Sell Your Wares

Fans love buying/selling/making/collecting stuff. If you have fannish (or fan-adjacent) goods or crafts you’d like to sell or share, there are several options at Escapade.

Dealer’s Table

Whether you are an experienced dealer, or a first timer, we welcome you to the Escapade Dealer Room. In this space you can display your goods throughout the weekend, chat with passing con-goers and your fellow dealers, and (hopefully) make people very happy by selling them zines, vids, books, necklaces, or whatever you have to offer.


Do you have crafts that you’d like to share with convention goers but don’t want to missing a minute of convention programming sitting in the dealer room? Are you at a loss for something to do before the con starts on Friday? Join (or peruse) the FanFair! Set up starts Friday morning at 8 am, and the FanFair runs from 8:30-10:30 am. Everything must be cleared from the room before the Welcome to Escapade panel at 11.

Bring your stuff to show or sell. It does not have to be fannish. Email art if you want to participate, or just want more info. There is no charge to participate in the FanFair.

Orphan Sales

If you aren’t attending the con, or just don’t want to do the dealer table thing, you can place items at the Orphan Sale table. It will be staffed by Escapade’s original male member (Ken). The convention takes a 15% commission on all items sold. Please include the orphan sale form (PDF / Word) with your orphan swag. Mailed items must be received no later than Monday before the convention. The convention cannot take responsibility for items that do not arrive by this date.

Unsold items will be returned via the method received (in person, US mail). All shipping and handling charges will be charged to the seller.

Slash Swap Meet

How does it work? You bring something and leave it, you take something away. If you don’t have something to leave, but see something you love, leave a donation (you set the value). Proceeds are split between the charity and the con fund. It’s the honor system, and it always works.

What to bring: Fannish items that you have too many of or have no further need for. Bring them and let another fan give them a good home. Attendees (your fellow fans) love things like genre magazines, old fanzines, action figures, used but still good DVD sets, etc, etc…
What not to bring: VHS tapes — we can’t recycle them, either. We sympathize with not wanting to throw them out, but that’s what will happen to them, and we’d rather you did it at your house.