Escapade FAQ (Virtual)

Where is Escapade 31?

Escapade is wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection!

When is Escapade 31?

February 19 & 20, 2021. Friday will be an introduction, get-to-know people and the convention day, with some social events and viewings. Saturday will have several tracks of programming, and the main vid show. After the scheduled programming is over, the convention Discord server will remain open for conversation for the next week.

How do I connect to Escapade 31?

Our plans are to have panel conversations (video optional) on Zoom, text chat on Discord, video streaming on Vimeo, and the art show on Tumblr. If you have any concerns about accessing the virtual convention, we will be running a “test drive” session on the Saturday before the convention (February 13) with activity on all platforms. You will be able to try out your system, and get live tech support from convention staff. We want everyone to be connected and confident before the convention launches on February 19.

Do I have to buy hardware or software?

No. All of the applications we are planning to use are free on the user’s side. If you want to speak in panels (via Zoom) but your computer doesn’t have a microphone, you can connect via phone or tablet. If you don’t have a phone or tablet, you can still participate via text chat in Discord. If you want to show your face in Zoom, but your computer doesn’t have a camera, you can use a tablet or smartphone.

Do I have to show my face or talk?

No. For the first time ever, you can participate in Escapade without showing your face. If you join panels by Zoom, you can upload a personalized icon (or nothing at all) while listening to, or joining in, the conversation. If you don’t want speak, you can still comment in text chat via Discord.