Escapade 34 Panel List


This page currently shows information for Escapade 34, our most recent in-person convention.

Information for our 2025 in-person convention (Escapade 35) will be available at a later date.

Below are the panels that are planned for Escapade 34! Note that some panel descriptions may be revised between now and the convention.

Some panels need moderators, and may be dropped if they are not adopted. If you’d like to adopt a NEEDS MOD panel, please email us here!

General/Meta Panels

Anime: Gayer Than Ever!

Ever since Yuri on Ice, it seems like the floodgates have opened and we’re getting more and more queer content in our favorite animated shows. What’s your favorite new show? What new anime adaptations are out that are worth watching? Which ones are total trash that you shouldn’t waste time on?

Mod(s): aaronantium, glymr

Bad Eggs

Why are we drawn to the bad guy, antihero, or villain of the show? Why are we fascinated by Loki, Methos, Snape, Peter Hale, Blackbeard (Ed), [add in your flavor of bad egg]? Is it because they are flawed, wounded, smarter than the hero, not the perfect hero, overly dramatic, fascinating to watch? What is it that turns our eyes to the dark side?

Mod(s): Teresa

Common Chinese Monsters and Their Myths

A PowerPoint of monsters in Chinese mythology and their history and how they influence current works.

Mod(s): Pumpkin Luna and Robin RG

The End of Rec Sites

We used to find fic on rec sites. People used to host rec sites, or at least rec fics on their blogs. Crack Van, Painless J’s lists… Fanlore lists over 100 slash rec sites. Let’s talk about what makes a good rec site or blog, and how we can share the fic we love with each other today.

Mod(s): Amalthia

Escapade: The 20-second Elevator Question

Think fast! Some non-Escapade hotel guests ask about your badge. What do you say in the 20 seconds you’re on the elevator together? In a broader sense, what, who, and how much do you tell about you life in fandom?

Mod(s): De, KadymaeDevilc, seperis

Escapade Review

Closing Ceremonies, and your chance to discuss what we did well and what we could do better next time. Come and say goodbye!

Mod(s): The Con Com Staff

Fix-It Fics

What is your flavor for fix-it fics? Do you go for magic, time travel, technology, science, actual conversations, greater power interventions, accidental stumble into information? What works or doesn’t work and pops you right out of the story? Does the type of story make a particular trope work better?

Mod(s): Teresa

Future of Escapade

We’ve had two hybrid conventions and a virtual one, and over 30 years of in-person hotel conventions. What can we learn from the past, and what changes should we make in the future? If this is our long-term hotel home, how can we adapt to it, and how would we like the hotel to adapt to us? (Note: “Male strippers serving us all free drinks” is not likely to fly.)

Mod(s): Saklani

The Good, The Bad, The Villain Origin Story

Villain origin stories and spinoffs are hugely popular – we all want to see more of our poor little meow meows. But if you go too far trying to get sympathy for your villain protagonist, you soften the edge that made the villain interesting. If you establish the villain as an asshole from the start, you risk having an unlikable protagonist. Loki, Joker, Maleficent, President Snow, and others, have become villain protagonists. Did their stories work? What villain would you like to see given the protagonist halo, and how would you make it work?

Mod(s): Airawyn

Here We Bang Monsters

MFers brigade is back! What does it for you – Scales? Wings? Fur? Tentacles? Slime? Aliens? Shapeshifters? Angels/demons? All at once? Let’s talk anatomy, culture, and relationship complications with inhuman partners.

Mod(s): fashes

Introvert vs Extrovert Fandom

How does your innate style of relating to people affect how you interact with fandom? Is it different online & offline? Have you ever wished you leaned more the other direction? Do you want friends mostly of your type, or the other, or a mix?

Mod(s): glymr, seperis

The “R” in RPF

How much “realness” do you demand from Real Person Fiction? Do inaccuracies like wrong concert dates or omitting a childhood sweetheart take you out of the story? Or do you just enjoy the ride as long as authors capture the spirit of their characters? Writers, do you worry about the details or do those just get in the way of telling a story? And what do we think about AU fics? In this workshop, we’ll discuss what constitutes authenticity in fanfiction, and how it contributes to creating captivating fanfiction. And for those who enjoy going down the research rabbit hole, we’ll share tips, strategies and websites that help us nail down the particulars.

Mod(s): Aral, Emile St. Claire, Tayrin Roo

Rule 34: There Is Porn of It

Let’s celebrate the unlikely porn we have seen and bemoan what should never have been made. Starting with slash fic itself, fandom has made endless content that shocked people outside the community. What’s some of the weirdest porn you’ve found? Has R34 ever let you down – you went looking for porn of something, but couldn’t find it? What’s the difference between slashers’ porn and what mainstream culture thinks it means?

Mod(s): Barbana


Sarcasim, Snark and Sassiness! I absolutely love the characters that are graced with these traits. Rodney McKay, Snape, Methos, Stiles, Peter Hale, Bobby Hobbs, either Ray (Due South), Tony Stark, and so many more I am sure I am forgetting. Let’s discuss the snark and the Snark Masters.

Mod(s): Teresa

VIDS VIDS VIDS: The One That Hooked Me

Share the vid that got you hooked on a fandom, and see what vids drew other people in. Maybe you’ll find a new fandom, or recruit someone into your favorite.

Mod(s): Airawyn

Welcome Panel

Opening ceremonies! Join us in welcoming back old friends and new attendees, as well as helping choose the Wildcard and Wayback panels!

Mod(s): Charlotte, glymr, Megan, nev

What Would You Re-watch For the First Time If You Could?

Feeling nostalgic for a fandom of yore? Want to re-live your favorite plot points again? What do you want to be swept up in? Did an arc charm the pants off you? Did it not? Did the plot take a turn for the better? Worse? Come join us as we discover what makes a fandom worth watching anew!

Mod(s): Dail, fashes

Wildcard Panel

Voted on during opening ceremonies, what is the newest thing that everyone’s talking about?

Mod(s): to be determined (during opening ceremonies)

Fandom-Specific Panels

BL Showers, Danmei Flowers

It’s raining men! We’re seeing more and more novels of pretty, pining guys hitting the shelves in translation. What titles are you most excited about?

Mod(s): glymr, sam (lunarriviera)

Can Murderbot Feel Love?

Geeking out on how great Murderbot is.

Mod(s): KadymaeDevilc, yaaurens

Good Omens: Now With More Canon!

Good Omens season 2 is out, and season 3 is confirmed; come talk about the further adventures of our favorite angel/demon pair!

Mod(s): Greenygal, yaaurens

Highlander: the Immortal Fandom

Let’s talk reboot news and the persistence of this fandom, its influence on other fandoms, the persistence of crossovers into other fandoms.

Mod(s): Raine Wynd

How MDZS and The Untamed (CQL) Pioneered a New Fervor for Danmei

Tentative plot: Explores the awesomeness of MDZS and The Untamed and how it opened a new world for many viewers. Discusses some works that precede and those inspired by the untamed or borrowed from it’s success? Just anything and everything about the Untamed the mods and audience can think of?

Mod(s): Amalthia, sam (lunarriviera), Pumpkin Luna

Is That Porn Or Is It Just Me: Thai BLs

Bored of what’s on TV? Need something exciting to look forward to? Let’s go over together some exciting new shows coming out of Thailand!

Mod(s): nev

K/S, S&M, and the Rare Pairs of TOS—Bet You Can’t Ship Just One!

Trek is the ur-fandom, and some might believe we’ve said all that can be said about it. Let’s prove them wrong.

Mod(s): Gideon Marcus, Pumpkin Luna

Kpop Fanservice: As You Like It & On Demand

Kpop agencies and groups cater to fans with a dazzling array of fanservice, from constructed lore to intimate and unscripted livestreams and reality content in a way that has never been matched in the tradition of Western pop music marketing. What is the experience of being a fan at the center of all this kpop attention? Does it affect our fannish practices or the fanworks we produce? Bring your thoughts, examples and big feelings and let’s discuss!

Mod(s): Aral

MCU: Are the Best Days Over?

The best MCU films involved characters and storylines that people cared about, but the amount of content of late has saturated the pool. Are there characters/stories you care about that are worth looking forward to? Or are the MCU’s best days gone?

Mod(s): NEEDS MOD!

Mysterious Lotus Cockfest

Check out the hot new fandom! It has everything! Mystery, amnesia, apprentices, villains, and more!

Mod(s): Amalthia

New Who! Whooooo!

David Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa! Tennant’s Who with Donna Noble! Two, count ’em, two doctors from one. Join the squee, give us your thoughts about Doctors new and old and what you are looking forward to in the future.

Mod(s): KatBear, yaaurens

The Nine Worlds by Victoria Goddard: the Coziest Queerplatonic* Fantasy Series

Nine Worlds: The Goblin Emperor + The West Wing + Moana. An impossibly competent and quietly revolutionary bureaucrat, an emperor trapped under the weight of an Empire, friendship and yearning, comfort/cozy reading, fanfic-shaped series, All the Tropes, older characters, and virtually no fighting or dragons or the usual staples. Fealty, found family, and did I mention the yearning? (*culmination provided by eager fandom!)

Mod(s): kerithwyn

Our Flag Means….WTF?

After season 2’s ending–and with no season 3 on the horizon–where are we, or would we, or should/could we go with the story. Are Stede and Edward really headed for a happy ending now they have (for now?) retired as innkeepers? How will the crew of the Revenge fair under Captain Frenchie? Is Izzy really dead? And where is the fandom? What can/will/should we do as writers and artists? Loose ends to tie up? Glitches? A future of fix-it fits and AUs? Or…?????

Mod(s): LisaWeston, yaaurens

Star Wars Today

Star Wars old and new – share your thoughts about the state of SW. Are golden oldies still the best? What about the offerings Disney has brought us? Where do you SW going from here?

Mod(s): feochadn

Thug and Rescue: Dynamics in The Professionals

In canon we have smart Bodie and Doyle episodes, but lots of fic portrays Bodie as just above thug and Doyle as in need of rescue. Why?? Would Cowley have hired dumb bodyguards?

Mod(s): kris (krisserci5)

Tricorn Hats & Knee-Length Coats

From Hornblower to Aubrey-Maturin to PotC to Temeraire to Black Sails to OFMD, and more – What keeps us coming back to 18th century nautical adventures? What similarities do Age of Sail fandoms have, and what makes each of them unique? Are there similar trends in their fanfic? Bring recs!

Mod(s): Gideon Marcus, LisaWeston

Wayback Panel

Voted on during opening ceremonies, which panel will we revisit from 10 years ago?

Mod(s): to be determined (during opening ceremonies)

Why Choose One Classic Fandom When You Can Have Two?

Come and talk about how The Professionals and Starsky & Hutch co-exist nicely along side each other. Discuss the similarities and differences between Bodie/Doyle and Starsky/Hutch in canon and in fandom.

Mod(s): Kat

Alternative, Tech, and Workshop Panels

An Archive of YOUR Own

Basics of how to make a fannish archive – what are the options (Neocities, WordPress, host your own AO3 clone?), what tech skills are needed and where can you pick them up, what’s the value in self-hosted archives when AO3 exists?

Mod(s): Amalthia

The Art and Science of Beta Reading and Pre-Reading

Open discussion of how to beta read, the different types and methods, and managing expectations.

Mod(s): sam (lunarriviera), seperis

Best Fic I Never Wrote

We all have them. Bunnies all plotted out with notes and everything. But then you never wrote the fic. Why not? What makes you more or less likely ever to revisit that story? If you’ve given up on it do you share it or just let it linger on your hard drive?

Mod(s): fashes, sam (lunarriviera)

Calibre – FanFicFare

Learn how to download fanfiction directly into Calibre, create custom columns for warnings, genres, challenges, pairings and more! If there is time I can also share how to generate your own custom covers per fandom.

Mod(s): Amalthia

Card Making

Making cards related for fandom and fun. Moderator will provide materials – clear stamps, blocks, paper, envelopes, etc.

Mod(s): Umber, Pumpkin Luna

DON’T Google It!

What memes, tropes, kinks, fanart, canon sources, etc. do you want to talk about… but you’re afraid to search for the details online? Could be because search results are loaded with traumatizing results, or are full of nazis, or are just plain gross. (AKA Nobody knows what goatse is anymore… and we can’t tell them because…)

Mod(s): NEEDS MOD!

Fandom Inspired Recipes!

Come share and learn some fandom inspired recipes!

Mod(s): feochadn, Pumpkin Luna

Game: They Said WHAT?

Kandy names the fandom & the episode, then shows a slashy/out of context picture. The player picks which of four quotes matches that scene.

Mod(s): kandy fong

Hoarding vs. Archiving

How do you save work? What are best practices? When does it become hoarding versus saving your favorite fics?

Mod(s): Amalthia

My Blorbos In The Old Globe

It’s the early 17th century, right now, in this room, and you are a fan of English theater. Are you Team Juliet or Team Mercutio? Maybe a #kitmarlowestan. Lady Macbeth Did Nothing Wrong. What would you do if Escapade was during Queen Elizabeth’s reign?

Mod(s): yaaurens

New Social Media: What It is and Where To Go

Discussion of new social media sites, the Fediverse, Bluesky, and others that fans are using now.

Mod(s): seperis

Not Streamed

How does it affect fandom communities when canon isn’t currently available? Which favorites aren’t available, and what gets a resurgence when it becomes available? What shows do you want to share with friends but they’re not streamed anywhere?

Mod(s): De, seperis

Old Zines vs New Zines Production

Compare/contrast the pre-internet methods of zine production (call for submissions, mailing them in, retyping, mimeo’ing or finding a copy shop…) to what’s most common today (Twitter/X account, Interest check, call for mods, call for contributors, set up a Discord, a Carrd, a BigCartel page…). What have we gained; what have we lost; what can we do now that we couldn’t before?

Mod(s): NEEDS MOD!

Pegging! A Delightfully In-Depth Intro

Have you wanted to bend over your boyfriend and have your way with his sweet ass? Come learn how! Are you new to butt stuff and want to learn some basics? Do you want butt sex info for your fic? Come join us! (Panel will feature in depth info on anatomy & techniques plus how to entice nervous first timers.)

Mod(s): fashes


This show is the Thai omegaverse show you didn’t know you needed. Join us to squee over the show and get pimped into a new fandom.

Mod(s): nev

Polyamorous Crafting: Electric Craftaloo

Sequel to Polyamorous Crafting — for the craftily-inclined among us! Come, bring your fiber crafts and latest crafting obsessions! Describe your new casting technique or your new-found love for stained glass! We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again, and if we can get hot guys into it, so much the better!

Mod(s): diannelamerc, Lizbetann

Shall We Play A Game?

What computer games are you having fun with? Show up and tell the panel about your favorite games, whether it’s a casual puzzle game or an RPG franchise.

Mod(s): Greenygal

Writing Yes! Strategies for Doing It and Loving It

Discussion of different methods of worldbuilding, character building, plot, breaking writer’s block, and all the things that make writing hard.

Mod(s): sam (lunarriviera), seperis

Additional Programming


Don’t miss the fun and excitement as arts, crafts, and even food are auctioned off! We’ll also be choosing the winners of the raffle at this time, so make sure you’re there!

Auctioneer: Gideon Marcus

Dance Party!

Come dance Friday night away with a curated list of fan-made music videos, all tailored to this year’s theme!

Mod(s): N/A

Dead Dog Party

Once all the panel rooms are packed up, take a load off and relax!

Mod(s): N/A

Fan Faire

Join us from 8:30 to 11am on Friday morning for the Fan Faire, where fans like you will be selling their crafty creations! You might just find something amazing, so don’t miss it!

Host: Barbana

Game Night – Party Alternative Activity

If you need a bit of a break from the dancing Friday night, join us for some gaming fun in the game room. We are friendly and casual. Feel free to bring games of your own.

Host: KatBear

Songvid Show

Saturday night wouldn’t be complete without the songvid show! Join us in the quiet main room or the noise “annex” to see what awesome new vids everyone’s been making this year.

Organizer: feochadn

Tea Party

After the excitement of the auction, we’ll take an elegant break at noon on Sunday for tea and cookies.

Host: nev