The Zine Library at Escapade is a slice of fannish history just waiting to be explored. It contains over 300 hardcopy titles in more than 40 fandoms (see list below). During the convention, the zines are available in the Con Suite, and can be read there or checked out for all or part of the weekend. Between conventions, the Zine Library is stored, cataloged and transported to and from the hotel by the lovely and talented Dail. We welcome all permanent donations of fanzines to the library, as well as temporary (for the duration of the convention) loans.

Note: we'd love to feature more zine covers in the slider above. Send us an image (or a link to an image) of your zine and we'll include it if we have a copy in the library. If we don't have a copy, send us one! We'd love to include it. Editors and authors, this is a great way to promote your fanzines!

The list below can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Search box searches both title and fandom. Titles listed more than once means we have more than one copy of that zine.

List of Zines

AnimeAnime House Presents, Vol 1
Babylon 5Balance of Power
Babylon 5Bound Fic
Babylon 5Hammer and the Stone, The
Babylon 5House of Flesh, The
Babylon 5Latitude Universe Stories
Babylon 5What Do You See?
Blake's SevenAvon Calling 1
Blake's SevenBlake, Rabble and Roll 2
Blake's SevenFrom the Log of the Hellhound, book 1
Blake's SevenFrom the Log of the Hellhound, book 2
Blake's SevenHalf-Life
Blake's SevenJabberwocky, book 1 -- Link Up
Blake's SevenJabberwocky, book 2/3 -- Mindrape, Healer
Blake's SevenOblaquer
Blake's SevenOblaquest
Blake's SevenOblaquest
Blake's SevenOblaque 4
Blake's SevenOblaque 5
Blake's SevenOblaque 6 -- Sextus
Blake's SevenResistance 3
Blake's SevenSouthern Comfort 4.75
Blake's SevenSouthern Comfort 5.5
Blake's SevenSouthern Seven 3
Blake's SevenSouthern Seven 5, Vol. 1
Blake's SevenSouthern Seven 5, Vol. 2
Buckaroo BanzaiBanzai Zine
Due SouthBye-bye, Bookman
Due SouthDue Frisky
Due SouthHeaven and Hell
Due SouthLong Way Home, The
Due SouthPack Mates
Due SouthPack Mates
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 2
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 2
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 3
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 3
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 3
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 6
Due SouthPure Maple Syrup 7
Due SouthTwogether
EroicaA Case of You
EroicaBinder 1
EroicaBinder 2
EroicaBound Fic
EroicaBound Fic 2
EroicaBound Graphic
EroicaBound Graphic 2
EroicaDen of Thieves
EroicaFrom Eroica with Love 1 - 3
EroicaFrom Eroica with Love 4 - 6
EroicaFrom Eroica with Love 5
EroicaFrom Eroica with Love 7 & 8
EroicaFrom Eroica with Love 9
EroicaGarden of Eden, The
EroicaGuns and Red Roses 2
EroicaNosferatu 15
EroicaNosferatu 15
EroicaRose Vines and Wire Ropes
EroicaWatching Me Watching You
FireflyCoat Tales
Forever KnightBound Fic
Forever KnightBound Fic 2
Fortune's FriendsScore
Hardcastle and McCormickSomething's Goin' On in this Zine...
Harry PotterTransfigurations
HighlanderBinder 1
HighlanderBrothers of Eros, The
HighlanderChronicles of the Heart
HighlanderFiction by Elynross
HighlanderFirebird Suite
HighlanderFutures Without End 3
HighlanderFutures Without End 3
HighlanderHealing Ground, The
HighlanderHighland Blades 1
HighlanderHighland Blades 2
HighlanderLucifer Falling
HighlanderNetfic 1 (binder)
HighlanderNetfic 2 (binder)
HighlanderOf the Clan MacLeod 1
HighlanderOf the Clan MacLeod 2
HighlanderPaper Cut
HighlanderRevelations 1
HighlanderRite of Fire (and other stories)
HighlanderSwords At Sunset
HighlanderTilting at Windmills
HighlanderTilting at Windmills
HighlanderWalking Distance
HighlanderWalking Distance
LeviathonBird of Paradise
Lord of the RingsEternally Bound
Lord of the RingsEternally Bound
Magnificent SevenAll or Nothing
Magnificent SevenCaptives
Magnificent SevenLas Vegas Chronicles
Magnificent SevenMagnificent Quest, The
Magnificent SevenMagnificent Slash Holidays 3
Magnificent SevenPainted Eyes
Magnificent SevenSinful Seductions 1
Magnificent SevenSinful Seductions 2
Magnificent SevenTraps
Man From U.N.C.L.E.But Not For Me
Man From U.N.C.L.E.City of Byzantium
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Classified Affairs 2
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Classified Affairs 3
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Classified Affairs 4
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Classified Affairs 6
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Classified Affairs, the Tribute Issues
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Evergreen Affair, The (and others stories)
Man From U.N.C.L.E.No Holds Barred 13
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Reclassified Affairs
Man From U.N.C.L.E.Relative Secrecy 2
Man From U.N.C.L.E.We Have Each Other
Miami ViceAlong the Road of Dreams
Mutant XMutant seX
Mutant XMutant seX 2
Mutant XMutant seX 3
OzContraband Oz
Pirates of the CaribbeanParley
Professionals...And Lovers Long Ago (and other stories)
Professionals...As a 3 pound Note
ProfessionalsAll The Queen's Men
ProfessionalsAngel in the Dark
ProfessionalsArabian Nights
ProfessionalsBene Dictum: Noughts & Crosses
ProfessionalsCamera Shy
ProfessionalsCat Tales
ProfessionalsForever True
ProfessionalsForget Me Never (and other stories)
ProfessionalsGod Bless Us, Every One (and other stories)
ProfessionalsGuilty Pleasures
ProfessionalsHarlequin Airs
ProfessionalsHighwayman, The
ProfessionalsHouse of Cards
ProfessionalsJourney West
ProfessionalsKnife's Edge
ProfessionalsLeather and Blue Jeans
ProfessionalsLest These Dark Days (and other stories)
ProfessionalsLife Goes On... chapter 6
ProfessionalsLooking-Glass World
ProfessionalsMore Priority A-3
ProfessionalsNo Holds Barred 2
ProfessionalsNudge Nudge, Wink Wink
ProfessionalsNudge Nudge, Wink Wink
ProfessionalsOf Tethered Goats and Tigers
ProfessionalsOther Times and Places 2
ProfessionalsPeerless Pair, The
ProfessionalsProfessional Dreamer
ProfessionalsRe-Discovered in a Graveyard
ProfessionalsRoses and Lavendar
ProfessionalsRoses and Lavendar 3
ProfessionalsTeo Torriatte
ProfessionalsUnprofessional Conduct 6
ProfessionalsUnprofessional Conduct 7
ProfessionalsUnprofessional Conduct 9
ProfessionalsUnprofessional Conduct 10
ProfessionalsWhat If...
ProfessionalsWhisper of a Kill
Quantum LeapBest of Two Worlds
Quantum LeapBeyond the Yellow Brick Road
Quantum LeapKindred Spirits
Quantum LeapLeap in the Dark 1
Quantum LeapLet it Be Me, the sequel
Quantum LeapMercy Leap
Quantum LeapNo Holds Barred 14
Quantum LeapPresent Tense
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire 2
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire 3
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire 4
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire 5
Quantum LeapQuantum Fire 7
Quantum LeapWham, Bam, Thank You, Sam! 2
Seaquest DSVAgony Column 2
Sentinel852 Prospect
Sentinel852 Prospect
Sentinel852 Prospect
Sentinel852 Prospect
SentinelA1 netfic (binder)
SentinelA2 netfic (binder)
SentinelA3 netfic (binder)
SentinelB. J. Sandburg
SentinelBeefstick and Lambchop
SentinelBeefstick and Lambchop 2
SentinelClub Doom Collection
SentinelCome To Your Senses 1
SentinelCome To Your Senses 2
SentinelCome To Your Senses 3
SentinelCome To Your Senses 4
SentinelCome To Your Senses 5
SentinelCome To Your Senses 6
SentinelCome To Your Senses 6
SentinelCome To Your Senses 7
SentinelCome To Your Senses 7
SentinelCome To Your Senses 8
SentinelCome To Your Senses 9
SentinelCome To Your Senses 9
SentinelCome To Your Senses 10
SentinelCome To Your Senses 10
SentinelCome To Your Senses 11
SentinelCome To Your Senses 12
SentinelCome To Your Senses 13
SentinelCome To Your Senses 14
SentinelCome To Your Senses 15
SentinelCome To Your Senses 16
SentinelCome To Your Senses 19
SentinelDragon, The
SentinelDriven by Instinct
SentinelFreedom of Choice
SentinelJungle Book, The
SentinelLessons, Dante, Paper Cranes
SentinelLife Lived Like a Mentos Commercial
SentinelLove and Guns
SentinelLove and Guns
SentinelLove and Guns 3
SentinelLove and Guns 4
SentinelLove and Guns 5
SentinelLove and Guns 8
SentinelMating Rituals 1
SentinelMating Rituals 2
SentinelMating Rituals 3
SentinelMissing Links 1
SentinelMissing Links 2
SentinelMissing Links 2
SentinelNia Chronicles, The
SentinelPrimal Instincts
SentinelPrimal Instincts 2
SentinelPrimal Instincts 3
SentinelPrimal Instincts 4
SentinelRough Trade
SentinelSweet Memory
SentinelThe Sandburg Subject
SentinelYour Kink or Mine
SharpeWritten in Dust, Carved in Bone
Simon and SimonSan Ysidro: 90 Minutes at McDonald's
SmallvilleMy Enemy, My Ally
Space: Above and BeyondChains of Being
Stargate SG-1Bound netfic (comb)
Stargate SG-1Cost of a Used Space Ship, The
Stargate SG-1Netfic (binder)
Stargate SG-1Quality of Mercy, The
Stargate AtlantisMilitary/Intelligence
Star TrekAlternate Universe, Vol. 2
Star TrekContinuum
Star TrekEnterprise Incidents, number 10
Star TrekGalactic Discourse 3
Star TrekKiScon 2004 Souvenir Contest Zine
Star TrekNaked Times 4/5
Star TrekPrime Directive, Vol. 1 No. 1
Star TrekPrime Directive, Vol. 2 No. 2
Star TrekStar Trek Adventure
Star TrekTransition
Star Trek: The Next GenerationA Matter of Honor 1
Star Trek: The Next GenerationPulse of the Machine
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple 2
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple 3
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple 4
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple 5
Star Trek: Deep Space NinePlain and Simple 6
Star Trek: Deep Space NineThe Web
Star Trek: VoyagerRanDoM Zine 3: The Last Time I Saw Paris
Star WarsApprentice to Journeyman
Star WarsBonds of Choice
Star WarsChronicles of the House of Alderaan, Vol. II
Star WarsChronicles of the House of Alderaan, Vol. III
Star WarsKingdom of Shadows II
Star WarsNetfic (binder)
Star WarsFar Realms Sex
Star WarsForce of a Different Color
Star WarsForce of a Different Color 2
Starsky and HutchFull Circle, The End
Starsky and HutchFighting for Duo
Starsky and HutchGoliath, The
Starsky and HutchMurder on San Carmelitas
Starsky and HutchOrhuen Obbligato
Starsky and HutchWho You Know, What You Know, & How You Know It
SupernaturalLast Outpost of All That Is
VFrak 13
VGrowing Pains
VLizards of Oz
VRed Dust
VRed Dust II
WiseguyA Consortium of Light
WiseguyA River that Runs Both Ways
WiseguyMcPikus Interruptus 2
WiseguyMcPikus Interruptus 4
WiseguyTerranova Situation, The, Vol. 15
X-FilesBest Lies, The
X-FilesEtched II
X-FilesIn A Dark Time
X-FilesNetfic (binder)
X-FilesX-Plicit Fantasies
X-FilesX-Rated X-Files, Issue 3
Multi-MediaAgony Column 3, The
Multi-MediaAlter Egos 1
Multi-MediaAlter Egos 1
Multi-MediaBasCon 2002
Multi-MediaBasCon 2003
Multi-MediaCohorts 2
Multi-MediaCohorts 3
Multi-MediaConcupiscence 5
Multi-MediaConcupiscence 5
Multi-MediaConstricted by Plot 2001
Multi-MediaDark Roses: Red Roses 3
Multi-MediaDiverse Doings 2
Multi-MediaDiverse Doings 3
Multi-MediaFalling From Grace
Multi-MediaFalling From Grace
Multi-MediaFar Realms Sux
Multi-MediaFirst Light En Masse 6
Multi-MediaFree For All 2
Multi-MediaFull Circle
Multi-MediaHauntings... and Others
Multi-MediaHeroes 3
Multi-MediaHomosapien the Filth
Multi-MediaLover's Leap
Multi-MediaNo Holds Barred 11
Multi-MediaNo Holds Barred 12
Multi-MediaOne in Ten 1
Multi-MediaOne in Ten 13
Multi-MediaPaean to Priapus 3
Multi-MediaPaean to Priapus 6: Chiaroscuro
Multi-MediaRosebuds: Red Roses 2
Multi-MediaWarped Space 48
Multi-MediaWounded Heroes
Multi-MediaWounded Heroes
CrossoversAlternity (Sentinel/SG-1)
CrossoversAlternity (Sentinel/SG-1)
CrossoversDawn of my Knight, The (MacGyver/Forever Knight)
CrossoversFirst Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Day the Earth Stood Still/Stranger from Venus)
CrossoversLeap Into Knight (Quantum Leap/Forever Knight)
CrossoversProtective Imperative (Sentinel/SG-1)
CrossoversReemergence (Man From UNCLE/X-Files)
CrossoversSwords and Senses (Highlander/Sentinel)
CrossoversSympathy for the Devil (X-Files/Once A Thief)
CrossoversWolf Pack Affair, The (Man From UNCLE/Airwolf)
Unknown FandomsRaumschiff/1
Unknown FandomsSmall Favors -- girly porno comic book
Unknown FandomsThe Barr Girls -- adult comic
Unknown FandomsThe Vampire's Crypt, No. 7
Unknown FandomsUFO Zine
Unknown FandomsWynter Tydes
Non-FictionBiological Warfare and the "Buffy Paradigm"
Non-FictionLust Unearthed -- Vintage Gay Graphics