex. (One person said: “Fingering is normally an end in itself, not ‘preparation’.”) So why is it so common that leaving it out will sometimes get writers yelled at? And what can we write instead?

1:00 PM | Vidding Without Footage
Mod(s): Lola, Franzeska
How do you make a vid for a fandom that doesn’t exist? Or a book fandom that doesn’t even have a graphic novel version?

2:00 PM | One for All, and All for One Season: Writing Together
Mod(s): Muse
Have you ever thought about what goes into developing a television show? Together, we’ll develop our own – from its intended length, to its main characters, plot, and theme. Will it be a rollicking one-season sci-fi show for teens? A ten-season high fantasy featuring That One Actor We All Know? Or will it be a three-episode special featuring terrifying monsters and breathtaking vistas? Come join us to find out!

2:00 PM | Gallery Walk
Mod(s): Barbana
Online and in person, we’ll stroll through the art show and admire the pretty!

4:00 PM | Fannish Dating Game
Mod(s): Barbana, Dancinbutterfly
Fandom Dating Game! Play along and get matched with the perfect new fandom for you!

5:00 PM | Coming: Secret back room deets on Smallville & House
Mod(s): Koimistress and Jane Mortimer

All times Pacific. Check the Escapade Online timeline for your local timezone.

9:00 AM | Crossing that Bridge
Mod(s): Rattlecatcher
Let’s talk crossovers! What constitutes a crossover, as opposed to having cameos and walk-in parts? Do crossovers work for you, and how? Do you go out of your way to read/write crossovers? What makes a good (bad) crossover? How do you fit the various fandoms together? How much (little) do you need to know about the fandoms involved? How about fusion?

10:00 AM | “period-typical (whatever)”
Mod(s): JoCarthage, Maf (CassieIngaben)
How do you deal with the way attitudes shifted (for better or for worse) since the canon for your fandom was aired/published? How about older stories in the fandom, including what you may have written in the past? How do you deal in general with what people/you may feel is “problematic”? Do you embrace, explore, avoid?  

11:00 AM | Wait! Did they have mobile phones in the 1980s?
Mod(s): Maf (CassieIngaben), Yvonne Gonzales
Writing in a fandom set in the past may be tricky, especially when “the past” is fairly recent. We know ancient Romans didn’t have wrist watches, but when exactly did mobile phones become a thing?

Noon | The devil’s always got the best lines
Mod(s): Mona Jones, Noxelementalist
Why do we find anti-heroes so fascinating? How can we get more of them?

1:00 PM | Anime, Anywhere, All of It!
Mod(s): glymr, bren/ glacis
Calling all otaku! What are your slashy new loves? Do you have an old favorite you think EVERYONE should watch? From ‘Yuri on Ice’ to ‘My Hero Academia’ to ‘Bleach’ and everything in-between: let’s talk about anime!

2:00 PM | Our Flag Means Death: Squeeing and Speculation
Mod(s): Megan A, sprocket, mythras_fire
What we loved about Season 1, and what we hope to see in Season 2.

3:00 PM | Vidding Without Footage
Mod(s): Lola, Maf (CassieIngaben)
How do you make a vid for a fandom that doesn’t exist? Or a book fandom that doesn’t even have a graphic novel version?
(duplicates in-person panel)

4:00 PM | Fanworks Time Machine: Creating Fanworks set in historical and pseudo-historical settings
Mod(s): JoCarthage, Kiyaar, Grace M
From lovers in ancient empires around the globe to swashbuckling pirates on the high seas, the ballrooms of the Regency ton to Jazz Age nightclubs, vistas of the American West to detectives doing their sleuthing by the light of flickering gas lamps, fandom and fanworks can take us to bygone eras. 
Whether the historical setting is canonical, an AU, or a time travel adventure, the challenges and delights in creating fanworks set in days of yore are legion–especially when characters hold marginalized identities that history books aren’t fans of highlighting! Join our panel discussion about those challenges, trade tips, and share resources with us.

5:00 PM | Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex
Mod(s): Yvonne Gonzales
Fandom’s language for sex has changed over time and keeps changing. Not just in the words we use, but in how we frame relationships, how we approach interpersonal conflict, and how we use physicality to reflect the emotions that underscore a scene. Let’s discuss some of our favorite multifandom fics and how language is used to take those fics from just another story to the type of story that stays with you for the rest of your life.

9:00 AM | It’s in the script

10:00 AM | Episode viewing

11:00 AM | Episode discussion

Noon | Vidshow

1:00 PM | Game: Pros bingo

2:00 PM | AU recs for AU haters

3:00 PM | Episode viewing

4:00 PM | Episode discussion

9:30 AM | Escapade Art & Charity Auction
This is your chance to take home some of the beautiful artwork you’ve been drooling over.
Online attendees, you can watch the stream, or connect with a friend if you want them to bid for you!

Noon | Found in Translation: Boys Love Worldwide
Mod(s): glymr
New live action stories centering M/M relationships are coming out every day in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and more! Ranging from sweeping epics to small, intimate stories, many of these shows deliberately play into beloved fanfiction tropes. Will American producers ever get a clue? Do we WANT them to? Whether you want to share your favorite danmei/yaoi/BL show or just see what the fuss is all about, this panel is for you!

1:00 PM | In a (really, really big and well-populated fannish) Galaxy Far, Far Away…
Mod(s): killabeez, Mona Jones
The SW universe has expanded its universe like any good fandom, producing new content that’s arguably better, more detailed, and richer than the early source. And, like fandom, there’s no hint that it will stop expanding any time soon. Discuss!

2:00 PM | Too Tall To Ride This Fandom
Mod(s): sprocket
Owl House, YA novels, K-Pop, She-Ra, Rescuebots: most of your new blorbo’s fans are new to fandom, under 20, or both. How do older fans navigate the social mores, emerging slang, and community structures of fandoms with a large youthful presence? Let us talk about the shades of gray when the antis and the newbies are still discovering black and white, how it feels to be the only person in the conversation who can rent a car, or that horrific feeling when your backpack or shirt is older than everyone else on the Discord.

4:00 PM | Dead Dog Party
Mod(s): Misti
We don’t know what a COVID-era Dead Dog Party looks like, but by Sunday  we’ll have figured it out. 

11:00 AM | DC Comics: A Rainbow of Spandex
Mod(s): Greenygal, Michelle
Let’s talk about the queer characters of DC–Harley & Ivy, Tim Drake, Jon Kent, Nubia of Themyscira, Connor Hawke, and all the rest.

Noon | Interview with the Vampire: No One Left to Stop Us from “Interviewing” the Vampire
Mod(s): Airawyn
They changed the timeline, the ages, the characters, and the backstories–and it only made everything hotter, sexier, satisfying, and really intense. What do we like? What do we dislike? What do we ship the most? Let’s discuss our latest sexy fandom revival. Now with less lawsuits!

1:00 PM | Wildcard Panel
Mod(s): TBD
We save this space for the topic that is more current than when the panel suggestions closed and the ballot was completed. Chosen on-the-fly during the welcome panel. 2:00 PM | Dr Who: Who’s Who these days?
Mod(s): yaaurens, KatBear
The 60th anniversary is coming up.  Let’s visit with new Whos (from first female to first person of color with a detour in between), the three specials in November with the return of some familiar faces, and changes in companions and villains.  What did we love and still love or want to see?  What do you think of the move to Disney in 2023?

11:00 AM | Vid Review
Mod(s): Fayza, Grace M
If watching the Escapade Songvid Show isn’t enough, and you want to dig into why a vid did or didn’t work, analyze technique, and basically geek out over vids, this is the panel for you!

Noon | Draw Your Own: Gardens of Gayness
Mod(s): Neth
The design of gardens for their erotic potential reached its height in the 18th century — but let’s bring it into the 21st (and further) with a fandom twist! Drawing materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

1:00 PM | Physical Zine Preservation
Mod(s): Elf
The universities that have zine archives have mostly closed for new entries. There are people willing to donate zines to fannish archives but no archives. Should we (should someone) start an org? Do we have physical storage space volunteers? What would it take to set up a database?

1:00 PM | Tea Party
Mod(s): Franzeska
Come enjoy a nice cup of tea, whether you take it black or with a dollop of milk and seven sugars.

2:00 PM | Wait, You Found What????
Mod(s): Tree Wishes
Have you found a fanwork so wild/ bizarre/ fascinating/ bugfuck wild out there that you just HAVE to share it with someone? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Bring your Best (and Worst) fanworks you’ve found in the wild that blew your mind.  We’re talking kinkmeme fills, youtube poop, regretsy works, and anything else that you can never unsee.  You bring the Tea, we bring the popcorn.